World of Warships- Best Battleship Line For Beginners

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Hey guys! Today I discuss what I think is the best BB line for beginners to the BB class, enjoy!

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  1. British bb line: regeneration+doesn’t care about bowtanking and good accuracy

    Perfect for someone starting out

    • @Crimson Missouri high tier ye but low tier they are the best

    • @Sons of Odin World of warships its good for beginners to learn about ap

    • I’ll actually agree with this to some extent, the fact that their biggest weakness is Citadel = death is a _very_ good way to hammer into a player to angle and tank. However at the same time the biggest problem with RN BBs as a starter are their stupid HE fire chances coupled with their hilariously bad AP. It might be a good way to teach a new player that switching from HE to AP every now and then is a good idea, but it might also make them super-reliant on HE Spam to the point where they just don’t use AP, which is terrible because that means when they start a new line they won’t be used to shooting AP which means they’ll be negating the core strengths of most BBs; their ability to blast a bad boat into the shadow realm in one go.

    • Sons of Odin World of warships

      @Junior Galacto Yeah I worded that wrong 🙂 Most noobs spam HE – and therefore the Brit line comes out tops with its higher fire chance. And ofc hitting AP on a broadside cruiser is best.

    • @Roy S. i use ap on RN bb at low tier all the time their ap is good because they have big caliber for tier and good accuracy, i 1 shot cruisers like there is no tomorrow….i only started using he on t7

  2. There are no weak Russian BB’s so they are the best hands down for sure.

  3. I like French one, German and then British. For starter

  4. Hi, SeaLord. I have to desagree with you, because I think that the best line for beginners if the Japanese line, if you can do good with it, you can do good in every other BB. Kongo as been powercreeped a bit with Pyotr, but it’s still really good at tier 5; Fuso, even after all this time, she’s still the best tier 6; Nagato, she’s okay-ish; Amagi has troll guns, but if you get good RNG you delete stuff left and right; for Izumo and Yaamto, there isn’t much i can say, other than the fact that they are very good. It’s just a very solid line.
    Don’t take it personally, but i think that in some of this kind of videos there is a certain degree of “American Bias”, i’m not saying that the US line is not good, but i don’t think it’s the best for beginners.

    • The best line is the Russian/Soviet one.
      The battleships there are purpose designed to exploit the bow in tanking meta the game has and is really easy to play since all you have to do is point your bow at the enemy and spam HE all day long.
      The limited number of ‘repair party’ consumable is not an issue at all as the Russian/Soviet BBs has so much deck armour and almost no superstructure that they are very hard to start fires on.
      There really is no more n00b friendly BB line in the game than the Russian/Soviet one.

    • @RipperYou Armour does not effect fire chance.

    • @random channel It is not the fire that kills ships from HE but the HE damage. Thus Soviet BBs are practically immune in the current meta

    • And the Soviet ships have better anti fire soft stats than every other nation

  5. speaking of iowa, i cant remember the last time i see a good iowa player in the team.
    most iowa players and izumo players i seen usually sucks

  6. Damn wish I knew this before I spent 100 hours goin half way down a different line and I’m still as shit as the day I started

  7. I honestly found the transition from japanese cruisers to japanese battleships quite pleasant. Angeling and unmasking turrets when necesary is mostly the same. The are both strong when angeling away, and need good aim to function properbly. Also it is easier to predict dodges when you are used to doing it you self. Also they are fast enough to dictate the battle or reposition.

  8. russian or british is the way to go.

  9. USN have the longest dam control, they also used to be the stealthiest before the brits came out

  10. more vid like this! I feel like lots of new players are here and they r going dumb with Georgias.

  11. German bbs are best, easy to use, massive Hp pool to play with, able to show broadside and not get insta killed, teaches tanking, perfect for starters!

  12. The main problem with the american line it feels SO slow, until tier 8. It’s a loooong grind.

  13. In my opinion its the other way around. I LOVE the New York. Its my favorite Tier 5 and i love the Texas too. I had INSANE rounds in both of these ships. One time i got uptiered and destroyed tier 6 and 7 enemys and got like 190k dmg. On the other hand, i f*ing hate the New Mexico. Its so slow that i either am too late to deal damage or im too slow to run away, also it dies instantly if something looks at it the wrong way and the guns cant hit sh*t even at 5km. Im currently stuck at the New Mexico because i would rather play the Texas than this piece of sh*t.

    • I’m on New York right now. I’m still hoping to get the New Mexico soon.

    • That makes two of us! I found the New York a very pleasant experience. Primarily because they have good sigma and range and still have ten guns of a very large caliber for it’s tier. The same can’t be said for the New Mexico which has been power creeped to hell. especially since the the guns lose 0.3 sigma and about 3 km of range, but still retains the same gun caliber and speed. the only improvements over the New York that the ship has are two extra guns, a longer barrel providing slightly higher velocities and slightly better AA. the ship still has 14 inch guns with an abysmal reload time unlike the New York, faces tier 8 MM. hell I’d perfer to be in a Colorado over that damn thing because at least the shells can overmatch cruisers and you can actually hit things with those shells not to mention the significantly better AA.

  14. Evangeline Anovilis

    Best BB line to start out to me always was the USN line. They are no-nonsense ships, they are solid performers on most tiers, their repair now is better, but not fool proof and accuracy is reliable. USN BBs will teach people all the basics. Japanese are close, but the slower 21 knot ships are easier to work with for beginners than having to actually figure out how to properly utilise the 30 knot speed of Kongou. Germans I would never have recommended, as it does not teach you as much about good gameplay, nor about aiming. German dispersion was on a level and reputation where people starting out would likely just throw shells in the general direction and when it didn’t hit blame the RNG and sometimes RNG also just fixed aiming mistakes…

    For your claim on Montana vs Conqueror AA, no, Montana has better long-range, Conqueror has it focused in the mid-range. The Montana has those 10 Midway DP guns per side, the Conqueror has 8 of the standard high tier British DP guns and it showed in the past in the dps and now in explosion count. Where the Conqueror has a lot is mid-range mounts of 40 mm guns. As a result, back in the day, Conqueror could rival ontana a the start of a gamwe, but would lose AA mounts far faster. Also, your tests had Conqueror boosted artificially, because the Conqueror just outright survived longer due to heal, which says little about AA but obviously increased plane kills.

    Also, USN was not about being fast. Iowa is the exception, not the rule. When the USN line came out and only had the IJN as rival, the Iowa and Montana were the sole BBs in the line to outperform their IJN counterpart in speed tier-for-tier (and still are, but Montana got 2 extra knots for a bigger difference). If you wanted a speedy line, IJN gave you that, with Kawachi going 22 knots vs South Carolina’s 18 knots, Myogi’s insane 29 knots, Kongou’s 30 knots, Fuso’s 24 knots and Nagato’s 25 knots at tiers were the USN has 21 knot standard BBs and Amagi still does 30 knots vs NCs 27 knots. Germans and British likewise could boast better speeds at most tiers and French got artificially boosted in that department (30 knot Normandie…) Saying the USN line had a speed gimmick is like saying the German line’s thing was torpedo gimmick.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      @Matthew Jacob The beauty of the German line, there’s a clip of me aiming at a Jean Bart, but the shells missing and detonating an undetected Harugumo somewhere on this channel

    • My first line was the germans and i think that made be better at aiming because it was hard to get hits no matter how well u aimed, these days i got a 46k damage salvo on the GK against a conqueror at 15 km, with the germans it will be frustrating but u will learn to always go for the better hits and u will learn to punish broadsides, the russians do it better but still the GK is and will remain the strongest bb being its hard counter bb wise the conqueror and the thunderer if they choose to run and spam HE.

    • Faster, Stronger, Better!

      What you say is true, however it all depends on the commander of the ship, the North Carolina’s shells are 407MM, but her speed and rudder shift are too slow and she is very easy to citadel, compared to the Tirpitz which has 380MM shells, great rudder shift, and pretty damn accurate since the new buff from World of War Ships. Don’t get me wrong, the NC is a dangerous ship to get close too, but she does not fair well against a Tirpitz period.

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      @Faster, Stronger, Better! The Tirpitz only beats a NC up close. As long as NC can avoid getting rushed down, it just wins. The main time to shine for Tirpitz was when it was 1v1 where it could cap and NC would have to get close, but in randoms, NC is a much more consistent performer that gets citadelled if you mess up, but that too is a learning experience. Don’t show needless broadside. Germans let you get away with shit you wouldn’t survive in any other BB and you learn pretty little.

      Second, the Tirpitz is a premium ship and of absolutely unimportant for the question “Which line should a person start out with when playing BB”. If you tell them “buy a Tirpitz”, hell no, that is literally the meme of the Derpitz whale that has no idea how to play the game right there.

      Third, German BB accuracy typically is still significantly worse than NC. There is a 0.2 sigma difference and it is felt.

      Lastly, the NC has 406 mm guns, not 407…

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten first of all, I need to find that because that is absolutely hilarious. Also, that’s so cool how you interact with your viewers, keep up the great constant videos!!

  15. Faster, Stronger, Better!

    I have to disagree with your suggestions, In my opinion the German BB’s are the best for beginners. From Tier 7 to Tier 10 they are faster, do more damage and are impossible to citadel compared to American BB’s at the same tier.

  16. It’s all fun, until u have to fight a Thunderer in the Montana. This thing Montana alive.

  17. Me who got my first t10. It was the monty.
    Sometimes I feel like the dispersion is like less than 100m. And now I’m going for kremil literally need no skill.

  18. USN or Japanese Battleships would probably be the best to start BBs on.

  19. A few amendments…
    CO has 2.0 sigma and great dispersion now . Still the speed sucks but it does have a great turning circle even if the rudder is a bit slow . Overall it just sucks less than it used too .

    NC is just plain old awesome still! Slow shells = lots of plunging fire even down to 15 km. Plunging fires give you those juicy citadels. And the NC citadel is very low . You will take pens but not citadels unless it’s plunging fire or you are in a turn lifting your sides. NC is just the third best sniper in the game after the Russian t10 cruiser Stalingrad and of course the Yamato. The shots you pull with the NC at 15-24km with proper aim and lead are just deadly. Also NC still has great concealment so you can shoot and then relocate as you disappear.

    The Iowa even with all the buffs it’s gotten is still just middle of the road . The mini super heal it got was good but after the super accurate NC getting to the Iowa feels like your gunners are drunk!

    And my only problem with the Monty is that one on one every other bb is better than it now . Even the frenchy. It’s horribly power crept.

    You did not mention the paid alternative USA line but they are all viable and potent due to those super secondaries burning everything down . And those 18 inch guns are cruiser Murderers. Not to mention the quickly resetting heals make you play aggressively instead of sitting in the back .

    Another great video !

  20. Christopher Jonasson

    It is at mid tier you are gonna learn to play so what line had the best mid tier ?
    Jap line thanks to the solid mid tier ships Kongo, Fuso, Nagato.

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