World Of Warships – BEST BATTLESHIP – Montana Tier 10 American Battleship Gameplay

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World of Warships Gameplay featuring the Tier 10 American Battleship USS Montana. Her guns are to die for, or to kill for 🙂 Enjoy Guys!

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  1. +Mr. Popo the overlord Download it, go type world of warships into google
    and hit the big “play for free” button in the upper right hand corner.

  2. +Flynn williams No, Montana were design to outmatch the Yamato not Super
    Yamato or H44.

  3. Lol, the Montana must be the worst planned to be build battleship if it
    manages to be in the game, compared to the japneses and the germans

  4. +Flynn williams Super Yamato will not be in the game due to her oversize
    guns, seriously a 20.1 in vs 16.1 in? Montana will shred for sure, same
    thing like german H-44. So no super Yamato.

  5. Griffin Faulkner

    multiple shell hits in all likelyhood

  6. +carlos rojas Except bismark is not in the same class as Iowa or Yamato.
    Its likely to be a tier 8.

  7. +Peter Tran you mean lead? leading for long range shots? Its a skill that
    you develop as you get more experience with the game. If you mean the
    shot-cam, hold Z after you fire. the camera will follow the shot.

  8. Law Chun Wang Chris

    Btw phly, glad that u find the info about the aa arrangements useful

  9. +Hauntedmist Do more testing, if it happens with other applications it your
    PC, never known games to cause them

  10. Srinivasan Mahabhashyam

    +Bernardo Grando Those are the secondary’s.

  11. +Jonathan Hjulberg hit the Z key in game

  12. Owen G (TheFlyingTiger)

    +Blastgun yeah i know what was going to happen but its not fair that the
    ‘better off players’ such as youtubers get these ships straight of the
    bat… but the xp is stupid

  13. You knew what was gonna happen and you won’t have the advantage of having
    grinded against players that have not been chosen. Stop saying that and
    start playing games for fun.

  14. +ElCaminoGuy2005 Not even close. Its a bismark class battleship. The
    Bismark to be exact.

  15. +AV8R01 yep

  16. +Kevin Le KMS Bismarck

  17. I hate that thing

  18. +BulletDrop Nvm, NavyField2, if anyone’s wondering 🙂

  19. FallenBut NotForgotten

    +HEX terry Bismarck

  20. +mattpez4president Alot of ships had scout planes. I suppose you also
    believe that the bismark will be tier x and the best ship in the game?

  21. FallenBut NotForgotten

    +mattpez4president Real battleships did have scout planes. Learn your shit
    before you try being “authentic”

  22. Srinivasan Mahabhashyam

    +Slick Bee lololololololl

  23. PA=Purple Anus

  24. I never would have guessed

  25. Oh yeah.. derped. Don’t worry I voted Furutaka for you 🙂

  26. +Yu Takeda lol played zao 2 episodes ago or 3

  27. +christopher morris nice cooincidence, iChase was at the helm of a cv there

  28. +christopher morris nope

  29. +RadioMan8745 It sucks that the point is moot since by the time the “best
    battelship ever” was produced, the age of the battleship was over and the
    thing was near useless. Hence its inglorious and slow death at the hands of
    airpower. And however good a ship is, if the enemy shoots first and
    detonates your magazine, your fucked however powerful you are. Hood learned
    that lesson well. So a battle between even Iowa and yamato would not be a
    clear cut deal. especially since there was ONE yamato but 4 Iowa’s.
    quantity has a quality all its own. I mean, japan did loose the war,
    however good their battleships or katanas were. Another history buff here,
    and ill smile at you both from the deck of my G3 battlecruiser as you both
    go down in flames yelling “HOW DID HE EVADE THOSE SHOTS?!” If the devs put
    a brit battlecruiser line into he game…..

  30. +PhlyDaily you bring dishonor. The Montana was never built the yamato is
    was and always will be the best battleship and yes the guns are the yamato
    are still higher caliber than the Montana would of had. History buff here
    but you have your thoughts when i get my yamato i will smile as your
    Montana sinks if we face eachother lol

  31. Griffin Faulkner

    +Josh Friedman Not to mention the fact that those 18 inch guns had terrible
    ballistics, and American fire control was practically space magic compared
    to the Japanese systems at the time. All the crews really had to do was
    load the guns and get the hell out of the way.

  32. +andrew Critides The Yamato and Iowa’s guns were actually on par with one
    another. Iowa’s shells were dense enough to compensate for their smaller
    caliber. Their shots were both capable of penetrating the other when you
    look at all the data.

    The outcome of the battle between Yamato and Iowa would have likely been
    determined by factors beyond specifications of said ships.

    The Japanese had a disadvantage poor with potentially poor visibility due
    to their guns being rangefinded optically. Rough seas especially would have
    hampered Yamato’s accuracy in a combat scenario and anything obstructing
    that view would have posed a problem. Bad weather is/was a common
    occurrence in East Asia just due to it being such a warm/hot region.

    Meanwhile the US had a gaping flaw in their night fighting tactics (Night
    always comes so they say lol) and gunnery training in case of radar
    failure. Their moral would go to practically zero during these events. This
    eventually leading to poorer crew performance, increased likelihood of
    marginal error and bad tactical decisions.

    It all boils down to the immediate decisions made by both vessels that
    would have dictated the victor

  33. +PhlyDaily phly is cheating on fuso 😮

  34. +xflamousz an extra 30 or so seconds of turret traverse time isn’t exactly

  35. But lets ve honest the difference is so minor that Its up to the player how
    he will perform.

  36. Really disappointing that this ship is better than the yamato, the only
    real thing the yamato has over this is bigger guns and slightly higher
    range with less dispersion, turret traverse time is way worse and it has
    less aa guns and 3 less guns, the maximum damage isn’t even a whole lot

  37. random number generator

  38. Rafaelcontrole123

    What does RNG means ?

  39. +TheYamato101 You’re being too overly specific trying to prove a point that
    really isn’t there, perhaps if I had said ‘laid down’ or ‘built then
    converted’ then perhaps you’d have point, but the Montana-class’ hull was
    indeed used and converted into the Midway’s design, ‘converted’ is an
    intrinsic description in this case, albeit one that is obviously
    incompatible with your myopic understanding.

    Perhaps, I should write at a kindergarten level next time and save me the

  40. bendsomemetal ford


  41. +bendsomemetal ford They hull design maybe. He is saying that she was
    converted to The Midway.

  42. bendsomemetal ford

    nope the hull design was used on the midawy

  43. +adobo777 I am not incorrect. So please stop spreading incorrect

  44. +Nubcakeman57 Wrong channel kid.

  45. +Recliine TOG II (sorry I had to)

  46. +Josh Wetzel well if you use the accuarcy upgrade For montana i think Its
    equal in 1v1 On yamato that one does not really help.

  47. Yamato for ship to ship. If there were planes def Montana. Yamato will nail
    you with 18 inch AP dildo rounds

  48. +Recliine Montana because it is designed specifically to counter the
    Yamato, though the Yamato turns like a boss for her size.

  49. Griffin Faulkner

    +John Lee You also have to take into account that the terminal ballistics
    on those 18 inch guns are terrible. Like throwing a 460cm brick at them.
    Not to mention the fact that due to the inferior quality of Japanese steel,
    the plates had to be welded together, for example 2 9 inch thick plates or
    4 4.5 inch plates, reducing effective thickness, whereas American armor
    plate could be cast as one large piece.

  50. hijms yamato musashi

    +German elgerbo Of course Musashi was better because she had improvements
    over the Yamato!

  51. +German elgerbo Thank god you were being sarcastic, hard to tell the
    difference on the Internet nowadays. You know, all the idiots that lurk and
    spout their retarded bull shit.

    Also by now I’ve come to the conclusion that a fight between an Iowa class
    and a Yamato or the Musashi for that matter would be determined not
    necessarily by the capability of the ships but more by the training of the
    sailors and external factors like weather, time of day and etc. The one
    factor that would almost guarantee a Japanese victory would be a night
    battle. On the other hand if the weather was shit then the advantage
    definitely lies with the Iowa. That’s how I’ve come to see it but even now
    I’m a bit iffy.

  52. I’m being sarcastic. The Yamato was struck by 12 torpedoes, the first four
    did not affect her fighting ability, all flooding was under control. The 24
    bomb hits destroyed many of her pumping stations used for counter flooding
    and as a result the other 8 torpedoes were fatal. The Yamato had a design
    flaw, and that was the longitudinal bulkhead that separated the ship down
    the middle prevented good counter flooding if the damage became too
    extensive from under water damage. The Yamato should not be underestimated,
    and if she hits first and knocks out the Iowa’s radar or steering than
    under that scenario the Iowa would be in trouble.
    The Yamato’s sister, the mighty Musashi, was a much better ship, and it
    took 19 torpedoes and 14 bomb hits to bring her down.The third Yamato class
    ship was the Shinano ,converted into an aircraft carrier. She was torpedoed
    and sunk by the U.S.S Archerfish.The four torpedoes that sank Shinano,were
    only able to do their job because Shinano was not yet complete on the
    inside with many of her water tight doors lacking gaskets, and her new and
    untried crew did not know their ship well enough to be very effective.
    Still, the ship took 4 hours to sink! She was huge! (70,000 TONS)!

  53. +German elgerbo Not to be rude but…you’re joking right? Did you really
    think the process of the two was the same? Word of advice, go on google and
    type “How katanas are made.” Then think “is this practical for making
    several slabs of steel that’s 800 feet long?”

  54. +PhlyDaily Mogami damnit!!!

  55. +jakekillify I say this argument will go nowhere because it includes
    ”if’s”.What if Yamato angles it’s superior armour,what if the Yamato
    dosen’t miss,what if what if.I guess we both made our points and in the end
    each to it’s own.

  56. +Daniel Melinte i think your forgetting one massive thing. Rate of fire.
    If yamato misses its first salvo, the montana will be able to put a second
    downrange before yamato can, thats a lot of potential damage. combined with
    the better accuracy of the montana. What do you say to those pragmatics?

  57. +PhlyDaily shimakaze

  58. +jakekillify For battleships armour and guns are everything.AA is not good
    neither for the Montana or the Yamato.And a few knots of top speed for the
    Montana counts for nothing at this level.So there you have it the small
    minded unpragmatic idiot is you.

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