World Of Warships – BEST BATTLESHIP – Montana Tier 10 American Battleship Gameplay

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World of Warships Gameplay featuring the Tier 10 American Battleship USS Montana. Her guns are to die for, or to kill for 🙂 Enjoy Guys!

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  1. Tristen Toulouse

    Please use the Pensacola

  2. the aaa on the yamato was on
    the turret

  3. Well aren’t I famous. Was wondering why people was mentioning to me today
    about seeing me in this “phyls video”. Was the Taihou player obviously.

  4. Imagine the following Battle:
    Bismark/Yamato vs Montana/Warspite

  5. That last salvo tho hahahahahahha XD

  6. Battleship slaughter one o one


  7. jezus Phly haha u not very nice to the North Carolina 😛 nice vid man ;)

  8. Beautiful. I try so often to make that mid rush work.

  9. Mr. Popo the overlord

    I know I sound stupid, but how do you get this game

    • +Mr. Popo the overlord Download it, go type world of warships into google
      and hit the big “play for free” button in the upper right hand corner.

  10. I love that intro, was it you who made it?

  11. Was anyone paying attention to chat at about 9:00? That was pretty damn

  12. The Super Yamato

  13. I was paying more attention to the chat. Somebody called 20 seconds before
    enemy comments about MM and was right on

  14. +Phlydaily do you think the super Yamato battleship should be in this game?
    I think if the Montana gets to be in this game(because it was never built)
    the super Yamato should be in this game(it was designed but not built
    because destroyers were prioritised

    • +Flynn williams No, Montana were design to outmatch the Yamato not Super
      Yamato or H44.

    • Lol, the Montana must be the worst planned to be build battleship if it
      manages to be in the game, compared to the japneses and the germans

    • +Flynn williams Super Yamato will not be in the game due to her oversize
      guns, seriously a 20.1 in vs 16.1 in? Montana will shred for sure, same
      thing like german H-44. So no super Yamato.

  15. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    Obligatory poi

  16. hijms yamato musashi

    I have a question here. I was play the South Carolina in a battle, fired AP
    shells at the enemy South Carolina. I got no citadel hits but deducted
    13,028 hp out of that BB. How is this possible?

  17. i hope that when the german navy gets to the game baron slick and phly get
    on a team and use the iowa yamato and the bismarck it would be awesome!

  18. How does Phly do that thing where he tracks the shots? I’m new to the game

    • +Peter Tran you mean lead? leading for long range shots? Its a skill that
      you develop as you get more experience with the game. If you mean the
      shot-cam, hold Z after you fire. the camera will follow the shot.

  19. The Mighty GamerFTW

    Phly I have a custom battle idea

    5 Maus tanks vs a bunch of M22s

  20. does slick have a channel?

  21. Law Chun Wang Chris

    Best battleship? Probably, cuz the montana is meant to be built for
    anti-yamato purpose. Even though the cannons are smaller than the yamatos
    (406mm vs 460mm), the shells on the are greater with accuracy and range. Im
    glad that WG did an effort to the game. Some predicted that only the paper
    ship super yamato with 510 mm guns can stand a chance against montana.
    Well, its just a prediction as none of them are built

  22. Does this game Cause the Blue Screen of Death? or is it my video card or
    computer in general? My video card got leaked on by my CPU water cooler so
    I replaced the Card and still get the Blue Screen and only played this
    game around the time. Don’t know if games could cause Blue screen or not.

    • +Hauntedmist Do more testing, if it happens with other applications it your
      PC, never known games to cause them

  23. AHHH I was in this game with you guys

  24. So you cant use your center guns in this game?

  25. Jonathan Hjulberg

    What is that you are using to zoom in on the Projectiles flying through the

  26. Le Petit MangaStars

    lucky shot

  27. The intro would be great if the ship went forward while resurfacing

  28. hey im new to the world of world of warships your vids are a big help
    cheers pet

  29. “its good to hold onto it…but I just like to feel powerful!” – Slickbee.

  30. you guys are effin great!!

  31. CrocodileTearsbro

    Those shells drop cartoonishly fast

  32. I feel like Phly has more fun when playing with Slickbee than Baron. Also
    play the Furutaka.

  33. Owen G (TheFlyingTiger)

    I want this ship back but I’m not going through the xp set to achieve it I
    want closed beta back 

    • Owen G (TheFlyingTiger)

      +Blastgun yeah i know what was going to happen but its not fair that the
      ‘better off players’ such as youtubers get these ships straight of the
      bat… but the xp is stupid

    • You knew what was gonna happen and you won’t have the advantage of having
      grinded against players that have not been chosen. Stop saying that and
      start playing games for fun.

  34. How can i send you a vid?

  35. Andrew Herrboldt

    st louis

  36. I just have to ask what is the battleship that rises up from under water in
    the intro of Phlys videos? It looks like the Kongo class but i just want to
    be sure.

  37. That is the dilemma of Warships. The only tier X ship i truly want is the
    Montana. But then you have to spend half a lifetime floating around in
    dumpsters until you reach her.

  38. The Montana is pretty!

  39. Hey phly thats the bismarck in that intro ja?

  40. It seems your intro might be coming to life pretty soon. Ze Germans are

  41. Minekaze!!

  42. ‫علاء الدين لطفي‬‎

    amazing !!öots of fun to watch.Thanks fly

  43. about the main gun shockwave – there is a interesting story about testing
    this on musashi with some poor guinea pigs in cages….guess what happened
    to them

  44. I like to tell stories, so… my Great-Grandfather was an electrical
    engineer and he developed a way for the American battleships to become more
    efficient with turret rotation that was instituted before Midway.

  45. Somebody call the ambulance my jaw is dropping again

  46. What’s that ship in your intro??

  47. Did anyone else notice the chat around 8:50 about the MM? I literally
    crapped my pants on that one.

  48. The Video and Audio after 2 mins is Out of sync. +PhlyDaily

  49. Pls do the USS Pensacola 

  50. this was so funny lolol

  51. AMAGI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for your honor phly :)

  52. Where’s the intro cinematic from?

  53. Lars vG (N0GR4V1TY)


  54. TiberiousThe Labrador

    plz try the shimakazi i want to see your torpedus

  55. Phly, come check out the USS North Carolina (BB-55) down in Wilmington!
    She’s a hell of a ship to see in person!

  56. i love the intro with the bismarck returning from the bottom of the sea.
    its just epic!^^

  57. Which ship is the one in the intro?

  58. mattpez4president

    Only aircraft carriers should have scout planes to keep it authentic

    • +mattpez4president Alot of ships had scout planes. I suppose you also
      believe that the bismark will be tier x and the best ship in the game?

    • FallenBut NotForgotten

      +mattpez4president Real battleships did have scout planes. Learn your shit
      before you try being “authentic”

  59. @ 9:05 the in game chat! XD fucking perfect XD!!!!

  60. that last shot was hilarious from my angle lmao!

  61. PA = Prince Albert, right?

  62. Montana is basically super Iowa 

  63. Play more HEROES & GENERALS!!!!!

  64. Probably the worst ship name ever. Every time I hear it I can’t help but to
    think of that certain celebrity with the tongue!

    Phly you keep on playing the same ships over and over. Maybe play Zaou next
    time? :)

  65. Badass vid Phly

  66. christopher morris

    any one notice i chase in the carrier 2nd battle

  67. If there were higher tier DDs this whole video would’ve been a lil
    different (NOT HATING)

  68. Phly, play more lower tiers such as the Furious Taco(Furutaka)

  69. best battleship? that means better than Yamato? no way man

    • +RadioMan8745 It sucks that the point is moot since by the time the “best
      battelship ever” was produced, the age of the battleship was over and the
      thing was near useless. Hence its inglorious and slow death at the hands of
      airpower. And however good a ship is, if the enemy shoots first and
      detonates your magazine, your fucked however powerful you are. Hood learned
      that lesson well. So a battle between even Iowa and yamato would not be a
      clear cut deal. especially since there was ONE yamato but 4 Iowa’s.
      quantity has a quality all its own. I mean, japan did loose the war,
      however good their battleships or katanas were. Another history buff here,
      and ill smile at you both from the deck of my G3 battlecruiser as you both
      go down in flames yelling “HOW DID HE EVADE THOSE SHOTS?!” If the devs put
      a brit battlecruiser line into he game…..

    • +PhlyDaily you bring dishonor. The Montana was never built the yamato is
      was and always will be the best battleship and yes the guns are the yamato
      are still higher caliber than the Montana would of had. History buff here
      but you have your thoughts when i get my yamato i will smile as your
      Montana sinks if we face eachother lol

    • Griffin Faulkner

      +Josh Friedman Not to mention the fact that those 18 inch guns had terrible
      ballistics, and American fire control was practically space magic compared
      to the Japanese systems at the time. All the crews really had to do was
      load the guns and get the hell out of the way.

    • +andrew Critides The Yamato and Iowa’s guns were actually on par with one
      another. Iowa’s shells were dense enough to compensate for their smaller
      caliber. Their shots were both capable of penetrating the other when you
      look at all the data.

      The outcome of the battle between Yamato and Iowa would have likely been
      determined by factors beyond specifications of said ships.

      The Japanese had a disadvantage poor with potentially poor visibility due
      to their guns being rangefinded optically. Rough seas especially would have
      hampered Yamato’s accuracy in a combat scenario and anything obstructing
      that view would have posed a problem. Bad weather is/was a common
      occurrence in East Asia just due to it being such a warm/hot region.

      Meanwhile the US had a gaping flaw in their night fighting tactics (Night
      always comes so they say lol) and gunnery training in case of radar
      failure. Their moral would go to practically zero during these events. This
      eventually leading to poorer crew performance, increased likelihood of
      marginal error and bad tactical decisions.

      It all boils down to the immediate decisions made by both vessels that
      would have dictated the victor

    • +PhlyDaily phly is cheating on fuso 😮

  70. Please a bit of Farragut next – need dem guns!

  71. This ship is better than the Yamato atm, due to the way RNG works. 

  72. Shimikaze

  73. Great vid also that new opening for the tank vids are great man

  74. Did you know the Montana was actually real?

    She’s the Midway-class carrier, the US prioritized carriers later on, and
    thus her hull design was converted into the later Midway-class

    • +TheYamato101 You’re being too overly specific trying to prove a point that
      really isn’t there, perhaps if I had said ‘laid down’ or ‘built then
      converted’ then perhaps you’d have point, but the Montana-class’ hull was
      indeed used and converted into the Midway’s design, ‘converted’ is an
      intrinsic description in this case, albeit one that is obviously
      incompatible with your myopic understanding.

      Perhaps, I should write at a kindergarten level next time and save me the

    • bendsomemetal ford


    • +bendsomemetal ford They hull design maybe. He is saying that she was
      converted to The Midway.

    • bendsomemetal ford

      nope the hull design was used on the midawy

    • +adobo777 I am not incorrect. So please stop spreading incorrect

  75. Omaha next senpai. Upvote this shit

  76. Hoo-Dini 

  77. Christian Torres

    I stole your beloved Bubba

  78. Yamato or Montana?

  79. I have noticed a severe lack of Matt Damon in your videos. Please add more
    Matt Damon bits in your videos.

  80. How dare you dishonor the Glorious Yamato 

    • Griffin Faulkner

      +John Lee You also have to take into account that the terminal ballistics
      on those 18 inch guns are terrible. Like throwing a 460cm brick at them.
      Not to mention the fact that due to the inferior quality of Japanese steel,
      the plates had to be welded together, for example 2 9 inch thick plates or
      4 4.5 inch plates, reducing effective thickness, whereas American armor
      plate could be cast as one large piece.

    • hijms yamato musashi

      +German elgerbo Of course Musashi was better because she had improvements
      over the Yamato!

    • +German elgerbo Thank god you were being sarcastic, hard to tell the
      difference on the Internet nowadays. You know, all the idiots that lurk and
      spout their retarded bull shit.

      Also by now I’ve come to the conclusion that a fight between an Iowa class
      and a Yamato or the Musashi for that matter would be determined not
      necessarily by the capability of the ships but more by the training of the
      sailors and external factors like weather, time of day and etc. The one
      factor that would almost guarantee a Japanese victory would be a night
      battle. On the other hand if the weather was shit then the advantage
      definitely lies with the Iowa. That’s how I’ve come to see it but even now
      I’m a bit iffy.

    • I’m being sarcastic. The Yamato was struck by 12 torpedoes, the first four
      did not affect her fighting ability, all flooding was under control. The 24
      bomb hits destroyed many of her pumping stations used for counter flooding
      and as a result the other 8 torpedoes were fatal. The Yamato had a design
      flaw, and that was the longitudinal bulkhead that separated the ship down
      the middle prevented good counter flooding if the damage became too
      extensive from under water damage. The Yamato should not be underestimated,
      and if she hits first and knocks out the Iowa’s radar or steering than
      under that scenario the Iowa would be in trouble.
      The Yamato’s sister, the mighty Musashi, was a much better ship, and it
      took 19 torpedoes and 14 bomb hits to bring her down.The third Yamato class
      ship was the Shinano ,converted into an aircraft carrier. She was torpedoed
      and sunk by the U.S.S Archerfish.The four torpedoes that sank Shinano,were
      only able to do their job because Shinano was not yet complete on the
      inside with many of her water tight doors lacking gaskets, and her new and
      untried crew did not know their ship well enough to be very effective.
      Still, the ship took 4 hours to sink! She was huge! (70,000 TONS)!

    • +German elgerbo Not to be rude but…you’re joking right? Did you really
      think the process of the two was the same? Word of advice, go on google and
      type “How katanas are made.” Then think “is this practical for making
      several slabs of steel that’s 800 feet long?”

  81. Eduardo Larrubia

    Epic phly

  82. good job phly if you ever want to play wow or war thunder just add me :)

  83. Yasssssss


    • +PhlyDaily Mogami damnit!!!

    • +jakekillify I say this argument will go nowhere because it includes
      ”if’s”.What if Yamato angles it’s superior armour,what if the Yamato
      dosen’t miss,what if what if.I guess we both made our points and in the end
      each to it’s own.

    • +Daniel Melinte i think your forgetting one massive thing. Rate of fire.
      If yamato misses its first salvo, the montana will be able to put a second
      downrange before yamato can, thats a lot of potential damage. combined with
      the better accuracy of the montana. What do you say to those pragmatics?

    • +PhlyDaily shimakaze

    • +jakekillify For battleships armour and guns are everything.AA is not good
      neither for the Montana or the Yamato.And a few knots of top speed for the
      Montana counts for nothing at this level.So there you have it the small
      minded unpragmatic idiot is you.

  85. Great video phly

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