World Of Warships – Best Low Tier Battleship! IJN KAWACHI

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World Of Warships – Best Low Tier Battleship! IJN KAWACHI


  1. isnt this the ONLY low tier bb?

  2. Glad I got to play against you the other day man! Love the vids keep them

    – LordofThunder

  3. I like how you got 3 kills with only 10 shell hits in the second match. +1

  4. Phly it’s not called splicing, the term you are looking for is straddling.

  5. This outro makes me just so happy! 

  6. bring back the old keyboard… =(

  7. Mikhail Chentsov

    its the best low tier battleship, coz its the only low tier battleship

  8. “No TBs leave me alone, I’m just a little boy…” (TB’s still attack him)
    Pedobear aircraft carriers FTW

  9. That carrier in the first clip did the exact same STUPID thing arty players
    in WoT do. They went after “the easy target” instead of the important

  10. The dreadnought in NF2 is awesome

  11. Phly. dose Battlestations Pacfic worth buying?? and sorry for my english.
    im Russian ;)

  12. Neither of the two ships you were comparing were actually dreadnoughts –
    they were both pre-dreadnought battleships that have more moderate or low
    calibre guns but less main guns than the dreadnoughts

  13. christopher morris

    hey phly theres equipment you can put on that makes your guns more
    accurate, i run it on the fuso and Cleveland 

  14. Dat intro music bro! Much sweg.

  15. Louis Glendining

    When ships comes out on war thunder a really good map to do combined
    battles on is Norway (RB map) cause tanks can cap airfeild planes can be
    planes and ships have a really big area to fight in

  16. Nguyen minh thang

    hey Phly, youmust try the Kitamaki tier 8 prem lol
    40 torp so awesome

  17. Legopires Gameplays BR

    It would be nice seeing Phly playing the P-47 Thunderbolt with the “Senta a
    Pua!” skin. It’s beautiful.

  18. Serguei Tcherkassov

    Nice video man, keep it !!

    The thinks is i cant get beta :(, Already applied (2 months) and still no
    answer.. any suggestion to how to get beta access? Really love the game, i
    think its better (for me at least) than War Thunder..


  19. Phly your nervous giggle cracks me up every time lol

  20. hey phly, your videos, the intro music and your voice make me feel better
    when i’m having a bad day 🙂 thanks man


  22. WAR THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. God damn I hate torpedoes.

  24. I agree!

  25. Is this game released

  26. if i played which i don’t i would retreat at 5k health or 7k


  28. Myogi is an early version of Kongo class, the hulls looks alike.

  29. Fly out the MIG 15

  30. Fly the p47 pllllllllllllllllz

  31. Awesome


  33. Tamás Czeglédi

    Battleships usally had 4 big gun ( around 305 mm) and some 203-227 mm or so
    secondary guns. (plus against torpedo destroyers some smaller guns).
    Dreadnoughts dont have those secondary guns, so they are the all big guns
    battleships. Later they had some secodary guns but usally its 155mm or
    smaller in caliber. The allied forces prefered dual pourpose guns, the
    germans and japs has bigger guns, those were more effective aginast
    stronger built destroyers.

  34. dude at 1020p60hd it looks so amazing just the texture the guns everything
    looks amazing

  35. Epic RandomGamer

    In war thunder fly the british lancaster bomber

  36. If you wouldn’t have said anything about your keyboard I would have had no
    clue. thumbs up!!

  37. i think i lost a little respect for you especially on that first battle 

  38. St Louis is ever so slightly faster

  39. Good fights, Phly! I signed up for the closed Beta, so hopefully we’ll
    play together soon. Haven’t heard back from Wargaming yet.

  40. Please do the uss chester!!!!!

  41. Kawachi is good? U must be new here lol
    They’re either too slow and short for the gunnery party or simply sitting
    ducks when facing torp extravaganzas

  42. Can anyone help me I can’t get in the beta is there any keys left?

  43. coolman's Kappa army

    kawachi acctly sucks , it has the lowest range for a tier 3 , and it usaly
    gets in 3-4 even 5
    , the guns sucks too it doesnt have AA = sucks ass

  44. Thumbs up for the new keyboard! :D

  45. Two shots fired, two perfect hits on Fuso for 5.5k dmg. Nothing weird.
    Fuso do exactly the same thing… rng is strong with that Fuso :)

  46. Ianislav Georgiev

    when does it come out ?

  47. nice ty

  48. In my Kawachi, I once got into a point-blank exchange with a Kongo. We both

  49. Nguyen minh thang

    your CV afk lol

  50. Your intro music makes me happy, idk why.

  51. João Paulo Monteiro

    That is more like the WW1 battleships

  52. Idk… I don’t like BBs that much. I’m more of a cruiser/destroyer guy. I
    like the accuracy. 

  53. Kawachi is kawaii.

  54. She’s got so many guns. Better than the myogi in my opinion.

  55. Fellas you can activate your invite code if you got one on their site right
    But don’t ask me where to get it I have no clue…

  56. Best Low Tier Battleship!

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