World of warships – Best mode for the best map

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  1. I noticed on youtube, you’ve been having a very speshal team quite often lately, why is that?

  2. That Neptune Capt. was even worse than I am! And I am bad… really really bad at the game but I have fun so I carry on regardless 🙂

  3. As long as you kill two within 10 s, you will get Double Strike, regardless of if someone else kills something else. Here, you were right, more than 10 s passed.

  4. If WG would take 12x 16,5 in guns from Conquerror leaving only 8x 18 in I feel like that would settle it’s broken-ness.

  5. it wasn’t a double strike ’cause 11 seconds in between … and no one died …

  6. What is your Gearing build besides PM, LS,SE,CE, and RPF?

  7. What we did and get teams like this, i can’t get it? ?

  8. I actually love this map+mode as a DD … it’s one of the more fun combinations …. it sucks in anything else however …

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