World of Warships Best Moments #12 Shima-tan the BEST

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World of Best Moments #12 Shima-tan the BEST

Thank you everyone for the ! 😀 Been tough to pump out videos lately thanks to school starting.

Shima-tan the BEST! All other DD are weak! If you disagree, go eat 15 torpedos! Anyways, this is the 12th video that I have compiled and contains clips fully of Shimakaze because BEST. I hope you guys will enjoy this as well. Arigato~

Speech near the end of the video


  1. thegreekfirepower[WG-CC]

    Love your videos pls never stop!

  2. The shimakaze is destroying the world of warships XD. Nice video would like to see more of it

  3. DanNepZen III FGoP III

    Shimakaze be like DAM!!!!!

  4. Megumin is probably the admiral of shimakaze
    I mean Zekamashi

  5. Tuấn Kiệt Nguyễn

    is it legal if i fuck shimakaze ?

  6. i feel like watching something thrump would be promoting with all that WALL of skill xD

  7. Treasure your Shima while it’s still fun. Because when Pan Asian DD arrive, you will want to sell her, permanently. 😉

  8. Nice Video as usual.


  9. New Zealand Warlord

    Smiegle approved shimakaze torps

  10. U deserve more sub, whoever u are

  11. more content sooooon please~

  12. Great video^^ Always nice to see some wows anime vids

  13. Thx for SC
    pat pat pat
    Git me more SC

  14. Pat pat pat

  15. Good shots with the Shima but; the captain is obnoxious.

  16. Jarrett IceEarthGuard

    Looks at comments…… “No pats!” *hugs you* (Might as well hug you then heheheh).

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