World of Warships Best Moments #13 Kriegsmarine Edition

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World of Warships Best Moments #13 Kriegsmarine Edition

Thank you all so much! Thank you for all the support you have all shown.! 🙂

This is the 13th video that I have compiled and contains clips from the German Tree only. This is also the first video have my mate and others voice in it. I personally didn’t speak so don’t expect to hear my voice anytime soon.

I hope you guys will enjoy this well. Danke! 😀


  1. Too much wehrabo stuff!, hurt my eyes ouch!.

  2. Name of mod for ribbons?

  3. fan of carbot animation?

  4. Pats Sera.

  5. Is it even possible to citadel a Conq? I never managed that yet, neither in cqc nor via plunging fire *sighs* btw: yeah, new weabo-content~~~~ need mooooore

    • Magical super underwater citadel. D: Also Danke ! 🙂

    • you can citadel a conqu i have done it in the GK a 3 crit full hp conqu at about 10-9 KM away where you wanna hit is not dead center water line but little to the rear between the 3rd gun and the stuff onto but ofc he went from full hp down to about 15K hp then back up to 35+K hp in the blink of an eye


  7. new vid and must give pat!

  8. Wow you finally made some friends

    Proud of you son

  9. Hi serazahar nice video men, hope you see you again
    Feliz navidad!!!

  10. What is the name of your mod?

  11. mod(s) link plz

  12. Nice vid, Sera! You might benefit from lower game audio though. I had a little trouble understanding your divmates personally

  13. Feels like there’s a lot more BB HE spam in my BB games as well. Like why? lol
    Like the vid. o7

  14. Yay, best Trappu

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