World of Warships Best Moments #18 SPACE Moine Edition

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#18 SPACE Moine Edition

Also wow! Thank you everyone for the continued support! 😀

This is compilation of the which is the on the PTS server since it isn’t on live server yet. AP is pretty interesting to play with. Psy Field sure did screw me over many times as well. Reeee

This will be the 18th video for the Best Moments. I hope you guys will enjoy this as well. Danke! 😀

Starcraft 2 Nation Wars 5 OST – (Music isn’t available on youtube yet)


  1. How come he gets thousands of views even though he only has 3k subscribers?
    What kind of witchcraft is he using?

  2. wow hahahaaa / gg / 😀

  3. How to play this mode?

  4. 9:54 REEEE sauce? :’>

  5. *PAT PAT*

  6. 0:55 Noooooo!!!!!! always laugh at this scene every time I watch it.
    I could watch sera videos forever. 🙂

  7. Pat sera when 3k 😀

  8. Sera your aim is better than me

  9. Thanapol Wattanakul

    I wished I was play WoWS again.
    This space meme mode is return.
    Also one pat for you 🙂

  10. Did you guys know that des memes’ ass is so flat you can citadel it?

  11. I see Zvezda i gib likes.

  12. this is what, the second time WG has given us a disappointing April Fools? Last year was the unplayable submarine with Snowmen wearing “deal with it” glasses onboard, now we have a graphical upgrade of something we got a couple years back? Come on WG, show some creativity

  13. What us the anime person on your clip?

  14. How did you it the slave version

  15. What voice pack are you using?

  16. And anotha one 🙂 Good stuff here 🙂

  17. Yuro can just learn from seras videos.

  18. OMG LMAO, the last clip with the BB took him so long to die, ah yiss, just keep incapacitating those turrets lol

  19. seems you can flood in space x) water in space x)

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