World of Warships Best moments 34

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A funny compilation the best World of Warships Twitch clips from the month of December 2020.

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  1. FreetheBrain - Best of Twitch

    Hey guys, hope you enjoy the new vid. What do you think about the new thumbnail? Better or worse than usual? Tell me in the comments below.

    Also, you probably heard by now, but we have a new War Thunder. New War Thunder vid will be uploaded soon as well. You can sub to War Thunder best of Twitch here:

  2. Wow Cool! New video 🙂

  3. It was an extremely Grosser Kurfurst deck pic….

    Sometimes I make myself cry.

  4. 14:35 I started laughing like the guy in the clip. Who is the girl in the stream?

  5. 15:00 Translation: we’re bad at balancing a game so give us money to powercreep older ships.

  6. No comment from Tiny Bismarck makes me big sad 🙁

    Nice video tho.

  7. In regards to FTBs last comment, ugliness and aging conquer love.

  8. Discretion_Guaranteed

    3:34 ok now i’am officially famous because of my laugh ! xaxaxxaxxaxxaxa

  9. EYYY! Nice compilation again! Definete Shortlist KEKW! 07 Takes 15k!

  10. 4:06 Makarov op, change my mind

  11. Christian Motschenbacher

    Great job

  12. 17:00 Who is the girl? Trenlass’s gf?

  13. entertaining as usual ……Thank You Sir

  14. Crab party on tcfreer weights fekking killed me. I feel bad too!

  15. 360 likes to 0 dislikes… Yeeeeaaass

  16. Роман Шундрик

    1:27 – WTF????!!!!!!

  17. time to stream and try my luck again. Seams that I need some streamerRNG for those boxes :DDDD

  18. Michael Søndergaard

    very good one again again good sir.
    now that said: iS flambass back to the game? or is this old clip from his streams?
    damn, mr gibbins got the best stuff haha.

  19. Yes. finally, My friday is full again

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