World of Warships Best moments 34

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships Twitch clips from the month of December 2020.

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  1. Wow Cool! New video 🙂

  2. It was an extremely Grosser Kurfurst deck pic….

    Sometimes I make myself cry.

  3. 14:35 I started laughing like the guy in the clip. Who is the girl in the stream?

  4. 15:00 Translation: we’re bad at balancing a game so give us money to powercreep older ships.

  5. No comment from Tiny Bismarck makes me big sad 🙁

    Nice video tho.

  6. In regards to FTBs last comment, ugliness and aging conquer love.

  7. Discretion_Guaranteed

    3:34 ok now i’am officially famous because of my laugh ! xaxaxxaxxaxxaxa

  8. EYYY! Nice compilation again! Definete Shortlist KEKW! 07 Takes 15k!

  9. 4:06 Makarov op, change my mind

  10. Christian Motschenbacher

    Great job

  11. 17:00 Who is the girl? Trenlass’s gf?

  12. entertaining as usual ……Thank You Sir

  13. Crab party on tcfreer weights fekking killed me. I feel bad too!

  14. 360 likes to 0 dislikes… Yeeeeaaass

  15. Роман Шундрик

    1:27 – WTF????!!!!!!

  16. time to stream and try my luck again. Seams that I need some streamerRNG for those boxes :DDDD

  17. Michael Søndergaard

    very good one again again good sir.
    now that said: iS flambass back to the game? or is this old clip from his streams?
    damn, mr gibbins got the best stuff haha.

  18. Yes. finally, My friday is full again

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