World of Warships Best moments 37 – DEADEYE!

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips from the Captain Skill rework.

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  1. Love Bella Ciao in the background.

  2. World of Warships - Best of Twitch

    Hope you enjoy the video guys. 🙂 If you did, please subscribe and consider enabling notifications for more Best of Twitch vids. We will rename the channel to World of Warships Best of Twitch probably during the following month btw.

  3. Flamu “Take a look at this chat, this is how a super unicum plays” *laughs at a shot that barely net an overpen*

  4. the team with the most number of dead eye BB will lose if all of them just stay back and snipe. you will lose all map control. try a DD-DD-CV div and see how brutally powerful this combination is currently.

  5. fifty shade of dead eye: the variety of builds for captain by WG
    in stores now

  6. Ahhh Dead Eye, the skill that unilaterally made all the servers play like Asia/SEA. KEKW

    Sooooooo how does it feel like??

    Do remember Asia also has a high pop of CVs and ofc Unicum players are abound too.


  7. aQuestionableQuestion

    lol that bit with Flambass when he tried to drive by the Yamato was funny

  8. WG fitting square pegs into round holes or breaking the entire damn thing since 2015.

  9. That echoing from WG’s stream at the end? That’s the technology WG uses when they want to hear “this rework was a good idea!” over and over again

  10. Deadeye is only fun if u have sub 45%wr scientifically proven

  11. wows : come for the ships, stay for the shitshow

  12. I just love occasional random Flamu self flattering clips xD

  13. Guys, its really not that big of a difference.


  14. Old WoWs: *dev strikes cruiser at long range* oh hey nice. WoWs now: *doesn’t dev strike a cruiser at max range* what is this bullshit how dare you still live

  15. Trenlass is having so much fun playing dd’s now its not even a joke at this point like holy fuck man😂😂

  16. Yep. They broke my old toys, I don’t want any new ones. 🙁 The game is just something I watch on Youtube now. 🙁

  17. The not being able to shoot sometimes bug is so freaking annoying, usually it happens in the worst time possible

  18. 3:27 “wargaming: sales reach record high”

  19. Other server : raging because of dead eye snipe BB
    Asia server player: Ara Ara…How Cute

  20. Flambass’s face when every shell from his Bourgogne fell short:)

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