World of Warships Best moments 39

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WoWs memes and funny moments. A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips. Best of Twitch 39.

A special thanks to my patrons: RedRonie, TinyBismarck, Eternal, DoctorDrunkAKA, ShepherdOfMemories, WafflestompOz, Daniel_Rusev, BoggzyTime, Humphrey10 and Mindwise.

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  1. Man, the art department is really carrying wargaming hard.

  2. Mrs. Citadel rant about flambass was priceless.

  3. Throwback with the Gundam Wing White Reflection.

  4. 11:24 doppelgangers are real

  5. Michael Søndergaard

    another great video.
    mrs citadel seemed to Nail flambass pretty well.
    and wow, even bancv players can be A-holes at times haha.
    and i believe angle was a new streamer? on your videos i mean? not sure ive seen her before, but she was pretty good or lucky at avoiding all those torps.

  6. @11:23 Well the improv of Mrs. Citadel was actually on point. 🙂

  7. Seeing Flambass get roasted was XD XD XD XD priceless

  8. That last S9 clip absolutely killed me

  9. He gave the answer boys.. Graphics department is a whole different team in wows.. That’s why it’s the only beautiful thing about this game. Carry carry and more hard carry..

  10. I know WoWs is just an arcade-style game. However, I still strongly believe in the introduction of “end-of-run” detonations for torpedoes. Every torpedo in WW2 had such a feature. Just food for thought…

  11. Love your content and keep up the good work! But seeing so much Mr Gibbins content on the Best Moment vids makes me skip most of the video since I’m fast forward a lot of it. I know you all love him, but the way he treats viewers who disagree with his CV beliefs, I just cant stand behind him.

    • NO,you’re right,Mr.G is a CV apologist,his stats and knowledge of the game are questionable,yet he think people should listen to his opinion.I just skip him aswell,so do most above average players

    • World of Warships - Best of Twitch

      Thank you Kaioshin, but Mr_G is an important and prominent part of the streaming community. And I’m afraid his main “sin” according to people is liking CVs. After the last CV fiasco we definitely don’t include CV clips.

  12. The last clip literally me but Roon better.

  13. Gibbins turning infront of another teammate and whingey yet again….

  14. OMG. I was hoping to see if Fem reacted in chat to Raptor! lol

  15. Love to see Gibbins eat it from those of us who understand that CVs are cancer

    • El_Snackman got tempbanned for it, but was probably worth it. Now the sad part is he got banned for something as little as this, while a Russian CC player shot and killed Flamu on stream and got no punishment for it. Sadge

    • @Okayeg Oh it was absolutely worth it. And after seeing that I would do it again if I were him.

    • @Mwi O It probably wouldn’t be smart of him to repeat it tbh if he wants to keep competing in the tournaments and shit.

  16. Dig the content, got my sub.

  17. 3:00 omg.. that laugh. I think Mr. Gibbins has a contender for best laughing XD

  18. 4:35 Mr. Gibbons being a dick to other players by driving like an ass then blaming the person he cuts off. Again.

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