World of Warships Best moments 40

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WoWs memes and funny moments. A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips. Best of Twitch 40. Flamu is no longer CC…

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  1. First Comment of the Vid!!! and keep up the good work man, the lot of it is very dang funny!

  2. I just clicked watched the first clip and died of laugher thank you for making these xd

  3. Droid Motorola 388

    As a Neptune main I felt those 2 Flamuu clips on uncomfortable levels.

    • @Fire Cracker you mean every shell will find your citadel. Maximum Memo-taur w/ Radar is only Minotaur!!!!

    • Droid Motorola 388

      @Fire Cracker is better on mino actually because mino has better rudder shift and turning circle. So it’s easier to avoid an accident. Neptune is very clumsy.

    • @Fire Cracker Neptune has a bigger/more citadel above waterline and has worse smoke firing penalty. Minotaur is 5.8km or something and Neptune is at 6.6km. Was about to write worse AA as well but what even is AA these days… Poor Minotaur lol

  4. Finally I’m on youtube lol

  5. WG: We kicked Flamu from the CC program finally!
    his community: FREEDOM FROM SLAVERY
    Flamu: RELEASE THE KRAKEN with cat ears

  6. Flamu: teaches people how to blindfire
    People: *use blindfire*
    Flamu: wait that’s illegal

  7. *sit broadside in smoke and get citadelled repeatedly* muh rng

  8. Hey anybody mind sharing what song is played in Flamuus stream at 1:38

  9. Always good laughs with your compilations! 🙂

  10. That move by the Krem on the Monty was disgusting.

  11. seems to be more talking atm than actually ships i know its the rework but will wg listen I think not

  12. Dont make me do math. Lol see why

  13. Thank you! You saved me today. Any progress of IJN T -Shirts?

  14. 8:00 that’s some hero moment right there from Mr. Gibbins!

  15. This is some good shiiet

  16. ein_rudel_essiggurken Gurke

    What is this soundtrack from 6:45 to 7:20? is it from WOWS, sounds amazing, would be nice if someone could tell me the title, thx in advance

  17. 4:30 WG kick Flamu by the name of stats shamimg when they can’t even catch bots like this
    “This isn’t stats shaming, this is fuking animal research.”

  18. シンクflagstar

    That first clip, DD didn’t even aim for citizen and ping citizen to get back. I get his pain. Citizen, you earned my disrespect

  19. when mr.gibbins goes off on a rant, that is solid gold:)

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