World of Warships Best moments 46

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memes and funny moments. A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch from the months of April and May. In this episode mostly we get , intricate situations, and of the most WTF King of the Sea clips from the beginning of the tournament.


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0:00 MalteseKnight_
0:25 Flamuu
1:24 BoggzyTime
2:10 Intro
2:25 Doctorpillcosby
3: AndyTheCupid
3:40 Daniel_Rusev
4:21 Juno191official
4:48 Flamuu
5:21 RedRonie
5:37 Choicerino
5:55 Mr__Gibbins
6:18 XII Finals in next episode
6:29 Flambass
7:30 ChaosMachineGR
8:07 Mr__Gibbins
8:22 Daniel_Rusev
8:56 Flamuu
9:36 bfk_fer1yfe
10:10 Doctorpillcosby
10:40 Masterchief1567
11:02 Femennenly
11:36 Flamuu
12:24 StatsBloke
13:03 Flambass
13:39 RedRonie
14:14 TBNRtom98
14:32 Flamuu
14:56 Flambass
15:14 Daniel_Rusev
15:33 Painezor
15:49 bfk_fer1yfe
16:15 Try Brilliant


  1. World of Warships - Best of Twitch

    Follow this link to check out Brilliant:
    They are a very fun and useful educational platform, and you support the channel by doing so. 🙂 Hope you like the video guys. We will include some more KotS in the next one.

  2. Krishna Kandury

    DM: “Kill the thunderer and I’ll come out” Thunderer: *dies* DM: “guess I’m gay now”

  3. Alexander Dorsett

    thankyou to Brain and his teams for all the content provided!!

  4. Love the production quality , the wait was worth it .

  5. 2:04 even after 2 weeks im still in awe that i managed to get my dumbass dev struck, either way great shot and had a good laugh about it with boggzy afterwards (also obligatory REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)

  6. That BoggzyTime Devstrike on the Thunderer gave me life

  7. Great video thank you for the laughs

  8. I still need explanation to how 4 rocket hits from Haku dealt 222dmg and the DD was alive…


  9. Droid Motorola 388

    Ahh I see you guys remembered the channel password.

  10. Can we have a video about the whole kots tournament and not just the final?

  11. I’ve just lifted the table i’m sitting at by 4 inches when the Ohio did the thing.

  12. Jaca Wandersmok

    Naval Legends: Her Majesty’s Naval Toaster
    the longest museum night will be pesfect sorce of funny moment

  13. Andreas Siouras

    7:44 Greek guy who plays wows,streams and listens to Sabaton
    When can we meet

  14. Jaca Wandersmok

    4:00 “Attak plane Are OPP “90% player on forums

  15. 3:25


  16. thanks Brain and team, you guys always put a smile on my face!

    • World of Warships - Best of Twitch

      Oh, gee MrMeeseeks, glad you enjoyed the vid and thanks for moderating so many discord server. 😛 Rick and Morty for the win, hehe.

  17. that 5 citadel ohio on thunderer.. OMEGA OFFFF!!!…

  18. DM: that Thunderer dead then I will come out
    Thunderer: *dead*
    DM: OK

  19. That Boggzy shot.. that Yamato play.. those clips were like.. crème de la crème this time. Om nomnomnom.. and put together with good music, even better.

  20. I enjoyed the ship getting blown out of the water and the last one with the game ending right before all the torps hit ( been there).

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