World of Warships Best moments 48 – How to GIT GUD!

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WoWs memes and funny moments. A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips from the month of June. In this episode we learn how to git gud or get sunk while trying.

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0:00 Flamuu
0:43 ClythedaMonkey
1:04 Wookie_Legend
1:30 Mr_Gibbins
2:11 BoggzyTime
3:12 MalteseKnight_
3:30 CitizenS9
3:44 Doctorpillcosby
4:33 Best of Twitch
4:49 Daniel_Rusev
5:26 PrivatePenguin
5:38 OverLordBou
6:25 StatsBloke
6:51 FreeTheBrain
6:56 MalteseKnight_
7:50 DobbyM8
8:15 Femennenly
8:36 Masterchief1567
9:17 CitizenS9
9:42 Flamuu
10:19 DrDrunkAKA
10:35 Flambass
10:52 OverLordBou
11:07 Daniel_Rusev
11:18 Mr_Gibbins
11:18 Flamuu
11:55 Thanks for watching


  1. World of Warships - Best of Twitch

    Hope this video helps you to GIT GUD, guys. If it did, SMASH that like button thingy!

  2. Alexander Dorsett

    thanks to everyone in the hamster cage that is brains editing room!!

  3. About time you’re back!! ❤️

  4. I feel educated.

  5. 7:56 I mean yah that shouldn’t happen but also why you aiming waterline on a dd?
    Man everyone stuck on that flambass spot helped and ruined 1 cb. Although he was pretty far away

  6. I felt so bad for Ganser… we laughed when we realized but after around 10 seconds we realized how unfortunate it was for him

  7. Bear Necessities

    “It means they are vaccinated” …… 🤣

  8. Winter_Soldier_YMB

    Uff the last clip absolutly nailed it xD 😀

  9. “6 Reasons to drink on the mini map now.” Amen.

  10. Excelente gracias por compartir

  11. Christian Wathne

    What does the star mean?

    Flamu: It means they are vaccinated !

    Some funny shit right there!

  12. Ganser could have experienced “halland, bending torps” thing tho.

  13. hii brain, just asking, what was the audio used last video when yoink did that rush on bancv at the b cap in kots?

    • World of Warships - Best of Twitch

      It is a special song written for WoWs. It’s called Courage by Vladimir Gorbunov, I believe, but can’t check, cause I’m not on my PC right now. Tell me if you search it up and it’s not this one, I will check again. 🙂

    • @World of Warships – Best of Twitch yep i checked, its named courage but its by artur tokhtash, thanks for replying though brain 😀

  14. Ρικος Σταυρίδης

    In the rushing torp one where Kleber does not hit him it was not his mistake he aimed them just fine but there is a curving torpedo bug … I tested it with my friends and whenever you are at 60 degrees angle (if 90 degrees is broadside) or less than 60 degrees the torps have the tendency to clear the island it happened around 4 times in 20 torp salvos

  15. 10:20 Yamato turns into the Costa Concordia.

  16. Thath quad kill of that Paolo Emilio.. holy heck. The nerves. The nerves you gotta have for that. Wow. That person has my utter admiration for that. Thank you for making another really entertaining collection!

  17. that quadruple kill has to be the most epic thing I’ve seen on wows yet. I wanted to see the chat after that

  18. Great video these small weekly highlights are always an amazing compilation.
    Each streamer on their different level and different views teaching many players how to have fun or to improve themselves nice.
    The most important thing for me is the weekly reminder that it’s best for my mental health that i stopped playing this game. Only 5 min are enough and spare me from hours of pure salt.
    Keep up the good work.

  19. 3:39 as a legends player I can say that this is Iowa every salvo in legends

  20. Well done, as always! Thank you for your great work!

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