World of Warships Best moments 49

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WoWs memes and funny moments. A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips from the month of June.

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  1. Alexander Dorsett

    thanks to the teams for their production efforts as always!

  2. World of Warships - Best of Twitch

    Visit for a limited Zao shirt design by TacticalNei. You can also follow him at Hope you enjoy the vid guys.

  3. that line “I am not you” makes me die lmao

  4. How can players like that chung mu get to tier IX XD

    • By being so stupid that they not only don’t know how ship works (lack of knowledge) but even too stupid to know THAT there’s something they don’t know. Dunning-kruger.

    • @Nikoolix i guess you’re right. They are like that one audacious player who asked how to CV in a match. And then told everyone that he free XP-d the whole british CV line (cant remember which episode it was in. That shit was funny)

    • I remember one Jingles video where he showed a replay from a battle shortly after the introduction of Pan-Asian DDs. So this guy in Yueyang rushes a Z52 and launches the deep water torps. Of course they do nothing to Z52, and the Z rips him to shreds. Yueyang player starts to accuse Z52 of hacks and THEN he learns from other players that his torps can’t hit DDs. When asked how come he didn’t notice it on lower tiers he says that he jest Free XPed his way to Yueyang and this was his first battle.

    • thederogativeworld

      Because you can’t expect someone to take 20 extra hours to take a free class about how to play the game properly, it’s just not feasible!

      A 20 hour class on basic thinking, reading, spacial awareness, and learning how to recognize that showing broadside to the whole enemy team in a TX cruiser tends to result in your death. Yknow, mostly the shit we learned as children

  5. Its not the problem that those potatos dont enter the game as a pro its the fact that after 5000 games most of them would still get shit on by a bot 1vs1

    • Exactly. Having red stats for 1000 games is fine, you are relatively new. But after 10k? Really? What the fuck did you do in all that time?

  6. Elbing: The WG solution to accusations of Russian Bias.

    Also that shirt looks really sick, I wish I could get one, but I’m poor :pepehands:

  7. Thanks for featuring me once again, sad my Elbing clip did not make it 😘

  8. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Colorado snailing around at 20ktns – WG: no problem, historically accurate. WW2 Subs going around like gokarts (also defying gravity with that reverse switch) and firing modern torpedos – WG: Gameplay reasons komrade!

    • Raven Coldheart

      Be glad they aren’t firing realistically modeled modern torpedoes or one sub could sink the entire enemy team in just five minutes. The capabilities of weapons like the Mk 48 ADCAP are terrifying.

    • Tamás Kerecsényi

      @Raven Coldheart apparently anti-ship cruise missiles also coming for high tier ships so pretty sure i’m done with this game

    • Raven Coldheart

      @Tamás Kerecsényi I was done with this game a long time ago. I just like to watch streamers suffer for me. 😄 But I hope the general playerbase realizes, that the game jumped the shark and leaves, after Anti-Ship-Missiles are introduced.

    • For some reason i think the word snailing is only suitable for war thunder lol

  9. Absolute best is at 13.20 when Flamu sees his Halland torps bend and miss the target….priceless.

  10. I love Pika and calli

    5:34 to 6:32
    that what I literally did. actually, that what I fucking do every game I play. I go watch a couple of good players explaining the shit they r doing for few WEEKS and then I play the damn game.

    • Every game have a competitive players that try hard to excel at it and relaxed players that not.

      He can defend casual players as he like but to say something like don’t expect others to learn a game when every time you try to play ANY game you need to learn to play it first is like don’t complain about other players that just kicking the ball around when you try to play a proper football.

      Such matter is prevalent in this game because it’s a team based game that rely on team effort. Nobody will care if you want to learn to play the game or not if it’s not affecting their gaming experience.

  11. Awww, Bess! So keen on cats 😀

  12. Leonidas Daemon

    i ‘ve decided to take a long break from this shitshow, but cudos to your videos

  13. I mean no, nobody expects people to inform themselfs first thing when starting a game, but this is the reason why we have tiers, while its okay to just do the shoot shoot at tier 3, at tier 8 some tactical and gameplay knowledge is not only handy, if you dont have it you ruin other players games as well.

    • Just Asskance spreading nonsense as usual. Sad to see him included in this, and with such a bad clip too.

    • Yeah i expected some tard comment from ahskance,i wasnt dissappointed……I didnt spend hours doing research on how to play before playing WOWS,but what i did do,was stay in low tiers whilst watching youtube videos on high tiers,learnt everything from there.Bada bing bada boom,i knew how to play the game properly before I hit 50 hours play time

  14. is it just me or is the druid just a piece of crap?

  15. You never see it coming
    – Flamu kill stealing the CV

  16. “What have I done?… Oh, no…. Look away, children… It’s a massacre.” -Killerbin

  17. Great work as always. Only minor critique is including this pointless rant from Ashkance, what was the purpose of including it?
    People can still learn the game mechanics as they play, no one is expecting people to be perfect from the start. Ashkance is talking past the point as usual.

  18. 10:03 if that happened just as torps should have hit I would have called the biggest Russian Bias in the universe 😀

    • Taking #JustDodge to a new level, Love the cobra maneuver you did to that poor sub flambino 😀 WG Physics top notch!

    • World of Warships - Best of Twitch

      I’d have to agree. 😀 Also, can’t wait to see your reactions when the Russian Carriers come out.

  19. Flambass dodging those cross drops gave me flashbacks of the “good old days” and the rts CVS

  20. King George V - Azur Lane

    Watching Elbing citadel Biasgrad was so satisfying.

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