World of warships – Best Money Maker EVER

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  1. Des Moines with a catapult fighter in the background?

  2. Nope, you’re not the only one with that dispersion

    • I was very close to that myself but tirpitz always saves the day

    • For me it is just that I can’t even “perform” and the abuse you get by Cruisers in the forum and the utter mad camping “meta” in high tiers did do the rest… It is sad because I like my Kriegsmarine Battleships, even unlocked finally the Currywurst but they sit now in port and do nothing…

    • Just like the Kriegsmarine in WW2:)

    • yeah.earlier today, I managed to straddle an enemy DD at 6k in the iron Duke. all of my shots. I we lost the match anyway, but still. BB dispersion is shit

    • Il think I bought the same Missouri as you : with drunk gunners. 😀

  3. Christian Pettersson

    skit bakom knapparna!

  4. In the last videos you played solo, I recognized a lot of good songs so I decided to create a new playlist with my favourite bands similar to the ones you heard. Maybe you wanna listen to it if you play solo next time, enjoy.

  5. Such salty Swedes. 😀

  6. Makes me want to get a Missouri and slap my Iowa captain on it. I’m only… 600k FXP short… Fun video 🙂

  7. You still hate the Missouri?

  8. That ending sentence, “Oh, are we not measuring dicks?”


  9. yeah I think something is wrong with Missouri…. Is because the release of musashi?

  10. Its not you flambass i am getting discouraged playing the Missouri as of late i keep getting flat broadside targets and i get 4 bounces one over pen for 1350 damage. .

  11. hentai with the kill secure on the zao…… lmfao. wheres space hans when you need him. that Freddie is made of osiris farmed material

  12. OK, now do it with Musashi. Let’s see how many moneys 😉 you can get out of that one…

  13. I think wargaming secretly did something to Missouri, because I used to murder in my Missouri and I would say for the last 6-8 months I cant hit shit with her! But she does make a killing in the credit dept.

  14. I like your division mates a lot.

    • There’s just one missing to make it ultimate, unfortunately you can’t have 4 division mates. Probably good cause if game would allow the 4 of us to be in the same match we would break the game xD

  15. hmm i did about 170k dmg and i only got meager 700k >.> U rly need wyvern flags to reach that 1m

    • thats why u should use zulu, wyvern, gamescom camo and premium account.
      all these flags and camo can boost credits by 120% and if u add prem account…u get 50% extra overall.
      playing well with all those can earn u more than 2M in very good games.
      without any u would earn around 500k per game which is still good.
      it seems Musashi is around that too, but i didnt see extremely high base xp games with it.

  16. can you give me name of first song? damn it stuck into my head and i need to find it 😀

  17. Yesterday I missed the flat broadside of a stationary Montana with my Yamato at 8km four times in a row scoring two Overpenetrations and tree non penetrating hits in total doing 2900dmg. Then he backfired at my angeled bow scoring two citadels and doing 30k…

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