World of Warships Best Nation in the Game

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Today we take a look at the best Nation in world of Warships. This nation just so happens to be good for both beginners and veteran players alike, featuring many ships that are jack of all trades. Some of the best ships in the game can be found under the flag of this nations.

Do you agree with the video? I want to hear your thoughts. Let’s open up the discussion.


  1. I understand your opinion. The Des Moines and worster with their 45sec+ radar are OP. Hopefully they will nerf their radar.

    • +Boobash 15 I would like smoke to be that you cant see at all no matter what or at lease have a 50 percent spotting reduction

    • +Jerry Glaze they should give the US DDs Pan Asian smoke. It has more uses but a shorter duration.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Worcester got her radar range nerfed on recent patch though. With only 9km range, you’ve got to overextend to be caught by it.

    • They already nerfed the radar duration. They also nerfed the range on Worcester and Seattle. With the BB AP nerf against DDs… the nerf cycle is mostly complete.

    • +Chris Dietz they didn’t nerf the radar duration, just the special module for radar which now only extends the radar duration by 20% instead of 40%.
      Now they only need to nerf the HE damage that light cruisers like Worcester do with IFHE and the fire chance of British BB HE and everything will be fine

  2. If asking the best nation (as overall) usa the best choice got 2 line of cruiser , the cv doesnt have a lot squadron easy for non rts player, the destroyer truly jack of all trade master of none , and the bb easy to learn but hard to master (yamato and conqek more easier to play) . If we see on overall this the best nation but if we see in each type maybe the answer will different.

  3. Same opinion here:
    Montana – most balanced BB in the game… there is nothing wrong with it
    Cruisers: DM – great AP and reload. Worcester – just retarded…can tank broadside due to the armor profile and the HE spam does a tone of damage
    Gearing; can be played like you want it… torpedo boat or gun boat…

  4. Personally I have a softspot for the IJN ships but agree, the American ships are the most comfortable to play. For all the main gun firepower of the Yamato, the brutal secondary battery and armour of the GKF, the lol gun HE of the Conqueror and the speed and reload of the Republic, nothing compares to the refined experience of the Montana.

    • @Matt Mack
      “Personally I have a softspot for the IJN ships’
      I’ve got some IJN cruisers, and on paper they’re Great…but for some reason they just don’t work for me.

    • +Steven Wiederholt you have to have quite a patient play style with them IMO. Early on in a match its better to shoot HE from afar (with the T 7-10 cruiser’s) but once the match has progressed some, and the enemy battleships HP is getting low and you have an idea where all the enemy ships are, you can draw closer. The IJN cruiser’s just don’t have the re-fire rates on the guns to brawl but they do make good ambushers and are excellent at finishing off low hp ships. I always felt IJN cruiser’s made good support ships but should avoid being the centre of attention.

    • +Matt Mack
      Patients? What is this patients you speak of? 🙂

    • +Steven Wiederholt lol well it’s an ideal, but given how many times I have detonated the enemy and also been detonated in a cruiser, it’s more like a guide than a rule. 😉

    • +Matt Mack

      Been there…Done that…Got the medal!

  5. But – but – USN can’t be the best nation in the game. Don’t you know? Russian bias, the devs hates US ships and RU has only super stronk OP botes!

  6. I wanted to rant and say any other nation but it’s true, USN wins by far.

  7. Play stile and play stile! Every nation have down falls and upwards ! They are not The “ best “ or worse , they are bad and good players only.

  8. My advice to newbies… just dont play one nation…And start with cruisers… Des moine is maybe arguably “best ship in the game” but you have to learn to play this ship… newbie has no clue about super heavy AP… about citadel… all they see is cruiser thats getting citadeled from every angle and thats not really funny experience… start playing all lines at once… you will learn stats of all enemy ships and you will know what to expect… if you pick one line for example USN BB and you get to tier 8-10 you will have no clue what are other ships capable off

  9. Christopher Jonasson

    Advice to new players.. dont go up the British BB line first

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Queen Elisabeth is a solid T6 though because it has the best AA of all T6 BBs. King George V is also fairly good because it has the fastest reload of all non-premium T7 BBs coupled with the almost citadel-proof armor scheme (only AP shells bigger than 380mm can citadel it through the sides of the aft). Monarch is fairly good when not uptiered because it is the stealthiest BB of the line. The only problem is the short fuse 380mm is too situational to deal with the higher tier ships coupled with the so-so accuracy past 11km. The roughest spot belongs to Iron Duke which is a common problem of all T5 when uptiered.

    • +Christopher Jonasson I think that at least from t7 is comfortable but for the receiving like me they are annoying from at least t5 or t6.

    • Christopher Jonasson you should have said that before… I’m already at Monarch though and starting it, British battleships become really good having those large guns and super heal. Luckily I’ve got Jean Bart, Massachusetts, Scharnhorst as backups

    • +Alexander Jean Bad.

    • I loved the iron duke and Orion. Best ships of their tier. Super tanky and solid guns.

  10. Best nation ? Poland … it has the easiest choice of ship in each class, very direct and clear tier progression and consistent playstyle between ship lines and tiers …

  11. Best nation in the game? Donation

  12. I own ships from all the lines, and while I respect the USN line, I find it limiting because of the lack of torps on most of their ships. One advantage they do have is that the USN AA is very strong generally speaking. The Russian and French cruisers have long range guns (Russians have a faster reload). The Brits have smoke and heals. The Japanese the strongest torps. Mid tier German (V and VI) have fast reload guns with good range, upper tier German ships are less squishy. It all depends on the player´s style and preference in the end.

  13. best nation ? Brittish BB’s; German cruisers ( esp. Hindenburg :)); and Japanesse DD’s ( haru, shima and my little fun ship, asashio :))

  14. i love colorado. it is a bit slow, yes. but it has greats guns. And for the Pensacola, WG really trashed the ship when they moved it to tier 6

    • I think Buffalo doesn’t fit into the tech tree. It’s the only USN heavy cruiser with 4×3 main guns, all others have only 3×3 or the Pepsi-Cola 2×2 and 2×3. They should have left Baltimore at tier 9 and put Wichita at tier 8

  15. I agree with your call here. I’d add that the US ships are the best line to start down because they teach you good habits. For example: The Battleships slow speed and weak armor broadside (no turtleback) punish you for miss-playing in positioning and angling. If you make a mistake, like driving to the 1 or 10 line, or give broadside, you’re getting smoked, or going to be out of the fight. The DDs teach you to use your guns more, since the torpedoes aren’t faceroll like the IJN or Pan Asian line. You have to play more team support, and contest caps in the US lines. The CA line doesn’t have any amazing lessons, they’re mostly just OP, especially from T8 up. But you learn about radar, and how you’d counter it, which is useful. I guess you also learn island humping, which is a good skill to develop. “Best” in terms of pure play overall though, in randoms? Gotta say UK BBs, US/RU CAs, and IJN DDs.

  16. i must be the only person to love the uss Colorado

  17. German DDs need love. I’d like to see them get 150mm options to make them more unique.

  18. *D E T O N A T I O N* is the best Nation )))))))

  19. I feel like I’m in the minority of players who loved the Colorado

  20. USN is tops just becoz of radar.

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