World of Warships- Best of 500

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Hey guys! So this is a compilation of some of the best moments in the past roughly 100 or so videos, enjoy!

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  1. george marnelakis

    I want BDSM (Battleready Drunk Sailors of Mountbatten’s) for a clan name LOL

  2. Michael Meyer-Palmer

    Love your vids. And I quite like this sound track.

  3. In the next video we want The Blyskawika, the Belfast and the Midway !

  4. 8:51 main gun smoke cloud makes a frowny face…

  5. I think the Clan name should be: [SL-MB] for obvious reasons. Or it can be: [SLMFS] for SeaLordMountbattensFightingSquad or something like that

  6. Great fun! Keep up the great videos!

  7. Clan name of….something extremely silly…uh…- SLSLS – Sea Lord’s SeaLion Squad….maybe…

  8. old_rust_ bucket

    Here’s to the next 500 videos!

  9. •_Lumia Art_•

    The mighty clubedseals. How would that be for a clan name

  10. This “Mighty Mo” salvo on that little faggot is my dream! ^^
    p.s. Great video! ^^

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