World of Warships – Best of Twitch 14 – PETROPAVLOVSK, Low HP plays and Singing

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A compilation of the best of Warships Twitch clips from the third week of March 2020. Time stamps and streamer names in the description below:

Time stamps and streamer names coming in the next couple of hours.


  1. Oh Mr Conway actually said his name correctly ! Nice!

  2. How can you not love Mr Gibbins, this man is awesome and so kind ! 😀

  3. FreetheBrain WoWs

    Hope you enjoy this everyone! I promise to never promise exact upload dates again [Because I suck at schedules ;( ] If you are a Twitch streamer, feel free to send me your clips on my discord server: . You are welcome to join even if you are not a streamer.

    • Michael Søndergaard

      how many discord servers can you actully be part of?
      and while im at it. how do i delete a discord room/server when i made it but never use it?
      and YUCK. never do dates. they kill you just like girls do. but slower

  4. Some people he really… creative… when it comes to insulting Smolensk players. Keep up the videos brain!

    • FreetheBrain WoWs
    • @FreetheBrain WoWs o7

    • Well them and the cv players are among the worst toxic shit that happened online gaming since online gaming became a thing.

    • well… it´s WG who is responsible for making the game toxic with their stupid decisions and not listening to the community and the CCs

    • @juxtaposeism To a certain point yes. But after a year and more of these dumbass cv its not like the player base doesn’t know about the bad effect they have on the gameplay and still insist on ruin the game by playing them. At this point the fault lies as much with the idiots playing these toxic ships as it does with Wargaming releasing them in the first place.

  5. I’m so glad I found this channel!!!

  6. This video should be illegal i almost had a heart attack laughing so hard

  7. 9:55 Its awesome that they have a Reichtangle plushy 😀

  8. On 13 min of the video is THE smartest advice EVER – the whole core of the game in last 2y

  9. Flamu’s theory about teammates’ retardation is pure gold

  10. I genuinely started laughing so hard that tears started flowing from my ears when I heard the thing about F.D. Roosevelt ship and wheelchair. Nice one!

  11. @13:05 Flamu Sir ….there has *never* been more truer words been spoken !

  12. the clip at 7:37 is kinda just a lie fyi, its been marked as ‘Soon’ ever since it’s been in testing. the mod shows any unreleased ship that has been in testing as ‘Soon’. If it were being released it would have the full colour portrait and not ‘Soon’ marker.

  13. I am to drunk to leave a meaningful comment, but YES MORE! THANK YOU FOR THIS. I do extremley enjoy this videos and do hope that you continue. I have been loughing so so hard for the last…. don’t know how long but this is just soooooo good!

  14. i was waiting ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. I could watch Mr Gibbins laugh all day 😀

  16. I loled so hard I farted, and I farted so loud I scared my pug and he pooped on the floor. FeelsBadMan

  17. Lets talk about your problems community, tell me where the CV touched you :D.

  18. Mr. Gibbins is a treasure to the WoWs community. Nice compilation, man!

  19. Love it Brain 🙂👍🏼 keep up the great work dude

  20. Valentino Gordon, Jr.

    Me in my yamato: *struggling to citadel anything no matter the range*

    All of the russian ships: the only thing that can hurt me is another me

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