World of Warships – Best of Twitch 21 – Some good clean weekly fun

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A compilation of the best World of Warships Twitch clips from the fourth week of July 2020.

A special thanks to my patrons: RedRonie, Boooombah, and Humphrey10.

Streamer and clip names can be found in the description below:

Mr__Gibbins – Blind Fire Save
Flambass – I Torpedoed everybody
Flamuu – Weekend Teamwork
jimmy_dietulpe – das glück ist mit den …
Wookie_Legend -I will savor this moment
Teamkrado – Was hatte der DD vor? ^^
CitizenS9 – whaaaat
ASHLEYakaASHLEY – Warning torps, let that be a lesson.
ChaosMachineGR – Mama can you bring the fry pan
Notser – The moment when Notser is back!
Wookie_Legend – Great talk
Statsbloke – How to put MrG in a cheery mood.
Mr__Gibbins – I’ll shoot the island instead!
Flamuu – WTF Weeser
Flambass – phun@ranked feelsCVman
WorldofWarships – WG rekt live on stream
jimmy_dietulpe – Kuck Kuck
Flambass – A wild Shokaku appears!
Mr__Gibbins – SIT Down
CitizenS9 – Outplayed!
Flamuu – Desync shells?
Teamkrado – Demon Krado
Flambass – Flambass Chat PROVES we are ALL Geniuses xD
WorldofWarships – Jacob_J_Weebs
Flamuu – Couldnt have said it better. Thank you Yukikaze
Lord_Zath – ahahahaha (Double strike)
fr4gm3ntation – Potatoes will find a way
Trenlass Santa – Trenlass
Daniel_Rusev – Overmatched
Lord_Zath – Begone Sky Cancer (Lenin)
fr4gm3ntation – Haku Gets Karma
StatikTheWarmonger – Torps…Be gone!
Lord_Zath – its cool
LadyTorpida – bruh!
Trenlass – booom (Lenin)
Absoluutti – adios tovaritsh (Lenin)
Daniel_Rusev – that
RedRonie – Boing
Lord_Zath – MISSED ME!!!!!
Gaishu – gaishu sigh


  1. It came out just as i rage quited.
    Great video, like always

  2. Included a clip twice XD nice vid tho

  3. Heeeyyyy Brain, that is not my name.

    Ohhh wait…. the second one is

  4. That shokaku is me 6:02 , F but now reached rank 1

  5. Another great video, keep at it sir and I’ll keep watching.

  6. You have the clip from red ronie flying nelson in this vid 2x

  7. linksworstnightmare

    6:04 clip: just went from 0-1000 REAL damn quick with music, action, and a little bit of panic.

  8. >35 plane kills and he’s still flying full squadrons

    Yep it’s a Kaga. That’ll do it. Welcome to CV gimmicks.

  9. Omg it’s Flambass’ minesweeper salt stream

  10. Good one! Great choice of clips, keep it up!

  11. can we get some more of the cv hunting clips please?

  12. 11:17 Germans when they sunk the HMS Hood

  13. Lots of big hit Lenin clips, I might need to grab one.

  14. 9:47 give this man a medal

  15. 9:57 what’s this song? I can’t think of it’s name…

  16. Man, Fr4g’s “Welcome…. to Potato Park!” Absolutely KILLED me :’D

  17. TomsonPRoDuctions

    Do you know the song flamu was streaming at 4:24?

  18. YAY stuff i clipped got in multiple times 😀 Wtf Weeser , Jacob_J_Weebs etc. 😀

  19. I’m Lord_Zath and this is my favorite video on the Internet.

  20. 11:35 Jean Bart too not op enuff pls buff

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