World of Warships – Best of Twitch 23 – The re-potatoing – Slava, Pommern and Cursing

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A compilation of the best World of Warships Twitch clips from the second week of August 2020.
A special thanks to my patrons: RedRonie, Boooombah, FadedWolf14, Humphrey10 and ShepherdOfMemories.

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Here we go!


  1. FreetheBrain WoWs

    I hadn’t potatoed this hard in a long time… Here’s the vid with PROPER RESOLUTION. The problem was some clip deleting that I did in the creator studio. So, sorry about that. And I hope you enjoy it even though it’s a re-upload. And, yeah, that was my face, yes. You can see how inspired I am. Also, you can support us on Patreon here:

  2. I didnt even notice it was at 360p when I watched it

  3. Genuinely, that was the most beautiful, high-definition potato I’ve ever seen.

    And I play WoWS Ranked!

  4. Stats-terprise is love. Stats-terprise is life. We need more Stats-terprise.

  5. best 1080 potato.

  6. Michael Søndergaard

    hmmm i didnt notice anything in the last video. or atleast didnt think of it

  7. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    Nice job you Spud

  8. I used to watch YT on 360p, back in the day
    Now I watch at a wopping 480p! and 1.5x speed.

  9. Actually watched it the first time, but watched it again to make sure you got the view! 😉

  10. I could’ve sworn I saw the video with better quality than 360p the first time round. Or maybe I’m potato-ing as well.

  11. Idk but i had it in full hd even in the previous version

  12. I love mr Gibbins. LMAO

  13. why he lowkey cute though?

  14. I didn´t even notice it´s 360p because i was watching it on the phone during break at work xD

  15. Wouldn’t be a Best of Twitch without Gibbins’ hearty and wonderful laughter!

  16. ShepherdOfMemories

    5:13 Oh so now he is mad CVs didn’t blap a ship. xD

  17. Thanks again free! Love the content

  18. Manik Samaraweera

    The original vid was quite perfect. I guess I was one of the lucky ones to see it in HD before the issues. Anyway great vid as always. Only issue I found was at 8:49, where there weren’t any ingame sounds(and Mr Gibbin’s laugh), just music.

    • FreetheBrain WoWs

      Oh, this was intentional honestly. The music at the start of the clip was ear-ra*ing. I thought it would be an interesting experiment to mute the beginning of the clip.

  19. 5:14 hahaha now we know why WG don’t make the right reticule for dive bomber planes !

  20. many thanks 😀

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