World of Warships – Best of Twitch 24 – Life stories

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A compilation of the best World of Warships Twitch clips from the third week of August 2020.
A special thanks to my patrons: RedRonie, Boooombah, FadedWolf14, Humphrey10 and ShepherdOfMemories.

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13:58 Featured:

14:13 GameProdigy – First thing I see coming into the stream today…
16:49 FadedWolf14 patron quote

19:08 Outro


  1. This was made by my editor Palko, guys. 🙂 Please do tell what you think. Expect a special something with Daniel_Rusev sometime next week. 🙂 And, yes, that is my face. You can support us on patreon for the chance to spam the video with weird quotes!

  2. Wtf we want the potato song back quik what is wrong

  3. i need poitato


  5. Still searching for priests.

  6. i like the potato song :/

  7. 8:17 The tone deafness is real…

  8. YAY I clipped fun stuff again!

  9. ShepherdOfMemories

    16:55 Tee Hee. Thats me.

  10. Michael Søndergaard

    WUUUT, no potato song today. it wasent the same without it.
    and haha watching tremlass in his fullface mask. wanted to see that for days now. so thank you for that one:-)
    great video as always.

    and i believe redronie is correct when he said that a elevator smells different to a midget

  11. WG Employees: We don’t play CV’s because we don’t enjoy their playstyle.

    Well then what the hell do you expect from US, the players?!

  12. Bring back the potato song, screw the haters-

  13. What’s wrong with this no cult guys, can’t belive they don’t like potato song, Best original song ever for WoWs

  14. The Budgie Admiral

    I too vote for a return of the potato song.

  15. I love how even the community management guys even hate playing and playing against CVs, a pretty real moment from MrConway and Crysantos

  16. I for one liked the old introduction music as opposed to what this video opened with and the “gay music ” remark was rather stuffy and odd for today’s PC correct efforts. Just my humble opinion and keeps me laughing sir.

  17. I want potato back 😭😭

  18. Notser’s Quentin Tarantino impersonation is getting more and more uncanny everyday.

  19. i like to watch my favourite youtubers to wake up in the morning with a cup of coffee but i am really not interested in listening to that high pitch twat music at that time of the day. jesus christ please put back the old intro music <3

  20. 1:30 when a german BB has that super speedy turret traverse speed or any other BB?
    only the most powerful BB line ever existed have it ( Stalin engineered this russian paper BB line with vodka grease and motors for this advance technology)

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