World of Warships Best of Twitch 30

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships gameplay moments from Twitch clips during the second week of October 2020.

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  1. FreetheBrain - Best of Twitch

    Hope you enjoy the vid guys. All opinions featured, especially the CV ones are OPINIONS! 😛 I included mine as well at the end. Please respect everyone involved. Regardless if I agree or not, they deserve to be here. If you want to support the channel or just can’t live without that HMS Hood Hoodie, you can find a collection of designs made by yours truly here: :3

  2. ShepherdOfMemories

    1:56. Perfectly cut laughs compilation.

  3. 3:38 I already faced a tier 5 in my Bismarck who wasn’t in a platoon. Only happened once but I was surprised.

  4. Like I tell my grandkids… “If you’re truly sorry you won’t ever do it again”.

  5. 0:58 Mr. Gibbins be like
    I see no God up here
    Other than ME!

  6. *watches video*
    Now I’m sure the comments won’t be a toxic wast-
    *comments are a toxic waste pit*
    Expected nothing less, thanks guys.

  7. Glad you Got them Before they were NUKED 😀 Also Intagram KEKW

  8. Just saved my day! Fantastic Work!

  9. thank you for the vid brains!!

  10. I like this opinion approach in this video Free, something new.

    • FreetheBrain - Best of Twitch

      Thank you. I wanted to emphasize that I don’t include clips because I agree with them, but rather because it’s interesting to hear people’s opinions. And every featured streamer deserves respect.

  11. Pretty unsual seeing Flamu speak in finnish 😀 i know he is, but we see him always talking english, so that kind of Flamu got familiar to us.

  12. 🅱️

  13. Nice work FtB, opinions on such matters must be heared and where better then here among all the laughter and carnage 😉

  14. I like when Flamuu is speaking to his girlfriend.

    • He sounds like one of those welding worker emigrants that came to Sweden many years ago when they got tired of shit 😂

  15. Great vid! Keep them coming mate.

  16. Can’t take a guy seriously when all of his highlights in a cv are secondary kills, but somehow he is a self proclaimed expert.

  17. Thing is… Cv:s aren’t strong but just… Broken.

    For instance. Play a tier 8 cv in a tier 8 match. You will brutalize everything. Play it in a tier x match and you will have a considerably harder time. Allmost brutal. Then, play a tier 8 cv in a tier x match where they hav thrown in some Kremlins, Stalingrads, Halland, minotaurs etc. Strong tier x aa ships. If those aa bubbles intersect the slightest ypu get more fckin points by shooting your team mates.

    They simply don’t hold some form of balance in the game. Either they become brutalized or they brutalize. No grey area.

  18. 1:30 I think the same both torpedoes me too a few days so ago xdd

  19. 1:35 best moment in wg history

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