World of Warships Best of Twitch 33

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships Twitch clips from the start of December 2020.

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  1. Yes! My favorite part of the week!!!

  2. i like the new torpedo launch is impressive i will thank flambass for show us this new amazing feature of the game

  3. Well, Elbe’s on YouTube now, i guess! Great vid again mate!

  4. The Thomas the train song that plays every time Gibbins does a play cracks me up so much

  5. A dog gets a citadel?!! “A I a joke to you” now has a new meaning to me.

  6. “Love conquers all” Heart warming words, unless your in prison

  7. Adrian Januszewski

    Best WG quotes:
    4:00 “There is ships that do damage and ships that don’t do (much) damage”

    Nice save with that “much” MrConway

  8. Despite Mr. Conway remarks at 3:05, there is no such thing as a ‘no fly zone’ anymore. Check out Jingles latest ‘fun police’ video.

  9. When I fart, the air around me starts to smell odd, is that normal?

  10. FreetheBrain - Best of Twitch

    odd good, or odd bad? either of those options could be normal or abnormal. you should prob take your gas to a fartologist.

  11. And certain CCs are still destroying the game because they dont get it and still play CVs:(

  12. 8:00
    mr_gibbins: why do people do that?
    georgia player: why do you do that?

  13. Does trenlass have an inner ear problem. Lol hes so jumpy

  14. I didnt even know, Santa Claus is playing WoWs too O.O

  15. Mr Gibbons : *Cuts in front of another ship causing them to collide.*

    Mr Gibbons: “iTs aLl YoUr fAuLT yOu CoCk”

  16. Michael Søndergaard

    well again your name is coming around. and another great job on the clipping.

  17. I love Mr. Gibbins clips. His laugh brings so much joy. Lol

  18. Holy shit the knocking sound with Chaos. My dad being Greek often shouts “ela!” making this so much funnier for me

  19. That knocking scared the **** out of me XD

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