World of Warships – Best of Twitch – KotS X, the NA server

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Time stamps and streamer names in the description below coming soon.


  1. YAY, new vid!!!!

  2. FreetheBrain WoWs

    Hope you enjoy this KotS compilation guys. There weren’t many clips of the final (which was honestly an exciting series of games). Even though the tournament ended a couple of weeks ago, would you still be interested in a highlights video (match highlights rather than a clip compilation)? You are also welcome to join my discord channel:

  3. Nice one tüntschi!!

  4. What server next?

    • FreetheBrain WoWs

      😀 Afraid I don’t have the resources for the ASIAN and Russian tournaments, because I can’t speak the languages. That’s all for the KotS compilations, but I might be looking to make highlights for the final matches.

    • Well that’s unfortunate. But still, these KoTs highlights are good, keep making if there are any clips left.

      and a salute to the NA champion and the channel O7

  5. This series is great! Love your work

  6. those weird names 😂😂sometime i think i should also change mine to some lewd one also

  7. Oh look, it’s the unskilled part of KotS :kappa:

  8. Keep it up my famous youtuber 😀 <3

  9. O7 was always going to win they have the kindest man on wows

  10. As always great vid keep up the good work

  11. O7 vs ーTWAー when?

  12. Sooo…What’s the lesson here? Sometimes you can save your virginity, and sometimes you just can’t…

  13. SneakySnake here, cocasting with Senpai and SAT score. This was fantastic!!! Love the clips 🙂

  14. Thanks for the compilation friend! Appreciated 😀

  15. 5:02 my azz got blasted

  16. The awkward moment you realise sea server put up a far better performance then EU did against NA

  17. noooeee.. we want weekly clips of our streamers again.. 🙁

    • FreetheBrain WoWs

      Best of Twitch 15 coming up soon. 🙂

    • @FreetheBrain WoWs yes please. You’re the only constant thing in my life right now 😂 sad life 😭🤣

    • FreetheBrain WoWs

      Calling me constant is very misguided. xD xD

      In all seriousness though, hang in there! Do what you enjoy. Best of luck and much love! 🙂 Feel free to join my discord thingy if you want to talk bullshit about anything.

  18. The Budgie Admiral

    “Hey man, it’s late.”

  19. NA have best commentator. SeaRaptor is Full professional.

  20. Didnt show the TNG-2 PWP groz play? Lol Shows the same game, but doesnt show the groz play imao

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