World of Warships – Best picks for Ranked season 10

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Here is a “short” video I made about my thoughts on the current ranked season.
I shortly talk about all the differences from the previous season, including irrevocable ranks, prizers and ofc best ship picks.

I do mention a few ofc 😉

I hope it helps and I wish you all good luck and speedy rank 1.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Good luck !!!

  2. nit played last seasons i cant deal with rank 22 and such … 3 kills 200k dmg and we lose :/ i dont know how to deal with suicidal dd’s who not cap not do anythign expect going to die to radar cruisers :/

  3. There is still a XP point to be distributed with ur Massachusetts captain,
    easy to miss. Be well Flambass, like ur vids.

  4. I think tier 8 is probably gonna be dominated by lo yangs and kidds again :/

    • prinz eugen boyz

    • from my experiences there are a lot early caprushing cruisers (into the caps), Kidd doesn’t deal with it well (because of lack of torpedoes); and somehow this works pretty often…

    • I am gonna go into ranked with Alabama, Tirpitz, Atago *and* Lo Yang so i am guilty as well lol

    • Honestly, I think that the Akuzuki is better than the Lo Yang and Kidd for Ranked. I own all 3. The Kidd is very limited. Sure, it can be a strong DDvDD brawler, but its torpedo alpha strike capability is very limited because it has only a single launcher with no reload booster (like the Aki). And IMO, overall, the Akizuki is a better brawler than any other tier 8 DD, while it retains a strong torpedo alpha strike due to its TRB.

    • I have to disagree with that. Sure, the akizuki has great firepower, but its very sluggish, torpedo dodging ia a pain in the ass, and the concealment isnt top tier either. If played correctly, Lo Yangs hydro is going to rape every other t8 DD in a brawl with ease. If you meet the akizuki with smoke or hydro on cooldown, just run. He isnt fast enough to follow you. I think Lo Yang is the best t8 DD Killer no doubt, and the 6.8km torps are surprisingly effective against bigger ships as well.

  5. Ranked was stage 2 cancer and has become stage 3 cancer.. no chemo in sight

  6. Forewarned is forearmed ! Thank you Flambass.

  7. yet to reach rank 10 but i will try to get to rank 1 with my lovely zao , see you on the battlefield chaps and be ready to get burned 😉

  8. Ranked? No thanks, boring grind fest. Games are meant to be fun, you’d have to be a masochist to consider ranked as fun. It might be more interesting if they excluded tier 10. Tier 10 game play is so boring, campy shite. Make it start at tier 5, then 7, then 9. More people would take part, and it would be more fun.

  9. Great, now even more people will play this stupidbote in ranked after this gleaming highlight…

  10. Can’t wait for another season of “Lets smash our faces into a concrete wall untill blood comes out of our ears”.

  11. The Cleveland is very strong just needs to be played correctly. Been going through ranks pretty fast but have been loosing due to suicidal kidds

  12. I like ranked cause not so many ships. And I dont have to beg the clan to be able to Play. Clan sucks never enough players available.

  13. It is horrible, so much brainless idiots playing – the most of them do not have any clue what to do. It is just a friggin campfest. And yes there are a lot BBs

  14. i seen to be having alot of luck in my harekaze so far

  15. Mass is a beast in ranked but you have to have a high point captain

  16. Tier 10… ranked clan ranked clan ranked clan… B O R I N G !!!!!!


  17. So without a Worscester or a Stalingrad, one should just not play?

    • If you’re good enough, you can make any ship work. But Wooster and Stalin are hands-down the strongest ships, because they have effective tools for dealing with every enemy ship.

      Des Moines, Hindenburg, Moskva, Minotaur, and Zao aren’t bad ship. But they aren’t as strong as Wooster and Stalin, particularly in the ranked setting.

  18. to be honest – ranked in wows has been no joy at all for me for the past 3 seasons. WG does everything to get players to spend as much time as possible in this salty environment so that they can profit the most out of it. I’m with this game since 2015 and kept playing it more or less frequently because I enjoy it. I don’t enjoy the ranked grind at all with it’s salty players, unbalanced ships (thanks WG), people intentionally throwing because they got trolled earlier by sm1 else (who can blame them, chain reaction…) and I’m pretty sure rank 12 is the highest I will go for, after I won’t even try and better spend my time in random battles, enjoying the game again.

  19. MajesticDemonLord

    Rank 12 is the last irrevocable?


  20. First, Flambass, love your game play.

    In response to some of the negative comments about ranked: Flambass is saying that in the hands of a master, Stalingrad and Worcester are going to be very hard to counter… so you’re going to see a LOT of them being played by the top players. Worcester is an excellent DD and BB counter. Stalingrad is an excellent cruiser counter that can handle BB’s and DD’s well. DD’s are going to be hard countered by radar… and with the lose a star meta, a good player (someone who would eventually rank out) won’t want to play a ship they can’t make a significant game impact in. So you’re not going to see a lot of DD’s at premier ranks. BUT, since Worcester has excellent concealment and can nuke DD’s and really defend a CAP against BB aggression, he sees a lot of the DD players bringing their Worcesters in game instead, because they can make a significant impact on the game with Worcester.

    Frustration with ranked… many players become frustrated with ranked because of lose a star. They get in a game, they have an investment in time trying to get a rank… and then someone does something stupid, they die fast… then someone else gets overwhelmed on that flank because the other player was dumb… now the team get’s rolled… even if you played well on the other flank. So it really upsets people…. don’t let it. 1. It’s a game. 2. It will make you a better player.

    A lot of players seem to think that ANYONE can rank 1 with enough games. Not true. My first season I went in thinking that and really tried to make rank 1. I made it to rank 5, and got bumped out of rank 5 again and again and again. At that time I wasn’t a good enough player to make an significant enough impact on the game to progress. I wasn’t going to save a star and was a drag on my team in the premier league. The players at premier 5-2 are excellent players. You don’t see many mistakes. If your skill set isn’t up to par, you’ll likely help bring your team a loss… and lose a star, and regress. That’s why they got rid of rank 10 as the last permanent rank and moved it back to 12. But persistence in ranked and watching videos like Flambass, and Flamu etc. will make you better. Last season I ranked out for the first time. The difference between having just 500 games under your belt going into ranked, and over 7000 like I do now is telling. Enjoy the game, play ranked if you want serious game play. If you want to brawl, or see some crazy stuff, play randoms. In fact, now is a great time for random battles because most of the top players are in Ranked…. so your total skill set against the average just went up by default 😉

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