World of Warships Best Premium Carrier

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So you are thinking about getting a premium CV. World of Warships has added all four to the premium shop. We’ve got Saipan, Kaga, Enterprise and Graf Zeppelin. I’m going to make my recommendation very quick, and really its for only one big reason that will aide you as you get thrust into T10 matches over and over again. I wish I could recommend a CV on many attributes, but I just don’t think we are at a point where CV play is balanced enough. You might be better off just waiting.


  1. I got Kaga because I am a bit of a collector, and I also like how she looks. I still have to do a bit more carrier practice before I play CVs regularly, and Kaga seems to be the most forgiving at the moment.

  2. 感謝你的分析,齊柏林 的轟炸機聲音很好聽….但船很貴

  3. Got Kaga from the Containers, now I am trying to learn how to use it effectively. Looking forward to the challenges ahead and maybe broaden my horizons. Have a great Week ahead and best wishes to you and family over Easter. From one Reservist to another, thank you for your service.

  4. This data will be good for about 5 minutes until WoW nerfs them again. CVs are driving the DD’s away, as well. Any why in the hell do you have send a whole squadron in on a run if you can only launch 1 torpedo at a time (Tier 4)? Don’t be WoW beta testers and pay for the privilege.

  5. I would point everyone to the direction of littlewhitemouse detailed analysis of all 4 premium CVs

  6. I got the Big E cause I’m a sucker for USN ships with deep histories. 20 battle stars, most decorated USN ship of the war. Had to have it.

  7. I bought the graff zeppelin, as I wanted it in my collection for a long time

  8. I would agree on Kaga as a go-purchase…her hangar planes are enormous which is really a friendly CV for captains who wanna try to do CV gameplays…And she has greater late-game potential than the other 3 premium CVs since Kaga cannot get deplaned easily. On the 15 minute mark, you still have 20+ planes on each department on your hangar. Unlike Saipan and Graf Zeppelin that needs almost full aircraft restoration build and good squadron management for their late-game potential on over 10 minute mark matches

  9. As a long time CV player a new CV player should get the Kaga as it has more planes and less forgiving when you loose them to AA.

    Saipan is for CV veterans as you have to play her conservative as loss of planes has the highest timer in the game.

    GZ has the fastest DB and TB in the game. Her TB is the bread and butter. DB can be inconsistent with drops. Also she has 21mm of armor making her immune to HE alpha damage on caliber guns under 130mm. The rounds will just shatter and only cause fire chance. Also add her accurate secondaries. I would consider GZ good for CV players familiar with CV gameplay.

    Enterprise has AP bombs versus HE USN. AP takes time to master so not considered for a new CV captain to start off with.

    In order
    Beginner = Kaga
    Average to Good = GZ and Enterprise
    Good to Veteran = Saipan

    Anyone can play what they want. This assessment is just for those based on skill level and play style want to choose a ship that will compliment your skill level without frustrating you.

  10. I love my Kaga <3 I got it in a crate and am perfectly happy with having it rather than the other 3

  11. Waiting on Indomitable simply because I want the RN style of carrier play… what’s not to love about sea mosquitos?

  12. IMO it isn’t worth it due to being in so many tier 10 matches. In general CV’s at tier 4-6 are to weak and tier 10 AA is to strong for tier 8 CV’s, WG needs to fix their mess.

  13. Great short video that says it all. Well done Zoup! I own all 4 CV’s and my CV of choise would be the Kaga too for the same reasons you said (and it is also some $10 cheaper than the Enterprise or Graf Z).

  14. To much money to get uptiered and fried all the time. There needs to be more work where a single ship of multiple ships can not fry a who;e group of planes everytime. So nope not for me.

  15. Don’t go on the r/worldofwarships. The amount of anti-CV salt is incredible.

  16. Well…with the new hotfix for just 1 CV in TX the MM for T8 CVs is awesome. I played them a lot the last days and I see just T8 and lower and with a bit bad luck some T9. It’s not fun for the other ships, and also not for me, but the MM for the T8 CVs is really lucky right now until the next hotfix

  17. Adam Marcinkowski

    I won Graf from crate , I am not cv player , I have T6 Japanise T4 US cv , because I play them when RTS was on , I have T6 UK because I won that one , and I do not play them so offten (but I have 62% win on cv ?… my regular is 49%…) , but compareing T8 Graf to T6 Japanise , I would chose Japanise , is just easier to play.

  18. Kaga definitely is more noob friendly because your hangar makes it forgiving of mistakes. But I think all of the other 3 are better at dealing damage/winning games. Zepplin’s air speed means it can hit more frequently than others, Big E has a similar advantage to the Kaga in its fast plane respawn time but it also has harder hittin planes, and Saipan doesn’t get many but it’s planes do hit the hardest imo. (Saipan has tier X planes in small ish squadrons, definitely not noob friendly as one mistake can put whole squadrons out of action for a goo long time)

  19. I had to buy GZ I had Kaga from before the rework and Saipan… But I got mad at Saipan as she got messed up so I refund her and got Irian xd… Kaga is a good choice! Thinking on buying enterprise the next payday

  20. I would love all of them .. but … my purse is empty and I have no luck with the containers 🙁 still the hope is there ) I am atm saving my pennies for HMS Ark Royal .( I live in hope ) and When HMS Indomitable is released .
    Thank You for the advice Zoup Spot on as Always .

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