World of Warships Best Premiums are Leaving

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Get them while you still can! USS Georgia, USS Massachusetts, USS Alaska, Thunderer and Smaland are all being removed when 0.10.1 hits. I give my recommendations on which you should focus on getting first.


  1. The only one I’d really want out of that list is Alaska

  2. nice video, good to know. However sound is not in sync with the video…

  3. when are they leaving? i need a month to get the coal for georgia do you think I’ll have time

    • @North Carolinian Mapping phewww good

    • try to play rank and also dockyard event and when you play the daily containers selection should be resources. The container can give you upto 1200 coal with each container.

    • Hmm me too got the thundered first going to need to burn some steel

    • Assuming WG sticks to the 4 week per patch schedule, around mid February. So you’ll definitely have more than enough time between the daily crates and missions (you should average just under 2k coal a day over the long run before clan bonuses if you get all three crates and all six missions), and then the extra coal from the 9.12 snowflakes and potentially some coal in the Hizen dockyard (assuming the same types of non-ship rewards show up in this one as we’ve had in previous dockyard events).

    • Coal in the snowflake event as well guys T5/7 that may help

  4. Calling it right now, Georgia B next year

  5. So they are removing the “unofficial” 2ndary gun USA-BB line… just sad.
    Funny how Stalingrad and Lenin always avoided the ban-hammer.

    • @Narajan Husic you have to take into account pay to win as well. All these ships come out and are OP….why? Because WG knows people will pay to have the strong/OP new ship. WG isn’t dumb. Stalingrads stats are still top. Petro is great for competitive and it will be interesting to see what the stats look like in a couple months. But as for now…until captian rework comes out. The numbers don’t lie.

    • Stalingrad is a steel ship its already pretty difficult for the average player to get, it took me playing in clan battles actively for a few months to get, i mostly play solo since im not trying to be a competitive MLGamer.

    • @Elder Lich Yes. It is very difficult for mediocre players, but it is not beyond our reach. I am heading for the Stalingrad the hard way– collecting steel by completing the daily missions, playing co-op. I am looking at a two year grind, less snowflake events.

    • Stalin is very good but not op it can eat citadels very easily

    • @Dutch07 and do take into consideration the type of people playing steel ships.

  6. Anything above 52% wr gets pulled by the bean counters. Snatch em up captains before the spreadsheet does.

  7. Why the Alaska she’s a free xp ship? I can understand the other being steel/premium ships? Time for a free xp marathon….

    Also WG: “Lets release 10 new premiums ships that are all totally trash and cannot compete with the ships that already exist in the game!”

    • Ships I highly recommend that are tech line tree free. The ones I have that super impress me are tier 4 super DD from hell and my favorite in game Shenyang and the the other big guys Kitikaze, Halland, Moskva and BB Alsace. Yeah I don’t have Kremlin yet I guess when I get it it will be fully nerfed

  9. Removing good ships doesn’t make bad ships more interesting, it just reduces the options of good ships to play.

  10. This is not “to eliminate competition to the USN tech tree split”. This is to eliminate competition to The Only One True Really Historical Red Navy.

  11. Why Smaland, it’s just came out? And she is not even that popular.

  12. Bet they’re coming back in Christmas containers T____T

  13. Thanks for the heads up! I never saw this announcement from Wargaming

  14. going away because they make tech tree ships irrelevant.

  15. Let me get this straight, Wargaming is taking away ships that are fun to play and wants us to play ships that no one wants. Right, How come that doesn’t make sense? I play games that are fun to play, not games that want me to give up and stab my eye with a fork.

    • All of the ships they’re deleting have been available for purchase via resources or other means for over a year and overperform stupidly regardless. The Georgia is literally a ship whose gimmick is having *every conceivable gimmick.* They’re being REALLY lenient, in giving people notice a month in advance.

    • Ministry of Indoctrination

      “fun to play” and “strong” kind of go hand in hand, because people like to win and strong ships give you a better chance of winning so they tend to be the fun to play ships. This wouldn’t matter if they just balanced premiums after release.

  16. Kind of surprised that Smaland is already leaving. It was added in March or April of this year and its already going away.

  17. WG: All premium ships are available in new year containers!

  18. Really good review/discussion, I have all except Smaland and for the reasons you express. Mass for sure is #1, I love Alaska because the battle cruisers are really an additional class and Alaska is an excellent example. Georgia is a bit of a novelty, great ship, lot of fun, but a BB with DD speed, makes you chuckle at times in a match and the Thunderer – damn the damage is just huge and makes for a fairly easy ship to play imo. Thanks for the review.

  19. RIP. I’ll never be able to grind enough of the resources, even for just one of those ships.

    • try to get 2 container of resource per day
      and that will give you 800 coal per day already
      further more, the 9.12 patch are new years patch, and it have the coal reward event for first victory too
      still 3 months before removal so just maybe, you could manage some, as i doing now

  20. konstantinos Papagiannis

    @I Gusti Praba the stats is same for rank and cb as well but u can keep whining for thunderer all u want , this doesnt change the fact that conq perform the same with it and good players can do better score with other bb’s. I dont see thunderer at competitive roster at all , ohio kremlin bourgone shiki even yamato are preferable in cb compere to thunderer/conq. Why ? cause cant take any dmg so the only real value thunderer / conq and slava have in this game is to be a potato at randoms . Does dont make it broken though.

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