World of warships – Best RAND…..IT’S HANS FAULT !!!!

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Welcome to yet another Best RANDOM team I…..who am I kidding….it’s Hans fault….


  1. Good morning

  2. Your German is very good, jajaja 😀

  3. Very funny video listening to you having fun until your mistake!

  4. Yay Hans is back! lol

  5. Good Morning From NY

  6. what do those Cruisers think they hitting on this distance with torps….

    • Cruisers with torps do the most idiotic things at times.

    • I love the fact he was still trying defend himself 🙂 Firing torps that could only hit the friendly ship :). If this happens and they apologise I can handle it but when they try to defend themselves 🙂

    • They hope the enemy will come straight forward and stumble into them.I think they have no idea what their range is.Shooting is easy,for the rest you need to be a fucking rocket scientist hahaha

  7. Shouldn’t this be RANT? ;D

  8. Oh yeah lets gib hans ein neue ship und blame him later

    – Flambass at some point

  9. That Conqueror. Only BB captain with RN heal can be so stupid…

    Btw do you really speak German?

  10. Ah you got punished for that hideous space camo with your launcher being destroyed 🙂


  12. Great game Flambass !!!!!!
    After the sneaky sneaky approch we finally get the Hans auto fisting…
    After all I really enjoy this game, it shows very well how things can turn in World of Warships

  13. It happens man. Thanks for showing us!

  14. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Someone, got a little to confident.. BIG mental error… NO HANS….?

  15. Hans, to the eastern front! Schnell!

  16. Hans is SPESHUUULL lol………………..

  17. I’m laughing at work. Glad no one around for me to have to come up with an explanation for this. This entire chain of events is all HANS’ faut. Had he survived and torp’d the Monty, he could have then hydro’d the enemy DD in smoke, and had it killed/running, and thus those stupidly launched TK’ing torps wouldn’t have been launched in the first place, nor would the enemy have (from that angle) launched the deadly torps of its own. HANNNNNNNNNNSSSSS!!!!!

  18. So … U R human.. lol

  19. Hi everyone, do someone know the Band name flambass is here in this Video and most of his Videos hearing? Would apreciate to revealing it =)

  20. really then go look in the mirror LOL so fun to watch your vids about as much as I enjoy watching Jingles

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