World of warships – Best random CAPTAIN I ever had

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So I decided to give Cleaveland a go after a while and I knew something was odd…..I knew something was wrong…..I just didn’t quite realize what it was until it was…..too……damn….late…..


  1. technically, it’s an 8 point captain hehehe

  2. Cleveland needs buff plz :>

  3. Yeah, I found that Cleveland gets an amazing amount of base XP for some reason.

    • Well in this case it was probably due to a lot of plane kills, which is also kinda funny cause I didn’t have BFT nor AFT nor MAA xD

    • Flambass and DJVC1985 well with these cruisers you usually focus on DDs and other cruisers so if you count that the xp isn’t based on the total amount of damage, but in the percentage damage so if a DD has 20k hp and you deal to him 5k damage (25%) it’s the same that if you do a bit more than 25k dmg to a Großer Kurfust. And having that good concealment and radar can give you high spotting damage.
      There are more things but well this will be very long ??

    • You get bonus XP when you fire at Higher Tier ships, I don’t know how much more but the bigger the tier gap the bigger is the bonus

  4. andreas pedersen

    *Singing* I had the best game of my liiiiife… and i never felt like this before! LOL

  5. This is too much like my typical game in this ship, since the line split.

    • Without IFHE you will struggle to do ANY dmg at all, for example game after this where I put IFHE I did more than twice as much and the game was still crap (ended 3rd again xD )

  6. hey this looks similar to my normal gameplay WITH captains 🙂 so your’ still better than me ….

  7. This is why i love watching Flambass – he DERPS and yet, somehow, manages to make it work!!!

  8. What “buffs” exactly received Cleveland when it was bumped to T8? The Hp seems about same, guns same, reload same, just having chance to get radar + T8 equipment? Maybe a bit more armor?

    • Vokurdar Reload was decreased from 8s to 6.5s, turret traverse is now 18s, with the T-8 concealment mod (and of course the captain ability) your concealment can reach 9.1km with a radar of 9km, so basically if you are spotted use radar and you’ll catch something. It has a better short range AA and like all T-8 Cruisers is covered in 25mm of armor so she is squishy.

    • Thx for explaining

  9. Sorry, new to the game. Doesn’t IFHE require a 10 point captain? I saw that you had an 8 point captain assigned to the ship. On another note. Love your videos and your streams on twitch ?.

    • Yes IFHE is tier 4 skills so you need at least 1 tier 1, 1 tier 2 and 1 tier 3 skill before you can apply 1st tier 4. In other words you need at least 10 skill point to get your IFHE. I had 8 point captain BUT all of those 8 points were unaasigned which is the same deal as having 0 point captain xD

    • Flambass has 10000000000 elite XP to assign though

  10. 20 Planes and you been lowest Tier, as I heard you get more EXP when lowest Tier.

    • Yup, there’s definately a modifier. A T8 shooting a TX is going to get more XP than the the TX would shooting the T8. Capping and potential damage might have a modifier as well.

  11. 39k, happy days!!

  12. I have to say:
    I have neeever heard a cow bell go “heya heya heya”

  13. 2K base XP???

  14. What a foolish enemy CV…

    Who purposefully takes on an AA cruiser over and over again with his aircraft?

  15. Flambass You could Get top xp ten times in a Row with the Worst ship in the game, Worces Team in the Game, 0 Point Captain, Blindfolded

  16. Slightly off topic, shame you had to lose the game where you were driving a Fletcher. (The replay you sent to Jingles) That afk BB cost you the game.

  17. What does he mean by random captain? O.o

    • What I meant was:
      That is NOT the captain that I was suppose to use, that was some random captain that ended on my ship by accident and it didn’t have a single skill picked on it

  18. You are the mighty Flambass in the Shiteland, you are a master that must be purged at once since you obviously know something they do not know.

  19. It was all those planes you shot down that bumped you up so much! I’m always surprised how much plane kills matter.

  20. Hahahaha awsome! Still he managed it.. lol. Wp Flambass.

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