World of warships – Best RANDOM tactics I ever saw

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A bit different version of “best random team I ever had” cause these guys actually had a strategy …….


  1. Probably WG just wanna make you think, that there are other players in the game while in fact 90% of them are bots. Illuminati confirmed

  2. Happened to me Friday night at tier 4 except but instead of being at the front of the charge I was left on my own in the East, too slow to catch up in my Orion and got murdered, didn’t think it happened that much at higher tiers!

  3. Remember the time when you played german Battleships as brawler? Yeah, I miss them too! My Gneisenau, Bismarck and Friedrich are still brawler. Yeah, I do no DmG but hey^^
    I really miss these 300+ secoundary hit matches… =(

  4. GamingWithFlowmar81

    You thought the Prinz Eugen was a Bismarck? Anyone else get the reference?

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