World of warships – Best RANDOM team I ever had 17

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It’s been a while…..aaaaand we’re back at best teams ever.


  1. Alanta has 4.5 torps.

  2. Cheers bud. Needed something to watch

  3. It always feels like they put all the SPESHUL people all together in a match

  4. Mate – it is the sumation of my day in the game today – In the Hindenburg 3rd game this morning 4 killd, 2 caps 160k damage….. for a loss – fair tore my undies I tell ya….

    • I feel you, some of the numpties I get boil my piss.

    • Almost every game today I was in (tiers 7-10) was a loss. And in every game I scored 1-2 kills and 100k+ dmg. But it’s just one of those days. RNGesus is somewhere else.

  5. yeah welcome to most of my random teams …

  6. “spot that Leningrad, it blocks whole left flank” Leningrad gets spotted on opposite side

  7. “Stick to your cruisers for AA cover.”
    – Wargaming

    • What can I say

    • that atlanta did know his AA gimmic, I run an AA build, just traded manuall AA for concealment expert, but planes dont ever get close to me, even without my def aa active, and its 7,2 km range without aa range mod (ill change it back soon i think) at tier VII, its nice but I still want Flint’s torps (wouldnt mind smoke either, but you get used to not having one)

    • And this is why American Battleships are always dominant (I know, I play them too)

    • blablabla …american bb AA is worthless until you reach North Carolina.

    • I had Colorado before its HP buff and its AA was quite decent with another one around.

      But yeah, American bb aa starts getting good a Colorado and godly at North Cal.

  8. I dont want to wish anybody anything bad, but is is nice to know, that sometimes my life happens even to youtubers…

  9. Wellll.. I just came from the 250k Yamato game. We were winning 3-1, citadels raining left n right – and someone said ”CAREFULLY NOW, DON’T RUSH”, and ”speshul” division dude replied ”WE GOT THIS EZ”. Then I noticed that his division colleague was a HE shooting Yamato.

    Guess who lost -.-

  10. Monday is the new sunday…today is a bad day to play :/

  11. He whines more than my five year old….

  12. Most likely the Atago had equipped Hydro

    • Flambass’s complaint was that the Atago was div’d with the CV. This meant the Atago would always be going into games with enemy CVs. Legit build, but plenty of salt.

    • coffeestained Have you seen the AA stats of the Atago? Even with def AA he wouldn‘t be able to shot down any planes 😉

  13. Saor Campos Oliveira

    Two brothers maps and flambass doesn’t rush middle…

  14. with games like that more often than not, it makes you not wanting to play WoWs no more

  15. Imagine enemy team’s surprise when Flambass was somewhere that’s not mid.

  16. 8:38 72k HP bismarck spotted lawl

  17. I hope you realize, Flambass, that the enemy won by rusing mid. If you were there, that wouldn’t have happened. Let this be a lesson for you: Always rush mid on Two Brothers no matter what happens. By going to the left side, you showed a shameful display! Dishonorabru!

  18. Epic levels of complaining and whininess. Couldn’t finish the vid.

  19. Wtf that Kutuzov at the end not defending the cap, and the Atago at the beginning with no def AA.

  20. I use Hydro on my Takao since CVs are so rare on NA.

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