World of warships – Best RANDOM team I ever had 19

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For few minutes the audio goes crazy because of YT
It was that kinda day, it was these kinda teams all day long.


  1. NA zombies migrating?

  2. They want to let you know what a fan they are with shells, nothing personal. =P

  3. Whats up with your mic?

  4. You just thought the other team was “Spechal”

  5. I ragequited the game today because of those teams

    • 100% xp bonus for the first win of the day is not enough to get me to play on weekends, it’s not worth trading my sanity for.

    • I uninstaled this game long time ago. Returned briefly last month, played for one week and uninstalled again. I like rest of my brain cells and sanity intact.

  6. llljustcallhimDave

    That seems like a normal game of late unfortunately

  7. Haven’t seen this map in many months of playing. Didn’t know it was still in the game. 😀

  8. Adam Fauzy Hafiddin

    Why youtube are messing with ur audio?

  9. This is why i  avoid playing tier 8,9 and 10 in the weekends.It’s just to much tomatos out there in high tiers.

    • I can’t see any difference mate, at least starting from 2016 gamescom. anyway this game was played tuesday….:-)

    • Tbh I used to do the same but at least at t10 you aren’t bottom tired with team full or halfwits , expecting you to try carry them in your New Mexico because the peanut in the tirpdz ; bismark north cal snipe all game can’t hit anything and run away . Lol weekend teams are everyday these days judging by some teams you get … it feels like some play the game useing their feet wile watching tv .

    • Try to play tier 7 and 6 in the weekends.And you will see howw often you are the topp tier……at least in prime time…….it Works well for me!

  10. ur Flambass, how do u not know this…ur a favorite target

  11. The bad thing is that you see players with many thousands games, keep playing awful. Today i saw a greek player at the opposite team, so i checked his stats in order to invite him to our clan. The guy had about 8k games, 18k average damage. Hindenburg – 23k average damage, Kurfurst – 34k average damage. And i was wondering, after 8000 battles he is unable to learn 2-3 basics things ??? Is it so difficult ? Not all the players have to be top, i am not a top player either, i have average personal rating but my percentages are always rising. This matters to me. The more you play, the more you learn and getting better. I hoped that the creation of so many clans and players participating to them (as i see about 80% of the players are clan members) would help the players performance, but not.

    • Well, not really…there’re thing the game are bad at telling you, like autobounce and fire chance and saturation, thing that you wouldn’t notice in your normal play unless you got into some special situation or look for it specifically. It’s not something you would pick a pattern of just by playing normally…plus casual and all that.

    • Yeah, but… thousands of matches… How can you possibly keep playing tier X with an average damage of ~20-30k and a winrate of 30%… It’s not even economically possible.

    • Probably playing mid-to-low tier match to pad it up, or buying credit with money. I’ll bet toward the former, as this is the kind of behavior someone does in that kind of tier.

    • Possible, but why on earth would anyone do that? Now, if anyone tells me “hey, maybe that’s his/her way of having fun” I’ll reply – UTTER BULLSHIT. I am nowhere near someone that can be considered good in this game, but slowly improving, still I find there is way too much tolerance to be ignorant and simply dumb here. It’s not lack of skill or experience, those people with multiple thousand of battles on their back seem to actively OPPOSE to any sign of improvement or teamwork in their playstyle. This shouldn’t be encouraged. WG would say “they are good clients, they buy premium and premium ships”, yeah, so you’re telling me that if someone rents your place (money always on time etc.) but SHITS on your carpet everyday is still a good client? I don’t want to speculate how many people stopped playing because of the cancerous majority od players whose last line of text read in the game was when they were registering their account. WG pls stop promoting idiocy.

    • Still though, I would be hardpressed to goes on a torchpicked rampage for someone who could be just as bad and just as stubborn at that guy there, if he isn’t toxic and doesn’t have any more sin than being a genuienly a bad player…Just maybe restricted him to Co-op only til he get gud again, or the game advice him to stop if you don’t enjoy yourself and all.

  12. I like this series so much ?

  13. The sad thing is Flambass isn’t kidding, these are the best random teams, you should see the worst. 😉

  14. Unbelievable…

  15. Holy hell, that hurts. Fix your audio, this is unbearable.

  16. “What the F did I just torpedoed! ? !? !?” lol 😀

  17. Looks pretty much like most of my team’s.

  18. The most interesting thing about this may be that these teams aren’t only found on your server! This is common on NA too. But the reason I keep watching you especially is because of your fantastic attitude! Instead of raging you laugh it off with honesty. You really do embody the idea that “this is just a game” in the end. Kudos, Flambass!

  19. ToughAncientSpark

    I feel your pain.

  20. have this every day unlimited times.
    1 verry nice game,13 games lost in a row,then again 1 game won with amazing team,then again 13 games lost in a row.
    and always the same kind od subhumantrash with 0 & 0 base ep then 100 base ep then 150 base ep then 250 ep then 350 ep and the most will never have more then 550 ep.

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