World of warships – Best RANDOM team I ever had 21

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  1. xOooOooOooOooOooOx

    Enjoying the seal clubbing with the asashio?xD

  2. That is what I wonder myself every time I play this game.

  3. Why my enemies never sail like this

    • jeah, that what I think all the time, if I’m in a bb every ca is always super camping, hiding and angled, if I’m in the atlanta all bb’s stay 18km away, if I’m a dd all the ca’s seem to rush the caps and rape the dd’s, and the bb’s dont do anything about it, and if I’m AA spec I never get to see a cv

    • Have u tried stream sniping Flambass? That may help xD

    • They probably do it would be a form of conformational bias that you don’t realize.

  4. After being teamed with complete imbeciles yesterday, including a Muppet in a Scharnhorst firing HE at a broadside Omaha I’m buying this and going on a rampage. Sick of people not wanting to get their BB cammo dirty. I mean, the Scharnhorst can’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo at close range, what are you going to hit from 18k whilst spamming HE? Spessssshul indeed.

    • Goran Radosevic The key to being influential in damage focus ships is to damage the influential ships. Zao has incredible HE salvo potential. If you abuse the stealth to position as close support for friendly DDs early you can be highly influential in cap control. 5k to 10k early salvos on a pressing DD will force retreat at a minimum or outright destroy them. Set yourself up to kite. Focus down the DDs and utility ships. You won’t get as much damage as if you fire farmed in the back, but you will win more often.

    • Nigel Milne well if he even shoot HE a good player could citadel omaha with scharn xD

    • i know how you feel i had 2 BBs yesterday a Tirpitz and a Richie firing HE at 2 Neptunes at less than 8 km away while i was in my Roon firing Ap scored 2 cits on each and killed them

    • Nigel Milne lots of blame heaped on BBs but let’s face it halfwit DDs that don’t spot, joy ride round maps or die in the first 2 mins unusually guarantee that lose … not the snipe peanut BB. Lost plenty of games with potatoes BBs we all have but far more by poor DDs… they die fast so no one notices how bad they are easy to spot that rear guard sniper on full health spamming he from the back of the map in a bb though ?

    • Alexander I’ve started doing that in my BBs as well. Assuming the DD I’m trying to support doesn’t potato and hide in smoke the second he spots something, a good 15+ inch HE salvo tends to either vaporize the enemy DD or scare them shitless. ?

  5. Hehe, so thx this your video I saw the whole stream 🙂 I had to take a breik than, but with the time gap, I will join to see you here.

  6. Ever since they put WoW’s on steam, North American server has been super bad for player quality. If you need speshuuuul content, come on over to NA. I used to love random battle. Now, I only log in for clan battle and clan fun matches in TR.

    • To be fair, the Clan system also classed a lot of good players together, making the random pool that much worse.

  7. Plays asashio to have fun even if team does bad
    >>proceeds to have mental breakdown

  8. Flambass during his breeding program- 02:42  and 05:10 🙂

  9. swear after 10 am on NA it goes down hill fast like this on weekends only time I seem to find true team players are early morning,and I find even cruisers besides BB laying way off firing, I am normally the BB you find brawling with DDs and Cruisers and other Bbs who come in to play never been afraid to get my camo dirty or my ship dented up from shells love a good brawl,

  10. Bad….yes, but Flambass, you have to smile about destroying those BBs. Once again, great video.

  11. I like the fact that you rage in a Stream, but not at people in game. Keep raging and carry as much as you can.

  12. Adam Fauzy Hafiddin

    Whenever flambass torps hit, he seems ejaculating ?

  13. 5:13 These moaning let me remind Darth Sidious’s moaning in ep3 XD

  14. Yep my standard battles are like this too. I lost a game before because my team decided to take revenge on a BB who accidentally TK a DD. So My entire team fired at the Allied BB and not the enemy -_-

  15. Sometimes, randoms are just bad & the other team is good, but here’s what I’m seeing. You capped, but radar / DD combo pushed you out. Did lots of damage but damage doesn’t stop their guns, didn’t get a kill until it was more out of hand. You had to be more defensive this game because that DD was hunting you, which is really the counter to the Asashio. If you let one run wild, it’s going to be bad for your team. If you can box it in & kill it with a DD, that’s better.

    • No it wasn’t up to Flambass to do anything more, the problem that occurred with this battle was that his team split between A and C cap. Because the main thrust of the opponents was going through A cap it prevented Flambass’ team to push into A and with no one covering B cap the other team took B then managed to fire flanking shots into Flambass’ team as they pushed through C cap. With B and C cap secured and the inability of Flambass’ team to respond effectively to the ships that went into B cap it lead to the overall collapse of his team.

    • Very good point. I went back & watched the mini-map more, and the chat window. One guy said push A, bunch of ships went A, some followed to C. So no one called AB, they went AC as a team w/o much comms. If they had won C & could push through, maybe could have pinched B but that didn’t happen. Again, nothing against Flambass, but the Asashio isn’t a cap ship, it’s a kill BBs from range ship. Red team had radars & a DD killer in place to rule C.

    • Mark Costello you’re mostly right, but your observation of Flam’s team in A is wrong. They pushed it aggressively and won the cap, but took some early losses and never completed actually capping it. They pushed through it and tried to double time to the east instead. The West team did well in winning the flank, but made a grave error in leaving it to tick points against them

  16. This game is a perfect example of the power of a BB group push and how little influence damage has in top tier matchups. 200k damage is nice, but that’s only the amount of health of 2 tier 10 BBs. There are still 10 other ships.

    Utility, mobility and early destruction of DDs wins games more often than focusing down the ships with the largest amount of armor and HP. A t10 BB can easily take 130k to 200k damage with 1m + potential damage before sinking. That damage focus could sink all of the DDs and a CA or two on a team. If you’re going to deal damage with the focus of winning it needs to be damage dealt to the right ships early.

    BBs suffer the longer a game continues. 5 heals does nothing for a BB with only 5 or 10 minutes left in a match. If that BB can tank early and keep friendlies alive to gain a positional advantage early victory is easily achievable.

    This game also highlights how little influence the asashio actually has. Enormous damage potential, but it’s a one trick pony. Just look at the amount of time it took Flam to take down the BBs and how easily he and his team lost the cap. Damage isn’t everything my friends, but it is a boatload of fun!

    • Alexander this game highlights stupid Troglodytes. North of A south of A no one attempting to push A. I have seen Meth Addicts with better reasoning skills. Did you see the idiot in the Alsace? Stationary BB’s are dead BB’s. This team must have had their minimaps turned off.

    • Spot on man, battleships are made for this – they simply got attention of Flambass for the most of the time he has lived in this battle. IMO more valuable was that over 4k on Kiev, than the rest of dmg. It is true, that his team was extensively bad, but enemies – more or less intentionally – with that bb push on C denied Asashio with reasonable expense of hp.

    • Mike Brase I’m not sure what you’re referencing to. Flam’s team aggressively pushed A very early in the match. Just a few minutes in the overly aggressive Khaba dies (not a good sign when a Khaba pushes a cap early, that’s the worse time to attempt to cap in one) and the overly eager Donskoi falls soon after. Right off the bat with only a few minutes played two powerful friendly ships were lost at that cap; a tanky and speedy DD and a radar cruiser. The supporting ships are now caught out of position with no eyes. The Lion and GK have committed and are now stuck in compromised positions with no immediate cover. The Monty is still out of position from being spawned center map and has no reliable firing lines on the entrenched enemy cruisers, it’s essentially a no factor ship and useless at that moment. The Neptune is in cover behind the islands, but with limited range and floaty archs his support fire is extremely limited. Additionally, by choosing a center cap position Neptune’s DPS on the angled and distant enemies is near nonexistent. It’s positioned well for defending a push by the enemy, but they enemy is choosing to defend and remain secure in their positions.

      Seven minutes in and Flam’s team look to be pushing A well. Our Monty is in the cap and the enemy A flank is crumbling to superior firepower and the aggressive BB push. However, Flam’s C flank has collapsed with not a single death on the enemy team in the East. It’s not until just under 12 minutes in the match the Yammy sinks to his floods (which takes a couple minutes to die, enough time for 3 to 4 salvos). Unfortunately, the Monty left the A cap before taking it, but that wasn’t until near half the match was over.

      The West flank isn’t fully to blame for this loss. They accomplished more on that flank than Flam and his flank (who were outgunned and under tiered. Flam may have captured C, but it wasn’t held for any notable length of time. The Kiev and others promptly captured it when Flam and his team were pushed out. An Asashio, Izumo, Ibuki, and (few minutes afk) Alsace were out of position and underpowered for a prolonged engagement with a MO, GK, Yammy, Ibuki, and Kiev. While Flam dealt a large amount of damage to those BBs he (and his team) didn’t manage to kill any of them until after the flank was lost.

    • Also, I understand Flam was frustrated at his team’s play, but his recount of the match was off. The enemy Iowa was in west, killed the Donskoi and was finished by the Lion. His team had zero B cap presence. The enemy Shima got that cap for free with no opposition and the FDG took advantage of that to cut off the escape for Flam’s C flank and still be in position to address Flam’s A flank team pushing east. His damage only came from 3 BBs who managed to do a lot of work despite the HP trade. His damage on the Kiev was negligible, that damage came too little too late. A Hipper and Ibuki can only do so much against the BBs they were up against in the positions they were in. The Izumo poorly chose the open water to begin the engagement and was forced into retreat (a very poor position to be in a ship with its gun layout). The Alsace was afk and in poor position when he finally joined the battle. Both Izumo and Alsace damage is negligible when fighting bow on and angled Yammy, GK, and MO. It’s unfair (and a bit too trusting, likely from being a part of such an elite clan) of Flam to blame to expect them to finish off and succeed against that kind of push.

      This game was just really well played all around by his opposition.

  17. Oh look! A Battleships that is being useful, tries to push and use his consumables to help his team!
    10 secs later…
    Nevermind, Asashio happened, he’s dead. Leaving only the campers behind him alive. xD

  18. Someone’s got to lose… Don’t whine like a snowflake… Shit Happens! I get stuxk with groups who try and flank on ABC maps…

  19. Hey flambass, have u tried playing in the morning or at noon? I guess people MAYBE play better in the early time since they are awake?

  20. The meta is really bad these days. It’s either like a 12:0 win or a 0:12 loss. It seems there are no close battles anymore. And people don’t know what they are doing with their ships anymore…

    My WR dropped significantly in the last days because of shitty teams like you experienced in this match.

    But maybe it’s not just their fault, maybe I have to try harder to carry… ?

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