World of warships – Best RANDOM team I ever had 22

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  1. skeletaur skull night

    When you are in live ?

  2. My first match in Montana yesterday was on the Frozen North map, the one with no cap east side. It was a heavy DD match, and I spawned all the way west so I followed two dd’s west in a support manner. I got first blood by dev striking a neptune. Suddenly, my two dd’s yoloed and died, leaving me with six ships shooting at me. They chased me for ten minutes. What did my team do during that time? They sailed extreme east, not even taking the cap, and camped there….

  3. Minimal support received from team

  4. Sadly, I could tell this was going south almost from the start when I saw you were the only one who pushed while the entire rest of your team refused to leave spawn. Good job on staying alive and inflicting this much punishment as long as you did. Especially with their carrier and a half dozen ships focused on you as much as they were. Proves not only that you are really good at this game … but also proves how really bad everyone else on your team was, lol.

  5. Branden Lausterer

    Love the carrier on ur team used his fighter to guard top left corner of the map in case UFOs showed up

    • The CV was trying to spot the Shima that made it all the way to top left corner .

    • Bran Tse Mallory

      The Shima which Flambass did fuck all about and even demanded that he get the AA cover instead…

    • at what time did he have a chance to do something about the shima? he had no chance to escape from there and a yueyang around the cap is a way bigger threat than a shima that goes for the map border (probably CV hunting or whatever he tried to do there). also a CV should be able to deal with a DD. the BBs that were there should have moved to the middle of the map to make the shima leave the corner and follow. then flambass could have dealt with him (provided he has enough HP and air support).

  6. Im pretty sure they saw Flambass on the team and was waiting for you to do miracles.

  7. Oof. Thanks for that Flambass. Makes my fucked up random teams actually look half decent.

  8. Learn to carry harder….

  9. Flanbass I assume the video tittle is scarastic

  10. When the team just refuses to be hard carried!

  11. In this kind of case i would leak all of my teams position so they will die quicker and i got to play the ship back

    • Bran Tse Mallory

      Resulting in you getting lots of reports and fighting bots for the rest of the day… Yea, great move.

  12. Pozz iz Zagreba

  13. To be fair to your cv he was spotting an Shima that was flanking and he did try yo help you! Well eventually he tried to help you. Also sure you`re not Irish? You lived Waaaaay longer than you should have 😉

  14. Haha, you have the best buddies ??

  15. Flambass you get the same teams I get ?

  16. And what goes around… yeah, that. lolz.

  17. That right there is why I am reluctant to play Tier 8 and 9. Somehow and somewhere, spines and brains get removed around that point and people play so passively and with no regard for how they can support the team.

  18. You need to take like a week off from this game lol

  19. can totally relate to that grieving at 10:00. It feels as if it’s you against the whole word in every game.

  20. That RNG though.

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