World of warships – Best RANDOM team I ever had 23

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1st match of the day I was top tier and I had 2 top tier BBs BOTH AFK entire match and we ofc lost.


  1. Boris Radulovic


  2. Great End – you talk from the core of my soul concerning AFK. WG should implement a system like in Overwatch, AFK teammates get kicked and are substituted

    • only kick? look at that guy its not even yamato. its a musashi aka he is either experienced or expensive player atleast you hope something from him not a bare 200 base exp with afk… like seriously now banning a player he will come back saying internet CAN get disconnected why u ban me u suck wg.

      so in conclusion WG cant do anything about it. it will be off limits then 🙁

    • Funnily enough, I’d rather have afk players than those awesome BB players who keep spawn camping and hiding the entire match and when by accident, they get into the battle, they lose to a 10k hp Scharn with a full HP Nagato… or those special DDs, who get torped to oblivion from almost full hp by a 88 hp Yorck…

    • As far as I can remember, they do indeed want to change the system so that afk players (and teamkillers) can’t even play random battles anymore if they do it to often…
      One can only hope this change actually works, and doesn’t need one to be afk for 20 games in a row to be in effect.

  3. Surrounded by poe tate ohs

  4. It’s that slime on your deck that triggers this… but you already knew that. 🙂

  5. Flambass would you say AFT is a good idea on Shima?

  6. Hey flambass. Where and when do you stream??

  7. The stream snipe is strong in this one. Good spot on that Flambass

  8. ??Fucken afk players

  9. that chat thoe

  10. you are uploading b r t videos at an alarmingly frequent rate, i noticed. do you?

  11. don t worry wg fixed that as they said at the video presenting 0.7.4 …. NOT !!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I lol so hard over the frequenzy of this videos! ?

  13. That’s not the halloween camo, it’s a special skin for the Shokaku that turns it into the Shocucku…
    Because you’re getting cucked my dude…

  14. SHirako THeGamer

    Flame can you tell me how d you select 2 squadron at the same time? like keyboard hotkey

    • hold shift and either click on the squads you want, or hold shift and press the numbers of each squad.

  15. Anything good happen?

  16. I mean, complaining that your team is bad, while you go chasing a 5% health Amagi, then go carrier hunting…

    • Not saying it’s his fault, but as a lesson learned the hard way, when I drive CV, DD’s are the first to be focused/killed because of EXACTLY THIS SH*T.

      You can play alongside random teammates …but you NEVER should trust them.

  17. I remember one game, i was cruising around in a New Mexico, i did pretty good along with the team, we nailed everyone on the enemy team, except this one Omaha that was remaining. Course the enemy team was ahead on points, we eventually find the guy, sitting at spawn, afk the entire game. I almost killed the guy, but RNG spared this afker, time runs out and they win. It was like watching an episode of “Luigi wins by doing nothing.” … Dammit Luigi.

    Unrelated, what is the soundtrack that starts at 7:49?

  18. why u heff to be mad at the new way to play game

  19. Flambass video of best random team, drop everything, like before viewing because I know it will be good and listen to the rants

  20. Flambass holy sheet your commentary with the “shoot shoot” had me rolling! Love your vids, keep em coming. 😉

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