World of warships – Best RANDOM team I ever had 24

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Monday never seizes to surprise in how regard to how BAD can teams be, in how useless can players be……unreal, just unreal…


  1. I highly doubt it is the best random team you ever played with!

  2. I know audio goes crazy in this one, and quite often as well -.-

    • Yeah I do, it’s YT copyright policy. Even though I try to find and use copyrightfree music, some of the songs get published eventually and suddenly you have claims on them so I have to remove them but I don’t want to delete the whole vid cause of it

    • its becoming weird. Copyright copyright copyright. These greedy fuc…. 😀

    • Yeah everything is copyrighted and there is no chance that 2 channels will be earring from the same material, it’s either you or them which rly kills a lot of inovation

    • Muchas Gracias more often than not it’s not even the artist themselves. It’s their “representing” copyright company sitting around like the seagulls from Finding Nemo ready to shout “MINE, MINE, MINE!” Even buying licence rights to the music won’t help. They’ll still auto claim the content and because of the arse backwards way YT handle things you’ll lose majority of what that video would’ve made.

    • Why am I always craving chocolate when I watch your content? lol

  3. Meme Merchant Freddy

    Looks like it seizured to surprise many!

  4. I mean it’s ocean, your team had one less dd to begin with and lost one right at the start. They can’t really push with no radar vs loads with only 1dd against 3.
    From mm you could tell they had the advantage

    • Do you honestly think that the 10 ships forming a blob near 1 cap achieving nothing know what advantagedisadvantage they have??

  5. monday suckday

  6. Weekends are a potato fest, Monday is Let a mong play WoWS day.


    • You do see a minimap in the bottom right corner of the screen right?
      My whole team is already lemming, all I’m trying to do is show them where to push, which is exactly what they don’t do eventually and I end up tanking more then capital ships

    • Flambass Your argument isinvalid. He wrote in caps.

    • Lol that’s hilarious. Yeah nothing you can do against CAPSLOCK WARRIORS

  8. Mirasolov Klose

    Seriously, co-op matches are better than this!

  9. wait a minute i thought the ocean map was taken out of rotation or was that just on the NA server

  10. *ceases

  11. This map haunts me. I get Des Memes as first T10 and game decides 3 out of my first 4 games in it are on here. I get Gearing then Monty and this map goes into hiding. Haven’t seen it come up for over 6 months at least. Why you do dis WG? It wasn’t me that pissed in your cornflakes, honest :p

  12. to scared they might get killed and push in to help instead lay way back and thats level 8 and up so sad . I dont play much because of this nobody know how to work together or help

  13. 30k spot dmg. its good for a tier 2 battle. poor Flamb :/

  14. its N O R M A L i get that team 60% of time you can feel my frustrations if i say im on asia server

  15. Flambass you know you can turn potential damage and scouting damage on in the settings now, hope this helps!

  16. Tier Xs, was you just unlucky with all the others in the team have a shit game all at the same time ??

  17. I’m ashamed to admit the potato patch I’ve been getting lately has sent me off to lower levels for fun games.

    Ok, yes it’s actually seal clubbing in a Nicholas but still!

  18. Question, say I have the Clevland and New Orleans when the cruiser split comes, will I need to rebuy the pensa for the split, or no?

  19. Maybe consider killing harekaze first, then go B?

  20. One of my worst losing streaks was on a Monday. It seemed some people were purposely losing matches…

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