World of warships – Best RANDOM team I ever had 25

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  1. Hey Flambass your build for the Boise of last video is suitable for Worcester as well?

  2. A radar should not work through islands. Simply

    • It could be a good way to balance it…. Actually playing DD is almost impossible I had a game where I was stuck behind an island and perma spotted by radar during the 7 first minutes of the game (3 DM and a Buffalo…) disgusting.

    • Same with Planes doing the spotting … and AA

    • Riko Pals , planes are OK I think ,cause you only get spotted if the CV s sending planes your way and they get shot down too. But radar is hard too deal with. They should make them shorter ranger.

    • What do you think of this:

      instead of changing the radar duration, what if the ship using radar was visible whenever anyone is in range of its active radar? The radar boat can’t be stealthed while it is activating its consumable.

      My favorite ship is my Shima, and dd is my favorite class to play.

  3. That would be too much work for them.

  4. i ahd ben playing games with like what 4 radars each team. it’s impossible to play DDs. Especially Japanese DDs. The moment they detect a radar cruiser, instant radar and got killed…

  5. I think WG should do rank next year, with all even low tiers, keep it even cause in the odd you will see the Nikolai’s and Belfast, and no one wants to see them in rank. .. BTW always enjoy your videos.

  6. This team in this video shows the reason why I don’t play WOWS for about 6 months.
    (WOT for about a year…)
    Thx WG for such a great match making 👍😂

    • It was like this whole day xD

    • Goran Radosevic

      Yeah, I feel ya Frank.. despite having great PR and av. about 80k dmg and what not (trying to learn constantly from guys like Flambass here), my solo WR just cannot break 56%. No matter what I do, I will almost daily get 3-4 games with guys like in the video – camping out, not playing the objective or just suiciding at the very start and calling out ”NO SUPPORT, GO DIE NOOBS”…

    • Kazeshini Hasagi

      Frank Kraus sometimes its the ppls fault not the mm

    • the MM ( like Flambass said ) was actually ok, not to bad…….BUT what good is a good MM, when the people playing ( i 1 / i 3 hint hint ) run away because the might get hit by shells or not play the object or camping wayyyyyyyy in the back ( from which they cant even see gosh darn the object ) … amount of carry can win you such matches……..
      and now with the recent US Cruiser split, its getting worse, the BB’s camp way in the back, the Cruiser camp behind island and the DD’s getting more and more useless, because there is wayyyyyyyy to many radar’s and hydro’s ( i’ve seen 9 radar / hydro vs 4 DD’s ) in any given battle……..

  7. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Flambass, if i may ask, what is stream sniping if I’m saying that right??🚢

    • Watching someone’s stream to gain an unfair advantage in a game.

    • John Chucky Tomlinson

      Sun Shower ok i get it, so while they are playing against you, they watch you streaming to get a first hand look at what your doing.. Thank you, i don’t play W.O.W I’m just a spectator and a novice, and love the top players….🚢

    • It’s when someone opens your stream while playing the game and tries to get in the same match with you. If you end on the same side, good for him, if you don’t….well that’s the problem isn’t it….he can see everything

    • John Chucky Tomlinson

      Flambass Thanks, no matter what you do, it’s always someone that going to find away to fuck it up….🚢

  8. Friedrich der Große on J1 lol

  9. This was all day yesterday!!! Like I’m generally pretty cool-headed, but I was actually mad. Lost like 5 games in a row, most from the top of the XP board. I mean shouldn’t the morons get stuck on the other team once in a while? It was a statistical anomaly aimed at making me have a damned stroke. Oh this game gets under my skin sometimes lol.

    • yup know youre pain only too well the standard of gameplay and teamwork is now appalling but when you get a good team oh boy is it worth it

    • I had to step away. My last loss was such an easy win. The enemy did what your team did here (bunched up in a pointless part of the map 20km away from caps). I cursed a lot and played Battletech for a while lol.

    • psmitty840 I got a permanent strike on the forum b/c I lost my cool over the shitty match making. It’s like they are picking winners and losers. The statistics don’t lie.

    • Maybe WG’s matchmaker should distribute the players using ‘one potato, two potato’

    • Do what I did and stop playing, much better for the sanity.

  10. Playing DD on weekend was not possible. at least 4 Radar Cruisers per team….. I would still say, that for Tier and amount of shiptype MUST be mirrored (DD, BB, etc) and max the number of DDs to 4 (now its 5) and in addition, set max radar cruisers per team to 2 (BBs not counted in, would be a problem for mirroring if MM must wait for another T9 BB with Radar…). Beside that I made a suggesion for Devision MM, but ppl be like nooo then you can force highest tier in match to easy nooooo but you know some ppl are stupid…..

  11. those j1 BBs really aggravated me >.<

  12. we went from weekend teams, to weeklong teams flambass!

  13. flambass I couldnt sleep so i woke up annoyed to find my internet cutting out & my tv broken —- this made me laught feel alot better now – poor z39

  14. This is my wows life for 3 weeks. On some of the worse teams I’ve witnessed. How can we get wargaming to even out the noobs or do they make vets carry the game?

  15. My winning rate is at 49% because of all other 11 teammates not playing well. I usually get 4 to 5 kills , over 100k damage per game ,but still lose games where all my team gets killed.
    I’m currently in ter5 and I can understand that everyone is still learning to play the game, but my winning rate is suffering
    Why do it have to be my statics look bad because of other not playing well. not fair.

  16. @ 15:15 ” That is an interesting aim… uhhh to be fairly honest it a tier 9.. probably new” ahahhahahhaha …
    just kidding love you flambass

  17. Madcap Magician

    Even Flambass and his world renowned spine can only carry so much lol

  18. One day I’ll be in the same game as Flambass. One day for sure.
    Then I will have at least one good teammate 😀

    But I know these days, where somehow the MM manages to throw you “those” teams game after game…

  19. GG Flambass, like you said, you can’t win them all 🙂

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