World of warships – Best RANDOM team I ever had 26

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Does it sometimes feel like youR;re all alone …… and you’re fighting against the whole world?


  1. Enjoyed that made me chuckle.

  2. Hey Flambass, are you and Flamu related in any way, or by the grace of God both of you just happened to have a name with Flam as the beginning?

  3. Hands up who saw the Mino and instantly thought “oh god, plz tell me this isn’t the game with the hyper active Weeb head wrecker on the bridge?” :p

  4. With Demo Expert and flags, Hindenburg’s HE artillery has like a 20% fire chance. Times 12. Up to every 8.8 seconds.

  5. Richard Hutchings

    Mate these are the ship handicaps you need to give the other team a fighting chance

  6. Kristof Kolumbus

    “Enemy Genius sunk” 6:44 As I was watching it live, I almost fell away from laughter :)))

    • What does it mean?…

    • Kristof Kolumbus

      OK, watch the whole situation once again…: Flambass is torping enemy Edinburg, while he is sitting broadside to him in his smoke… Edi has available hydro, but from some reason, he didnt put it ON, so he catched the torps and was sunk. What an Genius… :D:D:D

  7. andreas pedersen

    The penetration on the RN BB HE is pretty ridiculous, so i have citadelled quite a few Minos. Also in ranked, when i had to start carrying the team, so i started to push against the enemies, to even the score, so i met on a mino, and got a salvo of. knocked him Down hard, and got one citadel, 2 fires and incapacitated all 4 torpedo tubes, so i guess he repaired… and turned out to torpedo me.. so i APd him. I was from early one surprised on the penetration values of the HE, and i believed that in one of the first games in the KGV, i had HE in the chamber when i met a Fiji (i guess), and i got a dev-strike.

  8. Flambass, from the last patch, WG modifie the sound volume for interface.

  9. LMFAO, that complaining guy is following you @12:00

  10. A little statwhoring on DD players rating (in this class only):

    Your team:
    Shima: PR710 (2180 games)
    Fletcher: PR812 (1053 games)

    Enemy team:
    Yugumo: PR2043 (1042 games)
    Grozovoi: PR1350 (3422 games)

    On the western flank it was Shima vs Yugumo… result was obvious.
    We really need approximate skill MM for strategic ships like DD in domination, or single CV. Rough 3 categories: Potato, Average Steve, Good would be enough. Here it was 2xPotato vs Average+Good.

  11. Clicked on this straight away, have not watched, and yet I KNOW it will be great 🙂

  12. Well … if I were on your team the loss would be even quicker :-)))

  13. Countering minos with HE spam ship is fun, wiggle all day

  14. Wow,7 people could not break not break 500 points, My cat swatting the mouse and sitting on the keyboard beats that averages 650. Ok my cat as had better games than me, but still a team full of them would have been better than this as he beats 9 members of the team.

  15. HE citadel = broken mechanic + RNG being funny. Once I shot HE at angled Yamato, got 40k damage in one salvo. Like I said broken mechanic and RNG being funny.

  16. SonOfZeusGaming

    Dreadnought Minotor? wow

    • ???? Nothing unusual about that. Now getting Dreadnought on an Akizuki or a Shimakaze, now that’s insane

  17. Maybe the Fletcher with ‘no camo’ is playing in ‘hard mode’??? LOL

  18. Every time I see a ship with no camo or flags I just pretend like that ship is already dead. they all die pretty quick anyway so no point assuming they’ll be useful.

  19. Flambass needs a snickers and some RNG. Ouch…. and I believe it was the Lion that got the HE citadel on you

  20. That Hidenburg fight gave me aids…
    Between the fires, that torp spread, and his sudden “I’m under 2K HP, let’s just not die” thing…

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