World of Warships – Best RANKED picks

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Here is my take on the next ranked season and it’s best/worse picks.
Next ranked season is going to be tier 9 + Arms race.
Hope this helps and good luck to you all.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

If anyone wants to do time stamps, pls do and I’ll heart the comment, ty.


  1. Thanks for efforts and dedication, wish this game was more popular, and more optimized.

    • The game runs on a potato though lol and matches take like 10 seconds to get into one… just dont play tier 1. (asia server)

  2. Save yourself 48 mins…..the USS Black. Thank me later ;o)

    • Павел Коровкин

      +Jurgen DX rank games are different. At high ranks you play as a team. you don’t need to kill kita in a black, the team would do it for you. if there is no CA with radar to spot black it would be a one way battle. Actually radar chun mu would be more dangerous for black. Cause blacks hide in their smoke and stop. and you dont want to get caught as a sitting duck.

    • He claims to be a good DD player – is not worried about radar. Sure thing mate. Sure thing.

    • +ainumahtar lol If you need tips to improve your game I am happy to help.

    • I think I’ll pass, but thanks for the offer.

    • +ainumahtar Thats ok. Im guessing this is your in game name? Need to up your damage a bit as I think that might be costing your kill ratio. That also would have the knock on effect of improving your win rate. Its all about the damage looking at it, improve that and I think the rest of your stats will pick up. Best I can offer from stats alone. Sail safe o7

  3. I found 1 problem as the carrier patch comes out when rank starts

  4. CVs… please never change, Flambass xD FlambaFish

  5. was unnecessary to talk about t9 cvs when they aren’t gonna be a thing anymore, no?

  6. Wait is tier 9 CV no more avalaible After 0.8?

  7. Re-Class Battleship

    Don’t the T9 CVs go away with the rework, so it would be a CV-less season anyway?

    • Yeah because when new season hits it’s new CVs as well and new CVs won’t have odd tiers and I totally forgot about that little fact flambaFish

    • I’m fairly sure that’s one of the reasons it’s at t9 ^^ And considering the state of CV, any DD mains will have to play ranked to get their dd fix ^^

    • +Flambass Which I would say makes things like Seattle and some other cruisers even more useless, I think we’re going to be seeing a shit ton of BB + DD games

    • Appreciate the comment – it just now occurred to me that this will be a carrier-free zone after the new patch comes in. I have sat out ranked, mostly – the one-step-forward-two-steps-back thing tries my patience – but if the new carriers become the plague many expect, it could be worth the aggravation to get away from them.

    • Yeah, being hunted down by RPF CV game after game after game should be more aggravating than shit teams in ranked ^^

  8. Arms Race Buff System: Buff flipping ship(s) gets Buff 2x [there can be more than one in the cap and all get the 2x] all other in 11.5k range of the flipped buff get the buff 1x therfor it is actually worth to actively go for certain caps depending in what ship you are sitting…

  9. Only tier 7 is a worse pick than 9 for a ranked season… Musashi/JeanBart/super-cruisers and blacks vs regular ship… imagine a team with those against a regular ship team

    • oh shit, I forgot I should finish training my Des Moines commander to use him with alaska!

    • Higher ranks will probably mostly be these premiums ^^

    • Whith the radar nerf the us prems are not that strong anymore and in t9 there are more than enough ships that can compete (kitakaze Jutland and lion maybe even yugumo depending on how confident you are in blind torping f3s) and yea the t9 prems are most likely some if the strongest ships but they are not like a belfast in t7

    • +IJH SA The main problem is how MM is set up… I can have a team with 2 Musashi 1 Jean Bart 2 Alaska and 2 Blacks and you can get a team with 2 Izumos 2 ibuki and 2 Roons :))))))))))) Try picking anything to complete the team that can put up a fight …

    • +Cosmin Lesutan if i get enemy teams like that composition, and they play like those Teams i have seen today, the ships won’t mean one Thing 😉

  10. This just shows the sad state of most CL/CA’s

    • Not really, it shows how odd it is that WG wants to make an Arms Race ranked season. If it was Domination the cruisers would do just fine

  11. When T9 ranked comes out, but you only have FDG and Tashkent. 🙁

    • at the end of the day it’s all about your play style and how you play in those ships … FDG can be a good ship when played to his strengths ..

    • I also have limited choices. I found Tier VIII to be viable in the normal up-tiered games on the NA server, because of the big armor increase (cruisers, battleship bows and sterns), while a Tier VII is nothing but pain in a Tier VIII – IX game. Higher tiers are more expensive to get and play.
      We have a guy on the NA server who kicks butt in the (universally reviled) Krasny Krim. He has at least a 14-point captain (Concealment Expert and AFT) and plays it to its strengths. Although there is a world of difference in opponent’s skills between Tier V and Tier IX, I think the same principal applies. Put on your highest-ranked “captain”, build it and play it to its strengths.

  12. Okey okey I might have flambaFish about the CVs not being available in 0.8.0 because odd tiers are not gonna be in game. Sry about that but I gave my opinion based on what was currently in game xD

  13. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    WG Logic: Lets take that mode that wasnt very popular and throw it into ranked that already had enough salt to make the worlds oceans look fresh by comparison….

    • Much of Arms Race’s lack of popularity had to do with it not counting towards many missions when it first appeared, and that was very annoying. I think that AR was actually pretty popular other than that. Personally, I don’t like it that much, but YMMV.

  14. Iowa has a better heal and rudder shift than Missouri, I wouldn’t write her off. Radar is also being nerfed and battleship AP has already been nerfed, making Missouri much weaker than she once was.

    My picks will be Musashi, Iowa and Jutland.

    • Alex S The other benefit Missouri has over Iowa is it’s a premium, so you can stick any captain in without having to retrain – i.e. you have a 14 or 19 point Montana captain built for competitive and brawling/survivability, you can just drop him in Missouri and hit battle with a full strength commander

  15. Oberstleutnant Steiner

    Well i don’t think that the Udaloi will be that bad of an pick after it gets its heal. Sure, the stealth isn’t good, but you will be a great support dd.

  16. JB & Kron for me, my best t9s by far.
    That will be fun.
    About kron, I specialised manoeuvrability and engine to dodge at 12-15km range and spam he.
    It’s a tricky ship, the good point is efficient healing, so if u can disengage and repare in the back or behind an island, u have an acceptable survivability.
    And AP only at 8-9km range, not more.

    But if your team doesn’t have the avrg skill in Kron, u are doomed…

    It’s a funny ship to play and dodging at full speed is pretty intense.
    But it’s not the kind of ship u can count on to invert a bad scenario and incoming defeat… that’s sure.
    Well, that will be challenging with t9.
    Glad ranked sprint is ended, I missed classic ranked in last 4-5months, it will be interesting 🙂

  17. Timestamps: (Some ships were spoken about in pairs; “Time Stamps: For Search”)

    Taiho & Essex: 4:32
    Lion: 6:51
    FDG: 7:58
    Iowa & Missouri: 8:35
    Musashi: 10:11
    Izumo: 11:23
    Jean Bart: 11:50
    Alaska: 17:50 (Not Available)
    Kronshtadt: 18:28
    D.M. Donskoi: 19:42
    Neptune: 21:48
    Buffalo: 23:11
    Seattle: 24:11
    Tashkent & Udaloi: 26:08
    Chung Mu & Fletcher: 27:29
    Black: 29:58
    Yugomo: 34:57
    Kitakaze: 37:19
    Z-46 & Jutland: 41:12

    Hope this helps!

  18. could you show the commander build for jutland? seems like you forgot to include it in the video

  19. Thank you Flambass for your advice. I am really interested your Commander skills for the *Jutland* . You didn’t showed it in the Video.

  20. Does the Jutland have single fire torpedoes?

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