World of Warships Best Ship in the Game

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We all wonder what the best ship in the game is for World of Warships. The beauty of this is that it varies form players to players. It’s different for everyone. For me, it’s Montana, and its a great ship. But its not the best. Also, find out what your best ships are and use the knowledge to your advantage.


  1. Montana and I don’t get along very well at all. When my enemy is broadside, the shells fly everywhere. When my enemy is bow on, the dispersion is perfect but does minimal damage to the turrets and superstructure.
    For now, I have yet to find my best ship. Hopefully Kremlin will fill that void.

  2. Well the ship i enjoyed the most is the Scharnhorst

  3. Well according to mine it’s the Kamikaze R, Iwaki Alpha and Atlanta in that order

  4. Zoup: no best ship in each tier
    Belfast: Am I a joke to you?

    • the best ship is always the ship you do best in. Belfast is widely considered OP. but only by people who cannot play it or have to play against it. to master Belfast you need to be that special type of player who knows how to play it, the ship iteself is not the best ship. it has a lot of tools though, but what use is the shiniest hammer if you try to paint with it?

    • @Chupacabra2k10 be nice to have one :/

    • Belfast has a huge learning curve to her. To players who learn how to Belfast, she does reward good play. So does any other ship in the game. I see a Belfast and, depending on the ship I’m in, hunt her down. I’ve used Indianapolis to hunt them down, a ship not considered very good by many.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Scharnhorst players with brains can steamroll into Belfast’s smoke without fearing of getting torped.

    • @Chupacabra2k10 Excellent and well said, well said indeed Chup. 🙂

  5. Well, my best ships are Yamato, Enterprise and Massachusetts. The Enterprise surprise me.

  6. matheus fiorelli

    Me and my friends joke that the Monty is the best T10 cruiser, but yeah, shes a beauty and a beast ?

  7. Best ship for me is Fusou 70% win rate on her and she’s a tier 6 basically fun tier
    also Her 12 guns and 19km or 20km firing is amazing cause I can hit the enemy and they can hit me

  8. Holy crap…If you asked me off the cuff which my best ships are based on PR ratings…I would have guessed Yamato, Zao and Jean Bart…turns out its Tirpitz, Ognevoi and T8 Cleveland. Super Unicum winrates and PR…. who knew??

  9. according to zoup, the best ship in the game is the T6 Cleveland

  10. I like the Krasny krym, it’s like a slower, squishier Omaha…lol.

  11. My best ships:
    Ashamed a BB main has a CV in the top 3, but at least I’m Zoup for 2/3s xD

  12. Alexander Gabadze

    Ships are balanced in most cases , you can easily outplay the best ship in the game, but you can never outplay matchmaker the real cancer.

    • CVs are pissing down on reason and common sense’s face
      so no. no counter on those pathetic fucks who go hide in A, J / 1/10 lines behind islands and send unlimited waves of drones who can spot us from anywhere when we shoot. that makes the game so bad. delete them WG plzzz

  13. I just love my Yubari, it’s just so much fun for me to play. It’s the place I go to chill out from all the grinding in the game or when I am just fed up with WOWS.

  14. My best ships are North Carolina, Massachusetts, Kidd, Enterprise, Montana, and Kremlin.

  15. best ship is one you enjoy the most…

    • my best ships regarding kill rate, with 20+ battles… Hosho, Kaga, Zuiho, pre-rework… then Konigsberg, Clemson, Flint

  16. Yamato is the best ship for me, it is the king of battleships and it is also the embodiment of my spirit.

  17. I love my GK 🙂 Just go full 2nd meme build and enjoy. Of course my GK stats is horrible too ?

  18. Jassim Alremaihi


  19. My favorite ships:
    North Carolina

  20. I love the Bayern. Especially when you at top tier!

  21. The GK is one of my favourites with the secondary build

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