World of Warships Best Ship to Make Money! Russian Sniper Ship

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World of Russian Navy – Murmansk Sniper Cruiser
WOWS How to Make Money Easy!

Thanks for watching!


  1. 11:47: “Torpeders, der, der, derstern…” Lol, so funny

  2. Pay 2 win, or can every1 do good in this game?

  3. “World of Warships Best Ship to Make Money! Russian Sniper Ship” u r
    playing a premiun ship, PREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMIUM, is like i say how
    to make money in wot, just buy the KV-5…omg

  4. KydoimosOfMachai

    We need more videos! The people demand moaa!

  5. Silver Surfer?

  6. Your commentary is brilliant. I laugh each time you go titties instead of

  7. It should be called “The Mint Maker”

  8. Trying to get some teamspeak 3 guys to play Wow and war thunder with any

  9. “we need to get out of hes range so we can fire at him” a myogi has 18km
    range Baron :P

  10. the Atago is absurdly overpriced. 60$ Canadian for the ship and a port
    slot… why. I can buy Witcher 3 with that or BF4 when it came out

  11. cost $16.21 to buy the ship, but wait!!! it cost $14.79 for 3000 Doubloons
    which is how much to buy the ship with Doubloons. WTF! wargaming.

  12. Edward Burroughs

    Dem tOrrpeedas!

  13. Christopher Green


  14. AP against cruisers.HE on all the other type’s of ships.

  15. why dont the develpoers of Warthunder get a hold of the ones who make this
    game and together make a naval wars in warthunder? i think that’d be cool
    no? like it up if you think so?

  16. i dub it The Mur Money Mint!

  17. guy in chat on the second game is priceless, he wants to meet jingles but
    plays on NA server LMAO

  18. Easily the best tier 5 ship in the game plus its premium what else do you
    expect it to do but make gobs of money

  19. can you play mount and blades warband napoleonic wars?

  20. Murmansk, otherwise known as…
    The Long John Silver
    The Silver Spoon
    The Tax Collector
    The High Roller
    and my personal favorite
    Rasputin’s Coin Purse

  21. Jonathan Bosmans

    its a nice prem ship but its wort pointing out he completed missions!

  22. The russian banker

  23. Baron, no more 4packs of 5 hour energy, after a pot of dark blend coffee.
    K? Good, but alas still funny as hell hearin you trippin out over my fav
    tier V ruskie ship too. Peace

  24. bro ive asked alot of people and they tend to not tell me anything about my
    problem with this game. so hopefully u can help me out.can the omaha class
    cruiser use its plane like what u just did with this murmansk? i know its a
    fighter but does it work same or can i choose which plane can be outfitted
    on the omaha? and if so what buttons do i use to do that cause im not much
    into rushing headlong into torpedo attacks i use em defensive most times.
    but im good at zeroing in with artillery only thing im lacking is range so
    i can get to shooting sooner. so can ya help me with my problem bro?i have
    the omaha with the second hull working on 3rd at moment.

  25. Play as a Japanese Carrier next, mid tier so that you could get a good
    matchmaking game! :)

  26. Lol the chat in the 2nd clip is amazing xD

  27. Do the Kuma!

  28. Moneymansk

  29. Baron, that ship has some interesting mods you can get. 

  30. Hi Baron.
    What makes you so effective in naval battles and not only, War thunder, and
    many more? Do you have any hidden talents? Every time I watch your videos
    something interesting is happening, happy and wonderful. What is your
    secret? What makes you such a good player? Can you tell me please? I really
    like your videos I’m trying to get something from them. Just I want to say,
    I am your most loyal fan. Good luck in your future career.

  31. juandiegosapotec

    You let your two carriers die! they could have helped you with the
    battleships, if only you had taken out the destroyer!

  32. “The silver surfer”

  33. Gaspacho. “Gabinerr” Bestilando

    I just realized, after playing Wow for about 4 weeks, now on the 8th
    achievement badge thingy, that I have been playing Co-op battles this
    entire time. WTF.

  34. Torpenis!

  35. that looks like a good ship to have,i enjoy your videos, taught me alot . i
    started playing it yesterday evening and didnt stop till 6 am this morning.
    you know this game is very addictive . but thanks again

  36. Yamamoto

  37. would you do a similar video on war thunder ground forces? for example the
    best tanks to grind tier v for each nation?

  38. OH TITS!

  39. It’s Stalin’s Silver Ship, gonna be getting me one now.

  40. I have a name The Silver Steed

  41. Play world of warplanes 

  42. Was he high when he recorded this

  43. I don’t play this game, I don’t play half the games you show on this
    channel. But it’s just so fun watching and listening to you.

    You sound a LOT like DevilDogGamer, but you actually have a personality and
    a really fun one at that.

  44. good vid baron you could have used AP on the enemy murmansk it eats them

  45. lysergicheadcase

    holy shit that dodge tho

  46. 12:36 there is no spoon

  47. The Murmansk “Cheddar Maker”

  48. Name it Mr. Crabs

  49. Good job defending those carriers. First time playing a cruiser ?

    • +kongman27 lol, yes, you can put fire on yamato since your range would
      allow you to hit yamato, and yamato can’t hit you since you are moving
      FASTER and are more manoeuvrable than Yamato.. GET IT!.. dumbass..

    • +Sasa Anakijev you an idiot , setting fires on a yamato ….you would be

    • +SKLR317 yup, very bad defending, looking at mini-map and situational
      awareness.. this ship rightfully is great,but Baron couldn’t really
      demonstrate this..not his fault not everybody great at cruiser play.. i
      love my Tenryu and Kuma for especially this reason (rapid fire,high
      concelement,maneuverability,speed).. and Murmansk is like blessing from
      heaven..even better.. i mean 18 km range.. i’d be setting fires to yamato’s
      all day long if i had murmansk..

  50. RunningFrom Kony

    Ship name: The Silver Surfer

  51. A Tortoise Named Billy

    Is this Game free? looks fun

  52. who cares Russian we want a real naval force as England or France

  53. WilliamDeWolfDeEcho

    Call it the Silver Curtain 

  54. Someone crying about carriers and comparing them to arty…. WoWs back into
    closed beta for less crying&salt

    • gavinrichard ladd

      +Leeroy Uliuli Hang on I’m adding a quick detail. I’ll edit this comment
      when I’m done and you can refresh the page.
      Edit: Pls refresh your page and look at my comment.

    • +gavinrichard ladd lel. great one 🙂

    • gavinrichard ladd

      +Leeroy Uliuli
      “We apologize here at Ripoff Game Inc., but World of Warships was changed
      to closed beta due to a bug where the map would be flooded by salt water
      and tears, which completely engulfed islands. Sorry.”

  55. “I did the best I could!”

    No you didn’t. As a cruiser you always have to chase down the DDs,
    specially when you have friendly capital ships around, they might attack.
    Instead you switched to the Myogi for no reason and let the DD slip past
    you. :P

  56. Moneybanks

  57. How do you extend you lookout range? I mean, you can zoom farter than your
    gun range by clicking on wich button?

  58. holy tits im from Murmansk

  59. Please Baron figure out how the torps work out when they’re mounted on the
    sides…you struggeld like a drunken in a maze 😉
    and thanks for the vids

  60. Baron’s high on torpedo juice

  61. Premium ships are not worth it. Cleveland is pound for pound a better ship
    then this, and a Cleveland doesn´t cost real money to convert it´s XP into
    free XP.

  62. Call it the ‘Silver Stalin’ :p 

  63. Aleksander Hoffmann

    U know what?
    In next episode can u fire ur guns into torpedoes?
    Idk if its working but…

  64. The Murmansk is a freggin beast. Very glad that I picked it up on the
    Humble Bundle offering. Most kills i’ve had in a match so far (5) was in
    the Murmansk.

  65. veritykill01 gaming

    I think it’s the same that in my port,…but it’s same ! I know now that
    this ship is my bank ship !! And i get it for free, it’s look like I’ve got

  66. +Baronvo games use ap against cruisers in a cruiser and he against every
    thing else because u will have a 60-75% chance of citadelling cruisers with

  67. 8th

  68. Is this game worth downloading? 

    • BaconIsLoveBaconIzL1f3

      +Dreadnought Oh I thought the Germans didn’t have a Carrier, so adding
      another Axis (NONE FROM JAPAN) carrier from countries like Romania or Italy
      would make sense.

    • +BaconIsLoveBaconIzL1f3 Why would the Germans get an Italian carrier? The
      Regia Marina is going to be in the game. They had enough ships and plans.

    • +Leeroy Uliuli That being said, it would be very cool to see a standalone
      game featuring submarines from different eras (although probably not the
      one from the revolutionary war, that was quite the dud). We could get the
      Russian Typhoons, Alfas, German U-Boats, the Japanese I-400 series, the Los
      Angeles American class, and so much more. It has the potential to be a
      really tense and enthralling stealth hunting game, where they could factor
      in sonar pings and cavitation noises while players try to evade and gun
      each other down. I could see myself SINKING a lot of time into that game

    • +GrayAndAnime OwO It’s that they can’t render below the surface, that’s
      easy, it’s just that they don’t want to and don’t know how to add
      submarines (They probably know how, but they don’t know how to make them
      fit into the way the game plays).

    • +GrayAndAnime OwO and imagine how hard they would be to balance. They were
      slow and when under water they would be hidden too well.

  69. veritykill01 gaming

    For me Baron can play in all the ships in WoWarships, it’ll be evertime so
    damn cool 

  70. omg I have the USS Iowa fully upgraded and I got a Montana! but I still
    enjoy the Iowa more than the montana. oh wargaming, you so silly

  71. Hanging out with Sputnik 😀 i cry

  72. after surviving a spread of torps in BB: *such doge, much WoWs* XD

  73. What about Matt Damon?

  74. I actually considered buying this ship but I’m kinda divided in opinion.
    What do You guys think, is it worth it?

    • +MrAlumni72 i didn’t say that, if u play a SNIPER yes you must avoid DD
      engagements so you have time to snipe, if you play as supporter of your
      team from DD intrusion than yes, PROTECT YOUR CVs.. Baron deliberately
      avoided putting shots on DDs approaching friendly CV.. watch the video
      AGAIN.. i never as a cruiser avoid engagement with DD if he is near me(less
      than 10 km) AND approaching high value friendly target (CV,BB).. yet Baron
      did exactly this.. and concentrated on firing on enemy further away that
      posed no danger to CV.. i’m not blaming Baron,everybody can play as they
      want, CV player didn’t move at all, so he wasn’t paying attention too,
      ..but i’m not going to write nonsense as you do and say Baron protected
      CV)) when its clear he avoided putting effort to do that..

    • +Sasa Anakijev So what you’re saying is, Baron should have defended the
      carriers more closely and at the same time kept away from the ships (DDs)
      that were attacking the carriers? Quite a neat trick; I’m looking forward
      to seeing your video on how to do just that.

    • +Sasa Anakijev Alrighty. I boguht that ship and I am practicing long-range
      fire as You said. It really is tricky as you say! Well, anyways, thanks for
      the tips. I’ll be sure to use them!

      Cheers! 🙂

    • +Przemko one caution .. you must be good at sniping..i mean at properly
      leading a target, Baron unfortunately not best as you could see, .. i
      usually use Tenryu for practice sniping( it has over 11 or 12 km and is
      Tier 3) in that tier its like big range, and has concelement of 8.6
      you are basically ninja with a rifle.. very good, but if you can get
      Murmank than yes get it, i would if i could spare the money right now.. but
      snipping at 18 km that means EASY kills bro.. nobody can hit you as you can
      react faster to incoming shells being a nimble cruiser.. but as i said.. u
      need to avoid engagements with pesky DDs, .. and be behind BBs so they take
      the brunt of incoming shells while you fire up the enemy thus providing
      fire-add on to your BBs.. this is how a proper long range fire cruiser is

    • Alrighty guys. Thanks for some help! I’ll go with Murmansk for now! 🙂

  75. This is probably the best ship to sail if you want to make crazy amounts of
    cash! What ship next?

    • Murmansk has 14.8 km range – so closer to 15km than 14km. And the Omaha has
      to give up it two MINUTE advantages, or at least one tiny advantage and an
      extra set of crappy torps.

      Omaha CAN have 2 more guns than the Murmansk – but they are rear side
      mounted guns, so effectively it is only 1 gun per side, or 1 gun that you
      could use at any given point.

      The Omaha also has up to 4×3 torpedo launchers, but they only go for 5.5km
      and do 3k less damage a price whilst moving at the same speed.

      But to get an AA rating of 20 in the Omaha you need the final hull upgrade,
      which takes away 1 gun per side (2) and 1 set of torpedoes per side,
      leaving it with 2×3 like the Murmansk.

      Only the Murmansk’s torpedoes go for 8km and do 14,400 damage a piece, and
      the Murmansk has a 21 AA rating versus 20 on the fully upgraded Omaha, a
      2.5 second faster rudder shift for an INSANE 5 second total, which happens
      to be identical to my Yubari – which is one of the most maneuverable
      cruisers in the game. Murmansk gets 14.8 km base range, the Omaha gets just
      12.7 km. And finally – Murmansk gets a SCOUT plane – which brings firing
      range to about 19-20km, where the Omaha gets a “Catapult fighter” – which
      does NOT increase its firing range at all – all it does is help spot ships
      for you and once in a while it will get lucky and kill some enemy aircraft,
      it lasts longer than the scout plane, but it REALLY is nowhere near as
      good, a catapult fighter could follow me the entire match and I would STILL
      pick the scout plane for 1:30 as many as 3 times!

      Long story short; The Murmansk is better in so many ways, that I bought one
      because I got along with the Omaha so well in CBT, and I gotta say, all
      those things add up to the Murmansk being A LOT BETTER! I never hit
      anything with torps in the Omaha, but with the Murmansk, even though it can
      only launch 3 per side at one time, I often get at least one hit from doing
      a wide spread launch at CVs/BBs within 8km!

      Oh, and Baron, Murmansk/Omaha AP WILL wreck other Cruisers with ease! Just
      learn where citadels are, and switch to AP when you have a relatively flat
      angle on an enemy target, and rack up some insane damage!

    • The Erie

    • +Noobeecon The wall of bad grammar and spelling text. My eyes are bleeding.
      Never post something ever again unless you understand english.

    • +Jacob Rice
      If it does thats just more WG BS But i think you will find it doesn’t but
      what ever this game has worse problems then that even though that seems
      very over powered since it means everything with tiny cannons can use them
      while invisible and not reveal their possition which is once again more WG
      BS if true meaning BBs should have much larger health pools if there not
      even able to shoot at targets shooting at them

    • +Noobeecon it used to only effect secondaries but it does in fact affect
      main guns.

  76. 1 sec in, go me :)

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