World of Warships – BEST the “MONEY” can buy, better than Mighty Mo?

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Here is the best ship in the game that money can buy.
Not to mention that you don’t even need money to buy it, you can get it for coal as well.
This just might be THE BEST premium ship in the game.
I really hope you enjoy and have fun watching and that this helps you make up your mind regarding this ship 😉


  1. 80 bucks for 1 baguette? that’s some expensive bread…

  2. 200aud for the commander pack and 120aud for the ship alone

  3. Hans is Back?

  4. Buy it for coal in the Arsenal

  5. hey flambass love yur french prononciation such a happyness

  6. one the more entertaining matches during the stream, laughed so hard

  7. So WG are testing the market to see how far they can push their playerbase with buying over priced digital goods, $80 for an uptired and no doubt slightly polished Richelieu. Anyone that buys this is a fool, you’ll just be encouraging WG to release more pay for tier 9 and maybe eventually tier 10 ships ( Remember they said they would never sell tier 9 ships in the past ). So a Unicum with all the bonus flags can make a load of credits when they have a good game, shocker……..

    • how many ships are free?

    • You can use coal to have it.

    • +Cosmin Lesutan yeah well take a good gander at other f2p games and their microtransaction models

    • it seems someone is not well versed in the good old ways of capitalism.

    • All I have invested in this game was an Atago and 2 months of premium. Played since CBT. Now I have all of the t9 prems, most of the t10s except CVs the broken brit BBs and soviet DDs. 15k gold from ranked dozens of port slots basically unlimited xp camossignals for grinding, everything I need. How? I PLAY THE FUCKING GAME. I happen to like it while being somewhat good at it. Which is why you play games in the first place. Shocking, I know. Now crawl back to your troll hole.

  8. It is very interesting how people give money for digital nothingness!

    • +Athan asios Not really, I was pointing out that it may not be suitable for you because you think it’s too much to pay which is a perfectly valid point, but for someone else it may not be, particularly if they’re not in a position to get it for free and don’t want to wait until they have the coal to get it. I was pointing out that there are different options offered by WG to suit most peoples needs. And like yourself I tend to pick up premium ships occasionally when they are on discount.

    • +Einfach How much should a WHOLE game cost then?Don’t be absurd!

    • +ArrrGee I do have money and i could buy all the ships in the game right now.I mean what for 300-400 euros?What gets on my nerves is that such people exist and companies like WG base their marketing on them.Anyways i agree.People can spend their money however and on whatever they like.That ,in this case, IMHO is keeping prices up.

    • +Athan asios How many video games have you bought and no longer play? It’s no different… and if someone would rather spend money on a ship in a video game that they love over another video game that they might not like (and in which case would be an even greater waste of money) why not? You’re paying for entertainment. It’s nothing new. If someone wants to go to a casino for the evening or go out for dinner, drinks, and a movie… both these things could easily top $80 for 1 evening. In this case you’re probably buying hours and hours of entertainment.

  9. Makes me feel better when Flambass also pulls a Notser.

  10. 13:22 Can we say, “Pulled a Notser!!!” LOL

    Flambass got team torped while pulling a Notser and being called Flamu and acting like Jingles!!! What memefest! LOL!!!!!!!!!! Almost as funny as the banter with Mrs. Citadel!!!


  11. Here’s how I look at the cost: If I go to see a movie on the weekend & get a big bag of popcorn & a soda I’ll spend 20$US. If I do that every weekend I will have spent $80 & seen 4 movies once each. If I drop $80 once on a JB I’ll enjoy it for hours every time I play it for the next (fill in the blank) years. Considering that I’ve probably only been to a movie 2-3 times in the last year I’ve already saved the cash for something that will provide much more entertainment going forward. For me that $80 is money well spent.

    • You really are trying hard to justify your shitty purchase >:D


    • Someone's Youtube Username

      $80 isn’t much to some with a decent income. People spend money in various hobbies. The worthiness largely depends on the person and how much value they get from it on an individual level.
      For someone it might be more expensive than full game and not worth it at all. For another it might be an investment for many months, especially since that person doesn’t happen to play many other games that much.

  12. This is a REALLY expensive white flag.

  13. You received ~729k with premium account for a 215k damage battle… that is possible to do with Musashi as well, or other high-tier premium ships (soon TM)… JB+Flags is not the same as Missouri… JB is not a insane credit maker. She is a GOOD creditmaker.

  14. Everyone who buys this most expensive baguette ever will suffer from my HE spam from every HE spammer I have.

  15. Just remember – If they Sell 1,000 of these – that $80,000 is probably about the cost of Dev time to produce the ship (8 people, working 2 months, on a Salary of $5k/month)

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      So you know enough about Greeks to know what is typical about us and what’s not?

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      +Itachi Uchiha And i any case, even if he called the russian developers serfs and not me that is still arrogant and insulting.

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      +Neil Baird So you have some Greeks in your family and that makes you an expert on all Greeks? And how you having Greeks in your family is unfortunate for me?

    • +Itachi Uchiha No you don’t get taxes, but it was a loose list up of costs per dev not of what the dev gets. And I don’t know how much has been changed between the Richelieu and the JB. But for a from ground up new ship 10 people 5 and months sounds like a reasonable lower end estimate, especially given how incredibly timeconsuming any 3d modeling is…

  16. 80$ for a virtual item? for that money, i can get a full-prize AAA-game, or 2 or 3 good indygames.

  17. I’m pretty sure that you would have gotten the same amount of credits in a Musashi, too.

  18. Does anyone else feel dirty watching this? I was fine until Flamy started saying “Milk me Baby!”

  19. 13:21 “Hey guys it’s Notser here” xD

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