World of Warships – Best Tier 6 Cruiser In The Game

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What’s the best tier 8 cruiser in World of Warships? I’m sure opinions are divided but my pick would be a tier 6 cruiser with a health buff.

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  1. Inb4 “But Jingles it’s tier 8…”

    • yea it it was so hard to citadel at t6, split citadel and clunky beta bullet sponge physics didnt make it any easier to kill.

    • Commenting on his own feed to appease the algorithm

    • I thought that was intentional since the Cleve was Tier 6 at first? And I guess the Gnome will claim that it was exactly that from now on…

    • uh, actually jingles

    • Really don’t want to be that “but Jingles” guy, but i’m almost completely positive the HP buff and added radar weren’t the only buffs to bump it up two tiers, IIRC Cleveland also received major DPM buff, going from what i think used to be 10s stock/8s upgraded guns reload on tier VI to 6.5s on tier VIII

  2. I would like to see Captain Jingles McJingleberry again.

  3. Ahh memories of curb stomping Kuma’s with the Cleveland.

  4. I remember playing this ship in beta. It was an absolute beast. Arguably better than some tier 10 nowadays.
    So the title of that video is absolutely perfect, and it will always be, because nothing will come close to what the Cleveland was back then!

  5. Jingles is the Pied Piper of everyone that haven’t had their sense of humor shot off by life. Sincerely, thanks.

  6. Fully AA-spec Cleveland at tier 6 was an amazing meme. Remember soloing the carriers in operations with ease

    • Hehe, i remember back when Operation: Aegis had the two carriers in place of the Kongo and Ishizushi, after i finished torpedoing escorts #1 and #3, i would need all the Eurobeats i could find to dodge and weave between torpedoes and bombs and sink both flattops at point blank range, oh it was *Glorious*

    • I started to play game in February 2018 , I unlocked Cleveland , Benson , and got Richelieu from Container ,then I have stop to play game to July , and when I returned Cleveland was T8 , I get my ass kicked in T10 game so many times …

  7. There was a time when you could burn ships alive16km+ without being spotted even after shooting.
    To say the least, this game came a long way.

    • (Possibly) Unpopular opinion: DD’s should still be able to stealth-fire, even if the window is narrow.

    • @Christopher Ryan No. We’ve already done that song and dance and WGing(rightfully)killed stealth firing dead as it was a stupid mechanic that made zero sense and was total asscancer to face.

    • Unfortunately the game went too far and fell off the edge of a cliff.

  8. Speaking as a DD player during closed beta, I don’t think I could’ve been happier when this beauty got bumped up to tier 8.

  9. Jingles: “that mogami must be experiencing the most ridiculous frustration right now”
    The Mogami: “fuck!”
    Perfect fucking timing XD

  10. I remember getting a Kraken +1 in this thing back in the day!
    At tier 6, Cleveland was amazingly overpowered but incredible fun!
    Superb game by NoseTron, great stuff and thanks for sharing this replay Jingles 😁

  11. Props to the man of culture’s in the friendly Cleveland. Also F to that Mogami.

  12. Cleveland’s reload was also buffed by about 20% when she was moved to T8. She *definitely* would have been broken with her current reload at T6.

  13. I’d like to point out that the other Clevelands name was “Clevebro_Supremacy” which couldn’t be more fitting if he tried, especially considering his vital support at just the right moment more than once in this battle

  14. I just Love how you present a game replay Mighty Jingles, such a refreshing channel to watch, Thank you and keep up the great content!!!

  15. I remember hating being spammed by the Cleveland so much that I decided to grind to it as quickly as possible so I could do the same to others. Not too much longer after that, they moved it up to tier 8. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  16. 10:50 *enemy benson spotted*
    11:43 *benson still spotted* Jingles: “where did that enemy benson go?”

  17. Not going to lie, I saw the title “Best Tier 6 Cruiser in the game” and my first thought was “Oh, there’s a new Tier 6 premium Russian destroyer coming”.

  18. When the Cleveland could equip AFT and get a 20% main gun firing range buff, those were good times.

    • Good times indeed, pre-AFT nerf Cleveland, Mogami and Murmansk were insane.

    • @rvfharrier They were fun as hell and made cruisers competitive now it’s camp the island and hope the enemy are dumb or get citadeled from 2 directions at once.

      Look at the Cleveland he showed patience and was rewarded with an enemy that pushed one at a time far too often I end up with no one pushing on the flank I’m on and either carrier or a DD that’s flanked the entire map fucks me.

  19. “All three of the four caps” makes perfect Jingles sense.

  20. Jingles: Oh, Look Nostron’s team are ahead by one kill.
    Reality: Nostron’s team are behind by one kill.

    Never change, Jingles, never change.

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