World of Warships Better Carrier Gameplay with Manual Drops

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My name is , author of the Super Hostile series. I am a map and mod maker, lifetime gamer, and an LPer.

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  1. Bogues’ 2 – fighter loadout is surprisingly useful when paired with another
    carrier. It kills practically all enemy planes while the other carrier deal
    heavy damage. But a twin fighter loadout on its own would probably be
    pretty useless.

  2. Why are you mouse dragging over your fighter and TB together? You can
    assign them together more easily by left clicking the TBs when commanding
    fighters. That assigns the fighters to follow the squad.
    Also, do you have the upgraded TBs? They seem slower than mine.

  3. I try to avoid dropping on cruisers and destroyers. The rate of failure is
    too high, and the wait is a pain. Generally carriers target battleships or
    other carriers.

  4. @27:30 “The rest of my team was eating paste.” And look at that friendly
    Bogue. He really did a great job shutting down, um, that enemy Bogue?

  5. 24:34 “i hate this game i dont hate this game”

  6. That was entertaining. I’d like more carrier videos, but could you zoom in
    during manual drops? :)

  7. Thank you for the tip about manual dropping vs. fighters. Also bombers are
    reasonably accurate if you manually drop down the length of the ship
    instead of from the side like torps. Will usually gaurantee a couple hits
    and a fire more often than not. Use bombers first to set fire and get them
    to pop repair, then torp and get all that flooding damage,

  8. I really really enjoy watching you playing this game. Because of your love
    to the tactics and details. PLEASE dont stop the series!

    This comment also applies to heart stone…

    And i would like to see you take a peek at factorio!!!

  9. One of the weirdness factors of listening while playing another game –
    hearing you say “Manual Drop” kept making me thinking of you getting angry
    at the game and dropping the manual on the floor in frustration :P

  10. Another reason to go after the Japanese Carriers is that they have 8 torp
    bombers vs 6 at the starter level, but with skill you can score 2 hits per
    squad, or 4 hits per run, vs the American’s 3 hits or 2 hits per run. Also
    faster refuel time, I think… Jap carrier seems to be higher skill, higher
    risk, greater reward.

    I never thought of running in a circle though, I’ll have to do that in
    future games.

  11. 6:30 Look at chat and listen :P

  12. I have seen manual drops with bomber wings do a lot of damage at higher


  14. Was satisfied myself with the Fallout 4 video output, but the added variety
    of World of Warships and Minecraft is welcomed and appreciated. Variety is
    the spice of life, and with an actual Carrier gameplay video in your
    collection as well. :3

  15. Vetches, I love this series and really anything you do in Minecraft… but
    please, can you adjust your mic levels? Can’t you hear the clipping? You
    have the gain / preamp set too high… The level indicators in whatever
    software you’re using I’m sure has green/yellow/red zones for audio…
    anytime the level enters the red there’s a static click… 🙁 Please keep
    it in mind and keep up the excellent content! Thank you! :)

  16. Hiya Vechses :3 if you want to play minecraft, why don’t you play a cool
    map by another mapmaker? CTM or otherwise i would love to watch that ^^


  18. the only problem i have with the game is that the US Destroyer from an old
    anime i watched isn’t in the game…it’s too new

  19. Vechs for those of us that don’t play this much or at all, could you show a
    bomber manual drop so we can see it being bad.

  20. I really like your Carrier videos actually, they’re really fun, like your
    old world of tanks scout vids.

  21. I’ve seen a few carrier videos, and none of them ever used the fighter
    manual attack. And it’s a fun game; started playing myself.

  22. I would love to watch more carrier gameplay, and thank you for making a
    better carrier video.

  23. Vechs! Vechs calm down ser, your going to pop something ranting that hard

  24. yes Hi Vechs how’s it going I just got Fallout and now I will not be able
    to sleep for the next 20 weeks

  25. Interesting video. As someone who doesn’t play the game I will say that I
    prefer watching gameplay of the other ships though.

  26. 3rd also 69 views ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  27. Андрей Зайцев

    When a new card, Vehsс ???

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