World of Warships – Better Luck Next Time

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  1. On a positive note for “worst smoke screen 2022”; first red ship that shoots gets focused, case in point the Exeter.

  2. When you were in the navy during gulf war by any chance did you ever get to see any american L.S.T ships with big bow horns sticking up in the air at a forward angle. If you did that was most likely my dads ship. My dad ship was involved in the fake amphibious landing while swartzkopf went around on land.

  3. Yes, the smokescreens by the podvoiski were useless, however at least they have the intention of trying to use the smokescreen for the benefit of their team members. I think it’s probably easier to explain how to do it properly/better to this captain, than to convince the average ‘my smokescreen is just for ME ME ME ME’ type of captain to use it for the benefit of the team.

    • @landochabod7 who says anything about parking yourself IN the smokescreen? Some ways behind it so you don’t get caught out by the smoke firing penalties and have time to see torps coming, but you’re still obscured by the smoke, comes to mind. Or getting smoked so you can go undetected and slip away if you’re being primaried. Or a smoke that allows you to reach cover that would otherwise require you to cross open water, etc. But that obviously does require the larger ship not to be a knob…

    • @Shoikan The smoke firing penalty is hardly an issue for most cruisers even if they park in the smoke, and it remains an issue for BBs even if they park 5 km behind.

      I’d rather have the DD smoke up to finish capping before a CV can spot him, or to provoke and then farm the enemy DD that’s just used his, or other uses that are simpler and typically more successful than anything that requires coordination between perfect strangers.
      On most DDs, smokes are few and precious, and almost no one ever asks for a smoke to “cross open water and reach cover”: unless we’re talking late game, low hp teammate, and the DD happens to be right there of all places, it should be enough to use some WASD to make it behind cover.

    • @landochabod7 valid points that I am not arguing. I think you’re missing my point though. But, as always, discussions on the internet are like pissing yourself while wearing black pants! So I’ll leave it at that! 😊

    • @Shoikan Fair enough, have a good day 🙂

    • @landochabod7 Same to you! 🙂

  4. Great game by dissonance. On a side note, is it just me, or do many folks find that players that winge about other players being noobs and such….tend to be pretty ordinary themselves?

    • I had a benson the other day that rushed into the most open cap on the Trap map, got his ass absolutely owned then proceeded to cuss out the rest of our team as “camping noobs”. I got reported for calling this out 🙂

    • @MartinWTB you should treat that report as a badge of honour!

    • Yes. I often look up the stats of players who are complainng about me or the team. They tend to be players with a 45% or worse overall winrate.

  5. Gneisenau – One of the best precision in ww2. Wows – even an Omaha can park broadsiding 10 km to it without immediatly selfdestruction. The Pain is real -.-‘

    • lol, you’re giving Gnasty-Now a HELL of a lot of credit with using Omaha as comparison. At 15-17k range I’ve washed the decks of N Carolinas landing shells around them…

  6. I am very pleased by the battle results. Dread´s team was .. dreadful and incompetent to say the least and while they were completely abandoning C cap I thought “how the heck is this even going to be a good battle worth of Jingles?”, cause it has nothing in it. And, after finishing the second half, it barely matches your other videos. The Shikishima one was super fun, this one is meh.

    Yeah, he may have 9 kills in the end, but only through killstealing anything he could, thus taking xp and credits from his teammates. He didn´t do anything to persuade that stupid Podvoisky to try spotting the Maass, nor hold his side. That coming out to B cap with kills racking up was only thans to his teammates almost finishing every ship and pushing them out – for Drear to finish them as their own and “collect” 15%hp damage bonus per each kill. It wasn´t a carry at all and you can see it on final XP table – 1461 base xp for 9 kills match? Being it a carry, he would need to do a lot more.

    What exactly? For example not hiding in his spawn around 10 minute mark of the video and try to support, push B cap with his cruisers. For a top tier BB he has done a really awful job and that Abruzii moment in the end simply wasn´t enough to make for it.

    Like for the narration, not for gameplay

    • I agree entirely.

      The Asian server has a reputation for being a camper’s paradise, and this replay certainly doesn’t do anything to dispel it.

      Other than that action against the Italian cruiser at the end, this was a sniping snorefest that just happened to include several killsteals, but no serious attempt at teamplay.

      A wholly deserved loss.

      Last Jingles replay was all about trashing the Shikishima instead of talking about the gameplay; this one just had awful gameplay.

    • @Justsaying I think it’s the A cap you’re talking about.
      At least by going middle he was sort of a creating a crossfire, unlike for the first several minutes, where he huddled in the same square as 2 other BBs on his flank.
      Still, you don’t contest a cap by staying 8 km away from it, even in a BB.

    • @Jan Mitiska JOLLY GOOD MATE!!!

    • @Justsaying honestly I’m surprised he went A, I find C cap on the map is much easier and enjoyable to play around with because of the islands.

    • @Unknown Source which is the reason for all the lemming nests in the top right corner making this map such a rough gaming experience at least half of the time.
      And btw-whoever the WeGE dude was, who decided to put THIS map into the ranked circulation, should suffer from slight physical punishment.

  7. The Gneisenau’s secondaries are pretty good for the tier though. All 128mm with 32mm pen at tier 7. You have to run IFHE to make the 105mm guns on the Heinrich and Bismarck deal direct damage to anything.

  8. I quite like the Strasbourg. I got one out of a supercontainer over xmas and with my Jean Bart captain she does a pretty good job of being a mini JB at tier 7.

  9. 12:16 “Derrrr, of course” killed me. Never change Jingles

  10. The Okt Revolution must have been so happy watching his team-mate get dev striked like that – it meant he got Solo Warrior!

  11. So many solo warriors I had like that when my team was winning but couldn’t survive. Last week in Vermont begging the team not to push but they still did. Managed to run away in that chunky slow BB and won by time the same way this October Revolution did.

  12. Somehow you actually did sell me the ship (if it’s still in the store next time I play). Together with the Massa the Dunkerque is my favorite ship and I had no idea the Strasbourg was a sister ship. A more accurate Dunkerque with a reload booster is more than enough to pique my interest even at tier 7.

  13. The gneisenau is very fun. You got lots of automatic 128mm guns and lots of armour to get into the 6km main weapon range

    • When there was tier VII ranked about 6 months – year ago I just had to buy new Gneissenau. Most fun ever. Last time I really enjoyed playing this game from battle to battle.

    • @Janne Sampo yeah, sadly the 381mm Guns are just visual models and dont function

  14. Oh yes the strasbourg. Everybody said its mediocore. I grinded it when it came out and i do much better than in dunkque. That 0.1 sigma improvement and reload booster make a huge difference.

  15. What really rustled my Jimmies was the division with the two Kongos. The stereotypical guys who think that they’re doing unicum stuff by sitting side by side in the back sniping, not being able to hit anything and let the others all get killed instead of at least tanking a bit for the team. And they don’t learn that this is not the way you win games. Those divisions are even more cancerous than CVs or subs.

  16. I like how the whole video timeline is annotated as “Battle start”

  17. Can’t really blame the accuracy for missing the Algerie the first time. If you look, he had stopped then just as Dreadful’ fired the Algerie started backing up, so it was more bad luck than bad accuracy.

  18. You know.. I’d rather have a destroyer on my team that lays a useless smokescreen with good intentions and concealing people other than themselves, over a destroyer that yolo suicides at the start of the game, torpedo’s their own ships, or >insert-other-cringe-destroyer-moment-here< You go podvoiski!

    • Yeah, if he’d just laid the smoke and stayed out and spotted, everything would have been golden.

    • Had one, long ago, who launched torpedoes at the start of the match at his teammates, and then proceeded to activate damage reflection with his guns before they could land. Took the full force of his own torpedo barrage and helpfully spread the damage dealt to activate reflection around so no one had much disadvantage.

  19. “Well she does have better reload and accuracy compared to the Dunkerque.” Well yeah, because they nerfed the Dunkerque’s accuracy to make way for the Strasbourg

  20. This is one of the greatest throws and biggest carries I’ve ever seen.

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