World of Warships – Beware the “Friendly” Torpedoes -_-

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Don’t worry video is being worked on right now, so sit tight.


  1. Bit of a random video today, testing Kronshdadt and Buffalo so videos for those ships soon 😀

  2. iChase can you please please please lower the volume on your intro? It is always double the volume of your voice…

  3. Why can’t they just simply disable friendly fire

    • They already did. When WoWS first started the torps did FULL damage when you torpedoed a friendly ship. After a year of complaints, WG changed the Torp damage to 50% for friendly ships. Later they changed the damage threshold so that if you did so much damage to allied ships, half of the damage is turned onto your ship.

      Jingles has a video where a BB and DD are up against a lone DD and the friendly DD torpedoed the BB who had just burned his repair consumable. He flooded to death and half the total went to the DD who sank from the friendly damage. What a way to loose a battle; Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    • Everything needs to be disabled and we can play bumperships

    • Players trying to get hit by your torps on purpose? I very much doubt that. It’s YOUR fault when your torpedoes hit a friendly, not the guy that gets hit. Learn to mind your surroundings.

    • Like most absolute statements, this is not accurate. There are plenty of times when a player is completely oblivious and drives into torpedoes despite being warned etc. that could have easily been avoided. I agree that most incidents are caused by careless launches, but that is not always the case.

    • yeah, at least for Random Battles or so

  4. As soon as Mr. Torpedo leaves the tube, he is no longer your friend :'(

  5. Fog Battleship NCarolina

    What do the codes even give? I managed to redeem 1 yet nothing appeared in port

  6. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    Guns like that are most likely saluting batteries.

    • USSEnterpriseA1701

      I was thinking that was a possibility, but other possible uses are practice guns (such as Fuso has mounted on top of the main guns, Nagato has brackets for them, too, but not the guns.) or possibly for making ranging shots (I think this is a bit of a stretch, but it would vaguely make sense for shore bombardment.). There are a couple of similarly mysterious guns on Roma and Missouri (don’t know if they’re on Iowa too, only have MO at the moment.) mounted at the sides of the superstructure.

  7. I really love the Zao camo.

  8. Gareth Fairclough

    Those guns sound like ballistically matched ranging guns, like the sort of thing you’d find on the early Chieftain tanks.

    Basically, you’d fire a small gun first and if the small gun hit, then the big guns would be fired. If it missed, you’d adjust appropriately. This was enabled by the small shells having the same trajectory as the large shells.

    • Gareth Fairclough

      That makes sense. Thanks Nicolo!

    • Such a gun is presented in one of the Wargiming videos about Naval Fortress for a russian fortress, can’t really remember witch one, if you really want then give me a reply and I will search the videos for it.

    • They definitely are guns for sub-calibre practice guns. The Japanese used a similar concept on their earlier BBs. On Navweaps you can find pictures of such practice guns used on Yamashiro (although they mounted them directly on the gun barrels).

    • Luis Fernando Arispe

      You’re rigth. They’re practice guns. It’s much cheaper practice with this small caliber guns than fire a 380mm every time.

    • Patches O'houlihan

      That was exactly my suspicion, thanks for confirming.

  9. Stephan van den Adel

    HMMM… codes dont work… Only on NA server then?

  10. Are these codes for EU or NA? Either don’t seem to work. I assume if its already redeemed it should say so.

  11. So I tried all the codes and none of them worked for me. Are they one time use codes or maybe they just aren’t working properly, I know I saw a couple other comments about them not working.

  12. aww NA codes? us Asia peasants always get shafted 🙁 Great vids dude

  13. How long do the codes work
    Do they work on eu server

  14. hey i tried submitting the codes but it said that they are invalid… Are you supposed to go to the premium shop and go to “redeem wargaming code”? because it says they are not valid

  15. Nicolo di Valenti

    Small guns on the sides are for training gunnery – you can see them on WW1 Dreadnoughts on all the turrets, and apparently the French continued the practice on this ship – much like laser tag in the Military today – it had several reasons – 1 – main gun rounds are expensive, 2 firing them in training is problematic because they are a lot more dangerous and damaging both to the surrounding area and the float target that likely would be destroyed in the first hit… So what the navies did is they aligned small guns to the main gun targeting and then they could still “live fire” training a complete fire cycle (not a dry fire, which is no ammo), but with no real cost or issue with collateral damage.  They also had the benefit of being manually operated and of the same size and type of the secondary guns so the crews of them could also fire train without having to use all the secondary guns, etc…Basically it saved on wear, tear, damage to the ship, damage unintended, cost of ammunition, and so on – think of it as plinking for BBs (as in ships not pellets…lol).  But that is what they are for.As a side, (shhhh… don’t tell WG) many of the WW1 hulls have AA guns in the places where non but the peace time training guns would be… they kind of fudged that or didn’t know it was not supposed to be that way… but don’t tell them or they might nerf our AA!!!… lol.

  16. The codes said invalid……… i feel cheated….. disliking video cause im sad now

  17. Please note the codes in the video are 1 time use codes. First come first served situation. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

    • Lame, it’d be better to use some sort of raffle service. I’m never fast enough to get codes when they’re just thrown out into the crowd like candy.

    • iChaseGaming is It Both EU and NA?

    • That explains why the codes are not working. I wanted to ask, “Where to enter the codes?”, (I assumed on Steam), but Steam said the codes were invalid. I could not locate a link to enter a code on the Wargaming site, either.

      Got a good laugh on the “Friendly Fire” torpedoes. I have no idea how many times that, (torps or guns), has happened to me.

    • Reeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Future reference: Redeem codes at

  18. Those guns are sub-caliber guns used for practice firing, the same on Fuso
    they use this guns for practice as it wouldn’t cause barrel wear on the main guns, as replacement of the full caliber guns are expensive during peace time.

  19. Whot about simple RNG lotery?

  20. – IChase gets teamtorped.
    – No reaction by anyone.

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