World of Warships – Big Guns

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There’s not much wrong with life that can’t be put right with the liberal application of ridiculous amounts of firepower.

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  1. An idiot can fail in anything, and even fail to tier 10 because that’s WG’s
    business model. Just think of it as a septic tank; given enough time even
    the biggest turds will float to the top.
    The Yamato clearly is poorly balanced. Ask any decent Montana player what
    they fear/avoid and they’ll tell you Yamato, yet those are allegedly
    equivalent ships. You see few Montana and a crap ton of Yamato. Leaving
    aside the weeaboo issue, there’s very clearly a balance issue and good
    players know it.

  2. Don’t forget Britain supplied Argentina with 2 type 42 destroyers.

  3. Or ridiculous application of liberal amounts of firepower.

  4. How much damage did the person in the Yamato do?

  5. ARP Kongo = Slaaneshi loveboat

  6. What is just as bad is destroying the TSR 2.

  7. umm… the Yamato actually has nine 18.1 inch guns.
    I know, I know, I am an awkward and pedantic person. But I just could not
    hold it in.

  8. Jingles you hopeless old hat! shimakaze?

  9. Those front turrets on Yamato worked like one great shotgun… amazing. But
    battleships do not worth the time and effort in this game for me, sadly.

  10. The Benson is now NOT the first US DD to get to stealth torp anymore. After
    US torp buff Mahan’s the first one to be able to stealth torp.

  11. I disagree Jingles about sailing side onto battleship I been 1 shot by
    battleships that have hit me when I have been head on to them from a
    battleship that has been 19km away.
    Either being 1 shot or taking 14-18k damage!!! this has not happened just
    once but many times and not just to me, so how its that fair to a cruiser
    As that is not a paddling ( yeah I know your say that I was hit in a
    citadel or magazine hit I know it was not a magazine hit as I had the flag
    to stop that) but a citadel hit from the front and 19km away even with
    plunging fire to hit a citadel is most the time impossible, so yeah right
    that is funny NOT.
    Most of the time you see battleship players sitting at the very back
    shooting their guns at max range normally getting no hits or just one hit
    on the ship they are aiming at, while the rest of the team bleeds hit
    points and spots for them (which I think should be counted in the game some
    how as the dd and cruiser get no xp for spotting)
    I think I am right that battleships get a repair hit point button (sarcasm)
    as most other ships dont so why dont the battleship players get into the
    fight and use these to help there cruiser and destroyer y mates out !!!!!!
    Ahh that right as most Battleship players not all, but most are so dumb to
    understand the role of a battleship they just think I can fire 22km away so
    they have too fire 22km away !!!!!

  12. YES. You have good taste in ship design, Jingles. I too, have my eyes
    screaming at my brain whenever I see one of these Japanese cartoon designs.

  13. The Germans built ’em pretty too Jingles.

  14. should i send you a replay of me in my OP new mexico where i did 120k dmg
    in an tier 8 battle and oneshotted an atago with 3 citadels?

  15. this Anime stuff has no place in a game like this imo… you have all these
    pretty accurate looking 1900+ Era ships and then comes a purple effect
    disco looking girly ship on the horizon? seriously cut me a break people,
    you can like Anime fine with me but to put this in a Warships game is
    stupid, so lets also put Anime camo to choose for soldiers in Red Orchestra
    2 or into Arma shall we? this is a big middle finger to the games looks…

  16. This tenel fight was just pure comedy gold again, 😀 THX Jingles i laughed
    so hard!!… xDD… 22:55 “WHOOT IS HE DOING!!”… i foking dropped from
    the chair.. ROFL

  17. Nothing eases the bruden of working the salt mines like a boat game video.

  18. the idiot players are amazing, as a small child you learn if you touch a
    hot Plate you suffer but many of theses people will make the same mistakes
    for very long time, i even had 42% winrate Atago player in ranked (rank 10)
    games in my team, he and another guy drove straight into the whole enemy
    team and died… he wont ask questions what he did wrong, people now cant
    do wrong because mommy told them they are special and all other people are

  19. What’s wrong with Britain? It’s drunk and needs to go home.

  20. The jet engine tech was given to the Soviets because they won a game of
    pool in a closed match with some Rolls-Royce execs. It was called a gesture
    of good faith for political reasons

  21. Today is my 18th birthday Jingles!

  22. I am east German and I approve the statement.

  23. Its not fair saying BB players as stupid Jingles. As a Cruiser player, I
    should point out, its the Cruiser players who are too darn stupid. Havent
    you seen how many cruisers at the start of the match, just drive down a
    flank at full speed and get obliterated by Battleships ? I think we saw two
    on the videos. All they have to do is stay in the shadow of the Battleships
    and the cruisers come at top at the end of match, but no. They just have to
    yolo down flanks and die.

  24. The New Orleans was repeatedly firing AP on the Yamato and doing no damage
    because of the bounces. Maybe if he had fired HE he could have done some
    decent damage.

  25. the Yamato is one pretty ship.

  26. Ah! That “bloody boat ” game again! Absolutely love it!…

  27. British also helped alot with building Hosho

  28. Steam is showing that “Naval Action” just went into early access on the
    21st. Can you revisit this title?

  29. It weirds me out that Brits reference Fort Knox (yay, ‘merica)

  30. how would be this idea: combining world of warships with world of warpanes?
    instead of npcs taking control of the aircraft this way you simply play
    warplanes on a warship battlefield huh?

  31. “It’s just bristling with things that go boom!” Say what you want about
    him, but Jingles certainly knows how to turn a phrase.

  32. The Iowas’ 16″ guns wouldve made swiss cheese of the Yomato

  33. Argh! Jingles, my OCD!

    It’s Ya-ma-TO! Not Yamatoe!
    And it’s Shima-KAze, not Shi-MAKaze!

    Jingles has that gun ready, doesn’t he?

    Well, time to run off to Vault 81.

  34. spiralwhirlpool2366

    That design. Is it based on the Blue Steel anime?

  35. Not much of a fan of anime, but have to admit, that skin on the Kongo does
    look awesome.

  36. I pissed and Iowa of so bad, cuz I score 6 citadel on him in the amagi,
    with 1 salvo. He then keep calling me hacker lol.

  37. dragonkingofthestars

    that Yamato is glitching. he’s rear turret is not aligned yet (as can be
    seen at 16:13 and yet he managed to put 9 shots in the air.

  38. Shim uh kaz eh* sorry it just was bugging me q.q

  39. Big guns for a big kill.

  40. As far as I know if you don’t use the Yokosuka port then you don’t have to
    see the ARP ships and they’ll just look like any other Kongo or Myoko.
    However speaking from the perspective of someone who enjoyed both Kantai
    Collection and Arpeggio of Blue Steel I can’t wait to get my hands on them
    and me and my friend have actually been enjoying the grind for them more
    than the standard grind as it gives us something to aim for rather than
    just the next tier up. I just hope WG adds more ARP vessels later in the
    year, a Takao/Maya mission for owners of the Atago or the ability to unlock
    Hiei/Haruna/Kirishima camos for the Kongo would be great. Anyway, as always
    thanks for the vid Jingles, looking forward to the next one.

  41. Love the video series, and now I’m hopelessly addicted to World of Warships

  42. Jingles are you going to do a video on Naval Action entering Early Access?
    Is it a Steam-only game?

  43. Not to be “that guy” but the British actually installed a 18.1 inch gun on
    a ship before WW2 but it never fired because it would have ripped in it
    half so the Yamato had the largest SUCCESSFUL gun load out of any ship ever
    (other than its sister ship)

  44. If they would have built the planned Super Yamato (20-inch guns or so I
    believe) that would have been truly terrifying….

  45. Where did he get these people to play with( Broadside Johnny’s)

  46. Heh, both of the Yamato class were sunk by aircraft. The Japanese never
    really developed a medium Anti Aircraft gun, similar to the 40mm Bofors
    used by the USN.

  47. tramp stamps on battleship…why?

  48. Why were the Yamato class battleships like the Death Stars in Star Wars:
    1)Served for the Empire, 2) There were 3 of them, 3) Super-Weapons, 4) One
    was destroyed in-complete (the Shinano), 5) All with very short combat
    histories, 6) Rather than combat with a comparable ship, 2 of the three
    were destroyed by swarms of small fighters, great main armament but not
    matched by the air defenses, all took virtually their entire crews with
    them on destruction, 7) Reload time and turn time of the main weapon allows
    targets in range to escape.

  49. “Bristling with things that go BOOM!” Made my coffee come out my nose.

  50. I suggest you take some cough lozenges while laughing. Your old throat is
    getting very annoying after watching hundreds of your videos.

  51. Honestly, I feel like a WW2 Ship would out last a Modern ship in a battle,
    WW2 ships where designed to get the shit kicke dout of them, Modern ships
    have all this shit to avoid getting hit

  52. Yamato secondaries can be up to 10km range or a bit more i think. My
    Yamatos are at 10.1km with the way it’s fitted out at the moment.

  53. At the end, you mention that the Benson is the first American DD that has
    torpedoes that have a longer range than the Surface Detectability Range of
    the DD. This is not correct, as the upgraded torpedoes in the Tier 7 Mahan
    has a 9.2 km range whereas the Surface Detectability Range of the Mahan is
    7.9 km. The downside of these torpedoes is that they do less damage and
    travel slower than the shorter range stock torpedoes.

  54. Britain: Arming the world since the 19th Century.

    Britain, go home! You’re drunk! lol

  55. Jingles laughed so much this video lol.

  56. what mode is that top get that after battle screen :o

  57. I have a world of warships clip I’d like to send in, how would one go about
    doing it?

  58. Hey Jingles, regardless of whether or not you like the ships in-game you
    should definitely watch Arpeggio of Blue Steel. If you liked Gurls und
    Panzer you’ll definitely like it, its basically a ship version of that (but
    with some lasers thrown in).

  59. I wish I had this kind of opposite team once a while

  60. i really hated the kongo

  61. So glad you put this up, been missing the wows on your channel. Any chance
    for another competition? Maybe one where Rita doesn’t kill our chances at
    seeing the biggest damage dealer? :)

  62. Jingles say “Minekaze”, now say ” Shimakaze”… they should sound very
    similar 😉 *nudge nudge*

  63. So Jingles has WoWs modded with Kancolle stuff? or was it a video from
    someone else?

  64. How the hell did you do that? Is there some secret magic spell you cast
    before you play battleship? Because when I drive my Kongo it always do
    minimum damage no matter where the shells hits.

  65. that why you do not fuck with a yamato in good player hand.

  66. Sometimes, I think that Wargaming has purposely nerfed my account to make
    my battleships less accurate than all the others.I fired a full salvo from
    my Kongo, earlier today, at a stationary carrier that was only 6 km away
    and watched the splashes form a near perfect circle around him. He actually
    laughed at me in chat.

  67. 14:50 I want to hear more of Jingles’ American accent!

  68. sozz im pisstsd ;0

  69. Man, if the tier 10 battleships had torpedoes, what would this turn into?

  70. i like my warships looking like east germany night clubs

  71. Hate to be the guy that says this… but…
    Pronounced as: shi-mah-kah-zeh/But remember to not over pronounce the h at
    the end.

  72. This is why jingles can’t have nice things, he would be hogging all the
    good games.

  73. Carriers live and die on the matchmaker, battleships live and die on the
    Cruisers and Destroyers are much more down to the Captain.

  74. that Akatsuki enchant mod

  75. Maths domination :)

  76. Arming the WORLD :)

  77. MJ Britannia 4 the WIN LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F U World :)

  78. supply other countries with military hardware, stay neutral , let them kill
    each other. watch and laugh. should be the plan :p

  79. It’s that bloody boat game again!* Finally!

    *I am sorry for this atrocious application of an overused joke.

  80. Fash Themightygaming

    Not true, the kongo is faster then the normal, and has more health. I
    believe that the range is also farther, im not sure.

  81. Yammy secondaries start at 7km range that goes to 8km with AFT and then
    goes up to 10km with secondary modules 🙂 and then a bit more with flag

  82. General Waffenträger

    That bloody boat game

  83. That’s a paddeling

  84. It’d be nice to be granted citadels like that when I play…who did I piss

  85. CANNONLOWY: not big enough

  86. Hilarious to watch Jingles enjoy himself. Love my Kongo too, battleships in
    particular, no spam but hard hits that make a difference.

  87. Bs you can’t do 40k in a salvo. I did 51k with cits and pens in my fuso on
    a fuso. I even sent you the bloody replay xD

  88. HEy Jingles! Haven’t seen a new TOG video in a long time! I have a pretty
    interesting replay with my TOG, if you want to look at it!

  89. wait jingles wasn’t the winner of the battleship contest a Yamato player?
    so you actually have shown a Yamato replay on here (pls don’t send me to
    the salt mines for being nit picky)

  90. Hi Jingles, what is your take on the new Project R that has been launched,
    I got a bunch of free stuff for my contributions already such as camo packs
    and signal flags.

  91. What is the video where you score a double torpedo kill?

  92. 27:30 “I think the Benson’s the first American destroyer to get torpedos
    with range in excess of it’s detection range”

    Nope. That’s the T7 Mahan, which gets mark 15 mod 0 when upgraded for 9.2
    km range on it’s hideous 7.8 km detection range (with camo).

    How much total damage did Tenel deal out with those 18″ engines of death?

  93. The progression system of this type of game is utter bullshit.
    #1 You start off in a rolling or floating pile of wreckage nobody wants,
    for like just 2 matches!
    Wasted labor and resources for the devs.

    #2 You are FORCED to use a number of vehicles, for days and weeks, whether
    you like them or not, just to get to the top tier. Wasted labor and
    resources for the devs.

    #3 When you found a vehicle you actually enjoy, you can barely customize or
    enhance it, but are FORCED to drop it for the next tier if you want to
    Wasted labor and resources by the devs.

    #4 Once you reach max tier, about 90% of the vehicles in game fall away,
    unless you enjoy downgrading and going back to inferior vehicles.
    Wasted labor and resources by the devs.

    As much as I like and enjoyed this game, I just can’t get past these
    nonsensical restrictions, besides the painful grind to even get to a ship
    you like. Why not create a number of categories in place of tiers, let the
    player pick from a number of ships within these categories and let them
    grind for ship enhancements of the one or two ships they actually love?
    Putting people through grind with something they don’t enjoy, just to get
    to play what they do enjoy but with so little customization that the game
    feels basically over at that point because they spent all their time
    producing all the stuff your don’t care about… that is just the most
    moronic way to build a game.

  94. So close to getting my ARP Kongo…just wish it came with a super gravity

  95. Oh I never knew that the Yamato was sent on a suicide mission. Always
    thought she was sunk due to a design flaw. Figured something as massive as
    her would have one, but I guess she did her job pretty well.

  96. Ummm, actually Jingles, this is technically the 2nd video on your channel
    that you’ve include a Yamato replay, not the first as you stated in the
    beginning video.

    Or did you forget the Top Damage contest that you had where the winner was,
    shocking to no one, a Yamato that bullied (in the good sense of the word) a
    bunch of Tirpitzs and other ships?

  97. They are great ships, and the best bit is they are a FREE T5 and T7. Fires
    were the worst part personally. I’d average 20 in the Tirpitz, and only
    like 5 in a Cleveland a match. Still trying to figure that one out.

  98. what the hell was the thing at 26:56 cause i dont think thats part of the

  99. Nope. Winner of Damage Content was a Yamato

  100. MWO? Where the video you said you would do?

  101. Big guns and RNG, 1st 2 T8 tanks in MW are arty… you trying to tell us
    something Jingles?

  102. i will love this ship when in about three years whe i get to it thanks rear
    admiral Jingles

  103. Demon Lord Of the Round Table

    Hey jingles, I’ve got a killer F6F-3 Hellcat replay in war thunder, how
    would I send it in

  104. “Night clubin east Germany?”
    Jingles, I think you missed some events here in Germany. ^^

  105. 15:41 How did he shoot when his guns were CLEARLY not ready?! That is way
    more than just a replay bug!

  106. how much dmg did he managed to do?

  107. Yamato’s secondaries have a 7km base stat.

  108. Yamato displacement weight is 89,000 tons

  109. What RNG did WG give you ?!

  110. “I think this is the only time I have shown a yamato replay on this channel
    before.” Completely forget gets the replay contest of the battleship
    winner. *Face palm*

  111. I love jingle’s predictable jokes, they’re very funny haha!

  112. Sailing side on to a Yamato……..thats a mega paddlin

  113. This is not the first Yamato replay you’ve shown, you had one in the
    battleship replay contest

  114. Jingles the ships are based off an anime watch it and you’ll understand.

  115. That cartman impression was on point

  116. hah 15:30 gun fired at target before the were even aimed in the same
    postcode as the enemy ship…very honorable

  117. Hey Jingles wouldn’t it be cool if when someone got the Kraken Unleashed
    medal the Kraken came to the surface and pulled the 5th kill’s ship down
    below the waves?

  118. It’s not true to the show unless there’s an anime girl standing on the

  119. How much damage did that Yamato do?

  120. with things that go BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(mind officially

  121. I think Cartman from South Park is the young Jingles version.

  122. Fritts ShockTrooper

    We must complete the circle. H-44 and Roma, that way, we can establish the
    circle of pain.

    I must also be one of the few people who likes the sharp angles of the
    German vessels and the pleasing sloping shapes of the US to the stacked,
    top heavy look of the Japanese? They look good, and have a nice design
    philosophy, but I just don’t like the super structures that much.

  123. the quality!!!

  124. shi-ma-kaze? Jingles, its pronounce Shima-kaze

  125. My god that barrage at 17:40 was insane.

  126. Shima-KAHZEE not shi macka zee jingles XD
    Absolutely butchered the name mate

  127. Hah Hah its time for Boat Sluts.

  128. The Kongo looks cool, but yeah, the Myoko makes my eyes bleed….but i
    guess it makes the enemy’s eyes bleed so they can’t shoot at me! should
    probably make a quick mod that replaces the skin of the ARP Myoko to the
    normal Myoko skin…

  129. Japans new pass time, Kongo Jousting !

  130. I’d love to see an April Fool’s event where in a special Co-Op battle mode
    you fight the ARP Kongo with (almost) all the capabilities she has in the
    show/comic. Independently targeting laser turrets, supercavitating
    torpedoes, 80 knot top speed and all that. Let’s bar the use of gravity
    cannons, those are for rearranging the landscape.

    30 vs. 1 at Tier IX+ sounds fair.

    Also, the phrase “It’s just bristling with things that go boom!” might be
    my new favourite Jingleism.

  131. “I prefer my warships to look like warships, not like an East German
    nightclub, and make my eyes bleed”. Oh…my….gawd…. I just felt a great
    disturbance in the force, as if thousands of anime and Kancolle fans just
    screamed in complete and utter outrage, LOL. I’ll give you this Rear
    Admiral, when you troll, you troll with style.

  132. Moar dakka

  133. Nice video! I’ m stil recommending the movie “Children of the Yamato” to
    anybody curious. A deep and beautiful movie, though hard to find nowadays

  134. Quick question to either Tenel or Jingles:
    What KanColle mod are you / is Tenel using for the end result screen?
    Would love to know, especially with those emblems and Akatsuki in the

  135. Jingles really needs to watch the anime they are based on…

  136. The amount of shots going towards that 2nd Kutuzov is insane

  137. Whose dick did you suck at WG to get such good RNG with battleships?

  138. Jingles, when you said the Kongo has a decent antiaircraft armament I think
    you under sold that aspect of it. According to my calculations, the Kongo
    has the BEST anti aircraft armament at tier 5 when the ship is fully

  139. i wish i had had replays enabled as i have just gotten a confederate, high
    calibre, kraken released, devastating strike in my Murmansk in a 3 vs 8
    situation and lost, as well as almost getting the most xp in the battle

  140. I need that theme for my world of warships from the Yamato endplates

  141. 26:55 that battle screen throw me off there, forgot you about the mods.

  142. 17:30 AHAHAHAHAHA

  143. Man i can’t wait till i grind out the Myogi looking forward to the Kongo
    and its AA defense saving my ass

  144. Josh Ballow (Joshuphigh)

    jingles, people say the Yamato is OP compared to the Montana, because it is
    simply is better, it’s main guns are better and more accurate, ya 18.1 inch
    guns more accurate than 16 inch guns, good job wargaming, it has better
    secondaries, better armor, and even if you bow first to a Yamato in a
    Montana he can still penetrate you, and you can’t penetrate him unless he
    is giving you an almost perfectly flat angle, Yamato has a more effective
    heal than Montana, it almost regens more than two times the health, and
    Montana’s AA just doesn’t matter one because Montana or Yamato, a Midway
    will still wreck you, two, Montana(or North Carolina and Iowa) doesn’t get
    the defensive AA fire cool down it deserves, and Yamatos AA is just good
    enough for what a battleship’s AA is supposed to be. And all of this comes
    together to the fact that Yamato is flat superiour to Montana.

  145. The 13 dislikes is the enemy team watching this replay

  146. think you need new glasses. many of the ships you are saying are sailing
    broadside are NOT sailing broadside. Besides at times you have to show your
    braodside. Think you need to balance this anti broadside kick your on.

  147. Big guns, lots of armour, but you can’t really say the same about their

  148. Bf-109, built in Regensburg, not far from home…

  149. Kongo-san?

  150. Jingles your an evil gnome 🙂 I can almost hear you rubbing your hands
    together 🙂 sailing broadside on to a Kongo!! that’s a paddling :)))

  151. Holy shit the Yamato is glorious

  152. Yamato sounds like Ya-mot-toe not Yam-a-toe.

  153. oh its that bloody boat game again

  154. lol Jingles, i couldn’t sleep last night, so i put head phones in and
    started listening to your velvety voice, and actually fell asleep! You’re
    like a lullaby for me haha

  155. I remember when I got my Yamato last month and I got 2 citadels, I swear my
    jaw must have drilled itself to bedrock lol.

  156. Jingles… you’re a better Kongo the Kongo herself.

  157. have you seen the new feature on battleships health bar?

  158. mod ?

  159. Jingles! Please sing again 🙂 ->

  160. going on holiday for a week jingles. I’ll miss you. byee <3 I'll be sure to
    catch up when I get back. obviously.

  161. I nailed an Arkansas today with three citadels in my New York. 33,000
    damage made me feel very happy. ^_^


  163. An East German nightclub with enough firepower to level a small city. :P

  164. An East German nightclub with enough firepower to level a small city. :P

  165. The WTF E100 is op, but being in an op tank does not make you good. The
    same thing can be applied to warships.

  166. Martin “PlayMoto” Frankena

    Great video Jingles. Keep them coming ;-)

  167. As far as I know the 18 inch main guns of the yamato were dual purpose.

  168. jingles hacks lol

  169. Secondaries needs to have range at all tiers. This amazing game was
    performed by the captain and the main guns, regardless of range of
    secondary batteries on his Yamato.
    Balance issue for buffing secondary batteries range in World of Warships?
    Come on WarGaming, stop being constipated and increase the fun threshold by
    making all BB secondaries at least 5km (yes, even on the poor Mikasa !).
    – – – – –
    Really loved this one Jingles, Thanks !

  170. I always pronounce Shimekaze as ‘shimmy-kaze’ as in kamikaze.

  171. I actually prefer the Myoko over the Kongo. I get much better results on a
    constant bases with the Myoko
    than the Kongo. it wasn’t shown on this video but my favorite battleship is
    the tier 6 New Mexico.

  172. gave up on the APR ships, missions are to extensive for someone that can
    only play for a few hours a week

  173. Stronk Yamato replay shows Yamato’s guns firing backwards yet hits the
    target every time!

  174. I hope you have back ups of everything you are creating. Youtube is broken
    and it can randomly shut your channel down. Im not trying to be alarmist,
    but it has randomly happened to a couple people I am subscribed too. Im
    just suggesting to be prepared. Have back ups and the information you need
    to contact your network. You must have a way of getting in touch with
    youtube, otherwise you will be the ant under the boot. Sadly if it happens,
    you will not receive any kinda of warning, or apology if it happens. Just
    be aware and be prepared Jingles. I love you man, and just want you to be
    ready and able to recover quickly if it happens.

  175. Oh Christ it’s not just that bloody boat game. it’s those bloody cartoon

  176. Jingles! Retract those comments at once!Have you even *watched* Arpeggio of
    Blue Steel?

  177. Are we ever going to see any of the American battleships?

  178. Didn’t log in to WoWS in a while. Could someone please explain, why the
    hell the ship looks like that? Is that an event, or ist Wargaming taking a
    new direction for World of Warships?

  179. Thanks very much! I lost will to grind up to tier 10 during the last

  180. my favorite line to use in chat when facing a Yamato is “our cruisers can’t
    repel firepower of that magnitude”

  181. how about one on the Iowa Jingles? 😀 Could you do a review of the Iowa and
    the Yamato?

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  183. I think the USS Atlanta had a similar AA issue that was eventually fixed
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  184. Lots of dumbasses sail backwards. Think they’re clever or some shit. I just
    enjoy the free citadel pens and smile

  185. East German nightclub? As german (yeap born and live in eastern germany), I
    have no idea what you mean. For me it´s more of a “Love Parade” ship. But
    if you want to play, british man 😉
    Better an east german nightclub ship than one with british camo. Because –
    Is not the United Kingdom this country, where on every teacup, on every
    pillow and on every wallpaper are lots and lots of sweet looking flowers?
    So at the end, the ship would looks like the timemashine in “Austin Powers:
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    opposite direction of where he was shooting, but 9 shots were still going
    where he pointed?

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  188. is it just me or does it take longer to progress up the tech trees in this
    game compared to WoT?

  189. The only thing we know for sure than Tenel is a fuckin weeb.

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  191. Tell me they’re removing those ugly ass ships?

  192. The Ten-Go ships were also only given enough fuel to get to Okinawa – no
    point in wasting precious fuel on a suicide mission.

  193. 4:59 I am collecting Jingle laughs , the end on this one is particularly
    fine .

  194. the secondaries on my yamato got 10.1km range, as i got kaptain skills and
    upgrades on, no dd fancy getting spotted within that range xD

  195. “Its Just britleing with things that go boom!” thats a keeper quote

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  199. Erm … my eyes might be playing up on me but it looked like that Yamato,
    near the start of it’s segment (15:42 ish), was firing the guns before they
    were aligned with the target. I saw a -36, a -42 and a -110 in the aim view
    and when he pulled out of zoom you can see all the guns pointing nowhere
    near the target.

    But they were still all shooting on target. Replay glitch? If so, it is a
    big one.

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    How much damage did the Yamato in the last battle?

  202. Citrus Aviation The Professional Railfan HD

    Awesome replays! Loved it!
    Actually you have made Yamato replay. Remember the replay contest?

  203. Is the Yamato using an aim assist? When he moves from right to left the
    horizon aim point doesn’t seem to move correctly, or is it my playback?

  204. Does anyone know when will WG release the Mutz on the NA servers?

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  206. I just can’t do battleships. I get viscerally angry when shots consistently
    don’t go where I want them. It’s the same reason I don’t like the KV-2 in
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    collar) what is your flagship? I know you have said that BBs are not your
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    that its HMS Warspite. Also I believe that when UK battleships are fully
    released that you will immediately start grinding your way to HMS Vanguard
    at Teir X

  209. Jingles! If your a Rear Admiral (Im assuming you have 2 stars on your
    collar) what is your flagship? I know you have said that BBs are not your
    thing in the past, so where does the Admiral keep his flag? My guess is
    that its HMS Warspite. Also I believe that when UK battleships are fully
    released that you will immediately start grinding your way to HMS Vanguard
    at Teir X

  210. Those ships say SHOOT ME … very loudly. Even to the own team.

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  221. I find it amazing that dodging Torpedoes in a Karlsruhe is 90% impossible ,
    yet i dance around them in my Kongo , I’ve only ever taken one torpedo in
    my Kongo and that was after dodging several waves of them , I had finally
    slowed down too much to be able to turn lol .. sill learning to sit back
    and fire at range with IJN Battleships though , I only ever get killed when
    I overextend and advance too far forward getting caught in a crossfire and
    so not being able to manage my armor effectively

  222. From what I remember the Yamato was sunk by a “tin can” fleet. A small
    fleet of carriers and destroyers and troop transports and 2-3 carriers. The
    carriers fighters were armed with ground attack and anti air. The bow was
    also was snapped off by a destroyer also.

  223. Actually the first Yamato replay you showed was the winner in the
    battleship replay contest :)

  224. and when I play yamato I get the lemming trains and people doing nothing :(

  225. For everyone who want’s to know, total Damage done in the Yamato Replay was
    About 280k with the main guns

  226. Devo meets world of waships.. arp kongo LOL!

  227. Don’t forget Jingles; the gap in the Yamato’s AA gun ranges was a flaw only
    escalated by the fact that the range they couldn’t shoot at was basically
    the exact range American torpedo bombers launched their attack and dropped
    their torpedoes at. Somebody on the design committee had one job, to come
    up with a AA defense for the ship, and they screwed up.

  228. jingles the American tops been upgraded the tier 7 has 9.4

  229. It’s that bloody boat game… NEVERMIND, IT’S A YAMATO!!!

  230. Warships is worth the odd game but I don’t find it as captivating as tank
    which I can play for hours.

  231. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    Yamato – The Floating Fortress

  232. There is a trend lately by Battleships players to STOP the ship in one
    point of the map and shoot either stationary or move slightly foward or
    backwards. They do a lot of damage, but the tactic is soo flawed that it
    allmost allways ends up in a defeat to its team. Do you have any opinions
    on that???

  233. Well.. the Yamato guns at 18 inch can overmatch a Montana from the front,
    can even penetrate another Yamato from the front. It’s the only caliber in
    the game that is able to do that.
    So imho there’s not much you can angle against it. But it is prone to the
    same RNG as every other ship, and it probably makes a difference if you
    show all citadels (broadside) or just the front turret one.
    But between two Yammys, one will always win.

  234. 4:03 That moment made me smile.
    I love the joy you get playing games, I just wish I could say the same
    about myself.

  235. I had a battle the other day with FOUR Yamatos and two Montanas. And it was
    on the new Atlantic map. And I spawned on the wrong side and didn’t get to
    see any of them fighting. They didn’t fight much anyway. They just hung
    around where they spawned letting us cruisers soak up all the enemy shells
    because a Battleship is basically a sniper rifle right?

  236. *The Mighty Jingles (earlier); ‘You won’t see me doing alot of Battleship
    video’s because they are a bit boring; I am a cruiser and destroyer man
    The new and improved Jingles (recently); ‘ That’s why people like to play
    Battleships; it’s the big pay off. I love these battleships Can’t get
    enough (especially after a couple of beers) . It’s so satisfying watching
    things go ‘BOOM!’*

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    7:00 those are actually the Myoukous torpedoes, Minekaze only has double

  240. whats going on with the aiming reticles, and the gun swiveling positioning
    on that replay with the Yamato?! at start there at 16:00 and onwards, seems
    well abit odd…? is that a replay bug? He is firing all the guns, yet not
    all of them seem to be aiming or even in position to be able to fire!?

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    tanks, & world of warships videos, I would just like to see some more
    warthunder replays &/or gameplay if your own.

  247. Patrick Grænge Hansen

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  257. jingles.. i have sinned.. and me and my friends have trolled tier 9 and 10
    dds.. by spotting them without being spotted… and i mean trolled the jap
    dds… we also had a relization of how over powered the umikaze is… that
    8km torp range and 5.6 detection range is fun to troll high tier dds
    with…… yes.. we took ter 2 japanese destroyers intentionally into tier
    10 games… and it worked… xD

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    Still like the World of Warships though.. But the people that decided to
    put Japanese cartoon BS in it should be shot!

  262. Midway, Shimakaze and Yamato are probably the scariest ships to meet in a
    game above tier 8

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    15:41 That Awkward Moment when the Guns fire but, when he zoomed out they
    were still facing the other way^^

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  266. hey jingles FYI it took over 400 aircraft 2 hours to sink the Yamato just
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  273. Jingles, the way you pronounce Shimakaze physically pains me. Also, the
    biggest problem with the Yamato’s AA armament was that the Type 96 25 mm
    guns were absolutely awful. It’s quite interesting to study the major
    deficiencies of Japanese AA during the Second World War, they never
    developed sufficient light AA but their heavier AA was actually fairly
    decent for the most part.

  274. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

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  278. TF 58 at Okinawa, 17 carriers, 11 CV, 6 CVE, probably 800-950 aircraft.

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    that skin. got the port but no skin for my kongo”. Fucking hell that is why
    someone needs to invent a way to throat punch people over the internet….
    Rant over. Great video jingles.

  281. Yamato is the mightiest ship of its time.

  282. all my readings indicated that crossing the T was the position that would
    confer the greatest advantage to the friendly engaging fleet. This is not
    so in WOS. Something is wrong with this game. But it is still fun. Is this
    not so Mr Jingles

  283. According to a chart on the games web page, the max is 10km on secondary

  284. I really wanted to know how much damage he did in that yamato game

  285. Jingles, you had a Yamato Replay as the Replay Contest Winner for
    Battleships, check your Videos ;)

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  287. “I left him on 170 health” yea that’s pretty much how my arp missions are
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    It seems animu is intent on following me everywhere.


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  293. Jingles I presume you do releaise that if your sailing to avoid some ships
    that u will be broadside on to others and it will
    most likely be a battleship because of their range.
    Just saying !
    love all your vids and your wit (humor)

  294. Looks to me that Wargaming are fans of anime, On World of Tanks on PS4 they
    did a Girls und Panzer event too.

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  304. I remember a battle stations midway mission where the yamoto actually beach
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  305. Tehmustachedbiscuit

    Anyone notice how in the Yamato game most of the time when he fired full
    salvos the turrets were pointing in the right direction?

  306. Warspite plox :D

  307. Without any modifiers Yamato’s secondary range sits at about 7.5km, but
    upgraded it can go up to 12km.

  308. Am I the only one that noticed that the gun turrets of the Yamato weren’t
    shooting straight in points of the replay?… No? Ok, I’ll just show myself
    out then.

  309. Operation Ten-go (Heaven One) worst idea ever by the Japanese navy. Matter
    in fact using the decisive battle doctrine was stupid. If you tried to do a
    decisive battle with the American fleet in 1944-1945 you might as well go
    down with your ships Japan. By then the Americans had nearly 25 carriers or
    more (Escort carriers, Light Carriers, and Fleet Carriers) with over 1000
    planes on them, about 15-25Battleships, 50-70 cruisers (Light and Heavy
    cruisers), about 300-500 destroyers, and nearly 300 submarines. You had
    your chance in the Solomon Islands. You should have picked off weaker US
    fleets but noooo, Decisive Battle is the greatest idea. Well that worked
    out well for you Japan. Your fleet is under the water, while the American
    fleet was in Tokyo Bay celebrating your surrender. Also your idea of using
    Subs as scouts, not a smart idea, You should have done what the Germans
    (Atlantic), British (North Sea) and Americans (Pacific) used their subs.
    How I sum up the pacific war is American Navy broke the back of the
    Japanese Navy, American Marines and Army turned the Japanese army (the
    garrison units across the pacific) into BBQ, American Submarines choked
    Japan and the B-29 hammering the nail in the coffin. So yea…. Anyone got
    a argument saying the decisive battle doctrine (for Japan only) was a good
    idea during ww2. Yea I don’t think so.

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    shimekazes and t10 carriers op or not they are not as much as the Shimekaze
    or the Midway

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    I’m here for you to screw up the names and make the armchair elitists freak

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    Shim ‘ah’ ‘kah’ ‘zey’ Really!!

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  330. For Warfare (planeman777)

    TheMightyBlob was in the same game as TheMightyJingles. Lol

  331. Enemies having an off day makes all the difference in the world. So does
    being top tier. I did Kraken, High Caliber and Confederate yesterday in my
    Koenigsberg and I have no doubt that I’m about 1/10th as good as this
    Yamato driver! I should quit now as it’ll be a long, long time before I
    have a game that good again.

  332. FreestyleSkiingIsAwesome

    Jingles! Do a NEW kv-13 review or SU-152 review in wot! They’re INSANELY
    fun! Su 152 is basically a isu 152 but just down a tier with its stock

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  337. I’m bit confused, should I laugh out of those players still failing at
    T9-10 or feel sad for them, I can imagine how hard was for them to grind to
    T9-10 with this kinda bad gameplay. Now they probably looking into
    shrinking credits amount due to costly repairs ^^

  338. first yamato replay on this channal? jingles FFS remember the replay

  339. 1:03 East German night clubs? Did not know that the clubs in the DDR looked
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  343. Jingles, you realize you were both sailing towards each other albeit at
    angles, and you were sailing at full speed so your shots were retaining
    your ship speed thus causing them to seemingly overshoot.
    Not to say RNG BB gun trolling isn’t a thing, sometimes those dam shells
    leave the barrel at a 45 degree angle.

    FYI: Shima Kaze , when in doubt with Japanese look for basic words like
    Kaze(wind) and make it its own word when pronouncing

  344. Two detonations in a row in that first clip Jingles, wow. Never seen that

  345. Hey Jingles, can you focus more on these high tier ships?
    Much like WoT and AW, I think most of the people playing WoWS can reach
    T5-7 ships relatively easy, its the T8 and up that are the tough grind (at
    least in my humble opinion).
    For example, can you show a Des Moines gameplay? or a Shimakaze?

  346. If you look very carefully at about 16:40 you can see a hilarious glitch
    with the direction of gun fire from the Yamato. The orientation dial says
    the rear gun turret is still turning to face the cruisers. But as the view
    is switched from gunnery to big picture you see the shoots leave the barrel
    sideways. Look closely. It’s there.

  347. East German Nightclub uuuuuh Jingles i`ve killed man for less uuuuuh 😀
    good for me that i am from south germany :)

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  355. “I like my warships to look like warships. Not East German nightclubs.”


  356. what’s the problem with east German might clubs? not all bad

  357. @12:51 that ship was the pride of the IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy)

  358. Jingles, and anyone out there interested in WW2 naval battles, should read
    Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors by James D. Hornfischer. Its about the
    Battle of Samar, citied by historians as one of the greatest military
    mismatches in naval history. The Kongo, as well as the Yamato, have a
    prominent role in the battle and the book.

  359. LMAO with the ‘East German night club’ quote. Bless you Jingles! :)

  360. Yamato is probably the most OP ship in the game

  361. LAN Master (sirswears)

    11:53 Very Honorable!

  362. james ward-gwilliam

    loved this 🙂 and also i saw a lot of teamwork in that last replay then
    again i also saw he had a division of the sons of kraken on his team so not

  363. Don’t forget when the RAF was expanding in 1930s they desperately needed
    gunsights for their aircraft, so they ordered them from Vienna, then part
    of the third reich. The Third reich was still supplying them right up to
    the outbreak of war, and the RAF flew fighters with german sights during
    the Battle of Britain.

  364. Oh yeah… (⌐■_■),

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  370. Did anyone else see that? Replay bugg at 15:38, Jingles fired his guns but
    none of his turrets where actually turned the right way. And again at 16:08,
    the rear turret wasn’t facing the right way…

  371. he has the kancolle mod

  372. 2nd Yamato vid jingles first was in contest you did for tirpitz.

  373. i absolutely love the anime

  374. German Honda Racing Channel

    was that at the yamato a replay bug? 😀 shot out even guns are not aimed 😀
    shots out guns arent reload :D

  375. Aleksandr Pokrachinskiy

    Yeah dispersion…Wish i had replays on and recorded the fantastic game i
    had in my new mexico….5 kills and then a nuremberg class cruiser. Beached
    himself…2 citadels shots on him did not kill 3 salvos all
    perfectly aimed…..missed! He killed me……….i swear the rng in this

  376. I think those AoBS ships look pretty cool, like they were possessed by some
    supernatural force.

  377. Hey Jingles, i think you might already know it, but there have been plans
    to equip the Yamato with six 510mm cannons (btw, that…thing…is the
    japanese tier X battleship in Steel Ocean :P)

  378. Jingles i know you don’t play wot much anymore and this has nothing to do
    with wow but my cousin and i and 3 of are friends just bought the tog and
    plan on 5 man tog platoon. What you think, a little to much or not enough?

  379. How many hits did that ship take at the start!? lol

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  382. Hey jingles I messaged you yesterday at your jingles business email account
    regarding Wot Asia giveaway could you reply asap? thanks

  383. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    I’m finding steel ocean to be more fun than World of Warships now.

  384. Tbf when you compare the Yamato to the Montana; it is overpowered xD

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