World of Warships – Big Mamie

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The USS Massachusetts, affectionately known to her crew as “Big Mamie”, is one hell of a fun ship to play in World of Warships and in the right hands – also extremely effective.

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  1. They’re going middle, aren’t they?
    Edit: I stand corrected.

  2. The new intro always gets me with how louder it is than the old intro lol

  3. 3:19 “and they have a low chance to set a fire”
    No Jingles don’t give them ideas

  4. Wait torps can start fires 🔥 don’t give WG any ideas 💡

  5. Err Jingles…..torpedoes always have a quite low chance of setting a fire. Jingles put the shotgun down!

  6. Massa is the best ship in wows, never fails to deliver a good game

  7. I love the USS Massachusetts. I first visited her at Battleship Cove as a young kid of probably 4 or 5 years old. Our family photo books have a huge collection of 35mm prints spanning many years of the ship itself as well as of my sister and me posing near various things such as one of the open starboard 5″/38 turret, the damaged deck armor section that was holed by a shore battery, the broken chunk of AP shell from Jean Bart, George the Gremlin on one of the forward turrets, and the 16″ shells lined up in the magazine rings surrounding the internals of the turrets. 🙂 We spent a long time sitting in 40mm Bofors mounts tracking the cars as they drove across the Braga bridge, pretending that they were Japanese airplanes. Battleship Cove and BB-59 are where some of my very dearest memories were formed as a kid. Last time I visited her was in 2012 and I was very excited that the staff had opened access to the rear main battery turret and lowered a 16″ gun so that guests could get a good look at the breech. If you are ever in Massachusetts, GO VISIT Battleship Cove. It’s not just Big Mamie there btw, there’s the Lionfish submarine, the Joseph P Kennedy destroyer, the Hiddensee missile corvette, and PT boats.

    • mannys9130 there’s also the Constituion and Cassin Young (DD-793) in Charlestown, and the USS Salem (CA-139) in Quincy

  8. Jingles, the New Mex player name is “Lure 2020”, not “support 2020”. He stood up to his name, don’t judge him

    • And he’s played exactly 100 battles according to wowstats. 35% winrate. Maybe a bit harsh on him. But only a bit.

  9. yesterday Lansen, today this! really Jingles you’re cruel – it’s like showing porn to impotent people, as all they can think of is “I wish I could do that” 🙁 bad Jingles!

  10. I cant believe our mighty Overlord choosed my Replay🥰 Now i will happily go to the Salt Mines and do some Double Shifts 😄

    • normallyChallenged

      That was a FANTASTİC game, Alex. Well done!

    • its realy nice of you to choose to do double shifts on top of the normal tripple shifts we already get.
      you realy earned it after that fight. 🙂

    • What d’ya mean ‘some’?! You’re doing all of the double shifts, three times a day, and on quarter pay too!!

    • Great gameplay dude! Really handled those British BBs well. Their citadel is vulnerable nowadays thankfully, compared to before when it was literally impossible to citadel any British BB.

      One tip though, don’t use the scroll wheel to enter and leaving the artillery view. It’s not a problem most of the time, but over time you will miss the opportunity to pull off snapshots here and there. So use that shortcut key, rebind it to whatever you prefer. I use one of the thumb buttons on the mouse, and the other one I use to lock on to the target. (Sometimes the auto lock picks the wrong target that’s why I tend to use it a lot)

      Other than that solid gameplay! Love my Massachusetts, have had a lot of great games with her! 🙂

  11. I speak cat fluently. That wasn’t “I love you”. It was “the torpedos don’t cause fires”.

  12. Ad: This poor New Mexico lives in war and fear. With your donation, you can keep the New Mexico alive 😂😂

  13. For the love of god… whats with these people that use scroll to enter/exit sniper mode?

    • Jingles shouldn’t feature replays w scroll wheel zoom. There simply MUST be enough good games sent in that we needn’t be subjected to it.

    • I know, WOWS should include a small ingame alert to educate people about the shift button whenever they scroll in their next update.

  14. Watching him miss opportunities to deal damage because he scroll zooms is going to put me in an early grave

  15. Jingles: there is a low chance of setting a fire with its torpedoes
    Everyone: ……………

  16. The title should’ve called “operation save new mexico”

  17. Mass is definitely NOT more accurate than Alabama. Silly jingles

  18. Oh come on jingles, you should know that torpedo that sets fire is the gimmick for the upcoming russian CV

  19. This is why the UK declined as a nation. A whole platoon of bb’s can’t deal with one American

  20. “More accurate than the Alabama” Oh come on Jingles are you trolling xD. Mass sigma 1.7, Alabama sigma 1.9 and North Carolina sigma 2.0.

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