World of WarShips | Bismarck | 7 KILLS | 185K Damage – Replay Gameplay 1080p 60 fps

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Replay of the game World of War Ships (WOWS Replay) WOWS Bismarck 7 kills 185306 damage mecawows
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  1. Shimakaze plaess

  2. Pls put the voice that depends on the nationality of ships, Bismarck is legend ship, and to hear englishmen on the board is a bit awkward

  3. NEXT kremlin

  4. next grober kurfurst ok

  5. next Admiral Hipper

  6. If you Git Gud(t) it doesn’t matter which ship you are in. You can figure out a way. The power creep is real, but they guys in a ship they are comfortable with, and are a terror in. are still plenty dangerous. Every single one of these players are expecting to get the shots they get, and are looking for the one that could kill them. They are obviously scanning the minimap and finding the ship they can hit in the boradside and see how to set up ambushes a minute into the future. “I am Dead” situations do not make them give up either, they find a way to take as many with them as they can. and surprise, they are often the last standing.

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