World of Warships – Bismarck does EVERYTHING

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You need long range or short range shots, you need scouting, you need capping, you need killing or sniping? Bismarck has you covered xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. The old man would be proud on the last kill 🙂

  2. 13:39
    “this is why I love Tirpitz. The longer the game goes, the more fun I have”
    Oi, you’re playing Bismarck. Are you trying to pull of Jingles and miss-identify ships? 😀

  3. That last kill was so satisfying I got goosebumps

  4. That last shot was a work of art 🙂 But man, that Gallant – dude was on fireeeeee!!!

  5. Me:Top Tier Bismarck, this will gonna be fun.
    RNG: Hold my beer.

  6. “he was made to rule the waves across the 7 seas”

  7. We are doing a Samhain party at the swingerclub too.

  8. love the comment in chat “how did you handle the RNGesus?” what’s that? RNG + Jesus LOL!

  9. Dat volley at the end.. priceless 😀

  10. That kill on the Furious must have been so dammed satisfying.

  11. Luís Fernando Rubin

    He protecc
    He atacc
    but most important
    his armor is turtle bacc

  12. 15:50 I would love to hear you do karaoke <3

  13. 2:27
    Nevermind the game, the dude in chat doesnt know what RNGesus is ?

  14. I always find it really satisfying when the shell your tracking is the one that hits the citadel.

  15. 8:55 Allied forces disable Bismarck (1941 colorized)

  16. Still love my Bisi. Got everything up to tX on the tech trees for all nations (No I don’t have all the premiums) It’s a fun ship. Tirpitz is good.

  17. 16:03 well i just failed NNN

  18. Pahahahaha I went back and watched that carrier kill 5 times or so XD

  19. To be fair, the gallant did do his fair share of damage. But that devstrike tho…?

  20. Really when will see a clip of someone having the balls to call War Gaming out on it bullshit 23 matches today just to get daily done of those 23 I won 4 matches the game play is horrid

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